The Media Essay

Does the media’s focus on beauty have an ugly side?

According to ACOG in 2009, 54% of females who are 12 to 23 years old are unhappy with their bodies. Nowadays, most teens are motivated by social media trends. Among the bad effects of social media, images in the media are one of the worst influences for teens. Images in the media are really harmful for teens physically, mentally and financially. Many teens are suffering from eating and weight disorders as they try to make their body the same as models, which is their ideal type of body image. Images in the media harm teen’s body image. Although some claim that teens can be more physically active or healthy,in reality, teens suffer from weight and eating disorder and they cannot maintain their healthy diet.

Furthermore, images in the media harm teen’s body image. Teens use more cosmetics or plastic surgery to improve their appearance. According to ASPS (American Society of Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons), more than 236,000 cosmetic procedures were performed on patients age of 19 and younger in 2012. The evidence indicates that most of the teens hope to performed, and already many teens use cosmetics to perfect their look. To summarize, images in the media harm teen’s view on their appearance.

Moreover, images in the media harm teen’s body image because they create unhealthy habits. In fact, images in the media are harmful to teens because it cause eating and weight disorders. In article #2 (A Teen Anorexic Fights Back), Ali Tate argues that many students are suffering from eating and weight disorders. The evidence indicates that teens are trying to lose weight to achieve the physique of a models, which is their ideal body image. Teen believe in the unrealistic images from the media and try to imitate them, resulting in some teens suffering from weight and eating disorders such as bulimia. Thus, it is logical to conclude that images in the media are harmful because they cause eating and weight disorders.

Others may hold the opinion that images in the media are beneficial for teens. In The Ugly Effects of Beauty, Marcos Cano argues that teens are likely to be more physically active or healthy because of media images. This example is used to illustrate that media images can give positive effects to teens by motivating them to be more physically active and maintain a healthier diet. However, this argument fails to consider about people dying from eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. These women perceive themselves as obese and starting to starve themselves, which can sometimes lead to death. Basically, Marcos Cano is saying that Colleen was a teen victim of anorexia whose perception of herself didn’t match reality. She tried to lose weight too much, until her fingernails looked blue and she was at risk for a heart attack. The evidence indicates that many teen girls who are trying to lose their weight perceive themselves as fat even though they aren’t. Teens girls look at media images and they try to be exactly the same as unrealistic images. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that there are some beneficial effects of media images to teens, but negative effects outweigh the positive effects.

Images in the media physically, mentally, and financially harm teens. It harm teen’s body image, causes weight and eating disorder and lures teens into purchasing artificial cosmetics. All of these problems harm teens physically, mentally and financially. Unhealthy diets harm teens in a  physically way, harms them mentally, and teens trend of cosmetic surgery harm teens financially. As a conclusion, it is logical to decide images in media is extremely harmful for teens.

Mandarin student led conference

Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so succeed?

My best successes in this class is I can speak Chinese fluently that we learned about. Also I memorized most of the words and pinyin that we learned.

Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

A challenge I faced in this class was some units have so many words. So it was hard to memorize all the words and prepare for every single tests.

IMG_2719 IMG_2720

Student Led Conference – EAL

Student Led Conference EAL Reflection

Some of the things we’ve been working on this year in EAL include memoir, vocabulary and essays.

This year, I’ve really improved at grammar and vocabulary.

For example, before I couldn’t use some vocabulary words and grammar laws properly but now I can use some vocabulary words and grammar such as determiners, singular countable nouns and non count nouns.

One thing that I am still working on is the grammar, especially the tenses. Because I can use it properly, but sometimes I can’t recognize the wrong grammar.

I plan to keep working on this by end of the year.

One piece of writing that I would like to share is called memoir

The goal of this assignment is to practice using of past tense, zooming in, and basically the writing skills for memoir.

One part of it that I’m really proud of is…  because...


