Back to School!

I was so happy to meet my friends after a long summer break.”ehhm”let me introduce  my self.My name is Chihiro and Im a 5th grader.I love dogs and love to eat spicy food.And Im from japan! starting a new year is so exciting! I hope your excited for it too!thank you  for reading my amazing blog!

My Ship!

My explorer is Jacques Cartier!

I had fun making the ship!Even though me and Rania was the only teammate,We finished it perfectly!I learned that life on a ship was dangerous but also challenging.There was a limited amount of food to eat.Good thing is,sailors get paid then the normal government!

Here is our ship! Hope you like it!

My story writing

lost with the wild                                                                                                By:Chihiro

                                  CHAPTER  1

                                 A START

“Beep!Beep!Beep!”I heard the phone ring.My mom took the phone. “Hello?”she answered.Then I heard my teacher’s voice. “This is ms.Gloria your daughter’s teacher.We were planning to have a field trip Camp to the forest nearby to learn about wild plants.Your child wouldn’t be here for two days. Is that okay with you?”She asked. “Sure! Just let me help her get ready!She’ll be there tomorrow in the morning at 8:00am!”My mom said. “Thank you very much and ……”The conversation went on forever.But finally my mom turned to me and said to pack up for whatever I need for the field trip.I got psyched and danced to my room.Number 1,I put my phone in my backpack.Number 2,I put my jacket.Number 3,EMERGENCY CANDY & FOOD!Number 4,a little foldable tent.Number 5,Water bottle.Number 6,a sleeping bag.Number 7,a hat.Number 8,a sunscreen and a Bugspray. Number 8,my diary to write about the trip.Number 9,my camera.And most importantly, number 10 my favorite pillow!I stuffed that all in my bag and checked the clock. It was 9:00pm.I decided to sleep.

               CHAPTER 2

            TO THE TROUBLE

Next in the morning, I was at my bus with my class.It was pretty fun talking to my friends, Liz and Emily.Finally,we were here at the city’s public forest!When I was exploring the place with my friends,I heard my teacher’s voice.“come here everybody! Let’s make the tent here!”I raced my friends there when the trouble came….I fell from the cliff!!!“HEEEEE LLLLLLL PPPPPP!!!”I yelled.But it was too late.My friends were far ahead racing each other to the goal.crash! My legs were bleeding with the sticks!Well, good thing it’s not that bad and the cliff was only 2m.Anyway,I got my jacket and wrapped it around my leg.I dripped some cold water to make my #jacket/bandage cold. I realized I was on the tree. “WOW!”I panicked and hugged the tree since I was scared of heights!I looked at the the view. I could see our tent.I got some short vine and tied it together.One end on the tree and another end on my waist.I carefully climbed down to the nearby rock.When I turned around,I saw a wolf! They were staring at me with their gray stormy eyes.I screamed!I grabbed a greate large stick.I was ready to smack them in the face.But no luck, 1 clumsy little girl vs 9 scary strong wolves.In one second there is a chance they could bite my arms of! CREEP!!!I threw the stick on one of the wolves.Then the big one growled and came closer and closer…The last minute,when the wolves were charging to me,I closed my eyes and jumped of to the river.But I know that I wouldn’t be opening those eyes again….

                                   CHAPTER 3

                            SPARKLE OF LUCK

What’s she doing?”

“OMG!Is she okay?”


“Shush! Be quiet give her some time!”

I heard my friend’s voice.I woke up.first,I thought this place will be angle land.But when I touched myself, I realized I was ALIVE!OMG!I am back!I saw myself next to the clean river.My clothes were wet!I guess I washed ashore when I jumped in the river .

“We were looking for you!”my friends shouted.

We did a great group hug.And we walked back to our tent.

Book review of Because of Winn-Dixie (Book Club)

When I finished this book, I felt so impressed and emotional.I could not stop reading it!I had a lot of question and prediction of what happens next.Always,when the exciting parts come,it stops for another chapter. And when Winn-dixie the dog got lost in the thunder storm,My eyes stung with tears.I love the story’s twists and turns!You should read it too!Especially,when you are addicted to animals!You each get a job every week to review the parts we read!You can be a connecter,highlighter,word wizard,illustrator,summariser,and a discussion director!