In the messy home that mixed up with all of materials, I should pack all of my loads for going Vietnam. It was the first experience in the foreign country, so I couldn’t hide my nervousness then. The day when I should go for a flight to Vietnam, buildings lost their colors. I wondered how long it will takes to see this snow again. After the 5 hours of flight, finally I arrived at the Vietnam. The first thing that I saw in the Vietnam was a lot of motorcycles. I had never seen like that before. I wondered how can people go across the road even if there are too much things passing along the street. As I opened the new house, I went to my room upstairs with shining through the window. It was quite better than the house I lived before. It had better view, more rooms and most of all, 2nd floor was my best. I was satisfied with it. Then we went for a lunch. It was a first time to eat in Vietnam so we decided to go to the Korean restaurant. While we walked along the street, one big thing passed through us. It appeared from the under of the truck, stretch its legs, it saw our feet, turn its way and run across the street. We were so surprised that we should move back with screaming. It was a giant rat. It was as big as cat. It was so fat that it could not run that fast. I thought cat would not hunt them at all. After the lunch, we went back home. There was not enough things in our home. We could not use internet, television, computer and so on. I could only play with my phones. Then I went for a sleep because I feel so tired. And when I woke up was about 1 day after I went for a sleep. Mom said that I was so sick that I could not wake up. After I woke up, I felt sickness continuously. That was the first day I arrived to Vietnam.


Digital CSI

CSI represents for color, symbol and image. My word for digital CSI is ‘Industrial Revolution.’ I chose the smog for the symbol because during the industrial revolution, many inventions cause many smogs as using coal. I chose the train for the image because I think the most representative image for industrial revolution is steam engined power train. I chose the black and the gray for the color because I think industrial revolution was easy to explain with dark colors. Machines, coal and many other things indicates for the color black.

Screenshot from 2014-12-18 14:01:11

Newton Vehicle Blog Post – 3

Our vehicle in Newton Vehicle project was rubber band powered vehicle. Using the Newton’s laws of motion, we had to make our vehicle to move 1.5 meters. In this unit we learned what is Newton’s laws of motion and how it indicates the part of our vehicle. Finally, we finished our vehicle, and it worked very well. The most important thing I learned from designing our vehicle was friction and mass. At first, we made our vehicle with hardboard and bottle caps for wheel. But because of the friction, the bottle cap wheels didn’t work well. So, we tried to make friction less, we changed our wheel to CD. Also, our vehicle didn’t work well because of mass. So we changed hardboard to lighter material. Finally, our vehicle worked well. If we have a chance to do a project similar with this, I like to try CD hovercraft. I hoped to make it at first, but I couldn’t explain how Newton’s laws of motion indicates that vehicle. So I want to try that vehicle again.

This is the design of our final vehicle.

Cyberbullying Essay – Final Draft

Schools should sometimes be responsible for punishing cyberbullies. School should be responsible because cyberbullying affects others’ general school life and students belong to the school.

Schools should be responsible for punishing cyberbullies if it affects others’ grades and friend relationships. To illustrate,  supporters of cyberbullying victims say it’s not right to let cyberbullies affect others’ grades and relationships to the point of depression or worse. The evidence points to that taking the victim’s point of view, and it can be the best way to reduce cyberbullying. Students who got cyberbullied could not concentrate on their study and it causes decrease of their grade. Also, cyberbullying will harass the relationship between friends because they can feel fierce each other. Therefore, school have authority over cyber bullies if they affect other’s grade or relationship. Additionally school also have to prevent cyberbullying from happening in school. School also have to use big punishment for violators. Furthermore school also have to prevent cyberbullying happen in school.

school should be responsible for punishing cyber bullies because students  belong to school. So school has  authority to protect and monitor their students to prevent cyberbullying. For example, Deb Socia who is a principal of the middle school in Dorchester, Massachusetts usually monitor students’ laptops to prevent cyberbullying in “The New Bully at School.” The evidence suggests that school should be responsible for students as they monitoring students’ laptops to prevent cyberbullying. This example illustrates that schools have authority to scanning students’ laptops to check out what’s going on between students and to monitor if is there any cyberbullies going on. Given the evidence, it is logical that school can monitor or scan students’ laptops to prevent serious cyberbullying between the students. Therefore, students are belong to the school ,so school have a authority to protect students and prevent cyberbullying between students even though they monitoring and scanning their laptops. To summarize,  school should be sometimes  responsible for punishing cyberbullies if they affect others’ school life. School have authority to responsible for punishing cyberbullies if they affect others’ grade and friend relationship. Also students are belong to school, so this is the reason why school have to take care of cyberbullying between students. Therefore, students are belong to the school ,so school have a authority to protect students and prevent cyberbullying between students even though they monitoring and scanning their laptops.

Newton Vehicle Blog Post – 2

We designed our Newton Vehicle with rubber band. The rubber band part of our vehicle incorporates Newton’s first law. Newton’s first law states that an object at rest will stay at rest unless a force is acted upon it. Also, an object in motion will stay in motion unless a force is acted upon. As we using this law in our vehicle, unless we wind up the rubber band, it’s not moving. And if we wind up the rubber band it keeps moving. Newton’s second law is that an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and on the net force. We used this law in whole vehicle. We tried to make our vehicle with light materials to minimize the mass. So our vehicle could have greater acceleration. Newton’s third law is that there is an opposite reaction with equal force. We used this law in our axle part. If we wind up our rubber band one way, the wheel rolls to the opposite way in the same amount we wind up. For example, if we wind up little bit, it move less and if we wind up more, it moved more. Also if we wind up backward, it move forward and if not it moves oppositely.

We changed the design of our vehicle; especially axle part. Here is a design.

Newton Vehicle Blog Post – 1

Nowadays in Science class, we are learning about Physics. We learned about three kinds of Newton’s laws of motion. Also we learned about other things related motion like friction, inertia and gravity. Inertia is resistance to change in motion. Inertia depends on mass of an object; greater mass equals greater inertia. Friction is the force that two surfaces exert on each other when they rub against each other. Gravity is a force that pulls object to the center of the earth; pulls object towards each other.

Newton’s first law of motion is also called as the law of inertia. Most of happenings are related to inertia. For example, the book stays on the shelf, unless someone pull out it. This is the one evidence of Newton’s first law of motion. To define this law, an object at rest will stay at rest unless a force is acted upon it. An object in motion will stay in motion unless a force is acted upon. Newton’s second law of motion is that an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and on the net force. This is the formula. Net Force = Mass × Acceleration. Newton’s third law of motion is that for every action, there is an opposite reaction with equal force. For example, if we punch on the wall, our hand will pull to another way.

We have to use this three laws in our Newton Vehicle project. So we decided to make rubber band car that explain with these Newton’s laws of motion. I think the main point is that understanding all the Newton’s laws of motion and another important definitions like inertia, gravity, friction and how it related to these laws. This is the design of our vehicle.

Hour of the Code

Today in science class, we did coding. The name of it was Hour of the Code. Our goal was changing the code of the game and made a new game. At first, I was not sure how to do it. But this reminds me scratch that I learned in Coding. So it was much easier than I expected. I think we can use this coding skills forever not only making game, but also programming.Screenshot from 2014-12-03 18:41:02 Screenshot from 2014-12-03 18:47:14

History narrative in images

Question from Alien

Assume that I’m a teenager and my parents are about 40 – 50 years old. Then my grandparents will be at least 80 years old. If this assumption fits, my grandparents should be Catholic and my parents should be Protestants. Because grandparents mainly lived 1510 and parents mainly lived 1540. Each generation live in different period. Grandparents lived at the period of Catholic and parents lived at the period of Protestants. So, of course both parents and grandparents are Protestants and Catholic. Also, each country had different period of Reformation. Many other countries were filled with Catholic when the other countries were filled with Protestants. I assumed that, I was living in Germany so grandparents and parents should have different belief because Germany was filled with Protestants in quite earlier than other countries.

As I told you the process of Reformation, it happened during 16th century. Early 1500s, Most of the people in Europe were Catholic Church. They were peaceful and everyone belief Catholic only as a religion. But later, the pope who was the bishop of the church gained more power. Pope became forceful as much as European noble. Then the pope conflicted with European rulers. Then pope started to behave badly. Pope and Catholic Church started to use church as the use of money and force. They kept rising their own force using the money from the people who belief in Catholic. This caused the opposition of many people. Martin Luther was the person who thought Catholic Church should change. He was a priest in Germany. So he started to protest against Catholic Church. He put the 95 theses on the door of the Catholic Church. This happening became representative case of Reformation. So later on, Catholic Church lost their power and they destroyed.

These were what happened during Protestant Reformation. The period of this happened was in 1500-1600, exactly the period of our grandparents and parents lived. These are the exactly reason of why our parents and grandparents have different belief of Protestants and Catholic. Do you Understand? I hope now you can understand why our grandparents and parents have different belief. Thank you for listening my explanation.