Science Experiment

Hello! Today I am going to tell you about my science experiment. This week me and my partner Billy worked on a science experiment. In my science experiment I learned that the baking soda a makes a reaction with sodium polyacrylate. I also learned that sodium polyacrylate and water make a solid. The best part of the experiment was at first the water fizzed then after it turned to a solid. I think we could make it more interesting if we add calcium carbonate. 


Today I will tell you all about our cucumbers and our i-Books.  It took a long time to grow our cucumbers. It was about 6 weeks! For the cucumbers to grow they have to go around the plant life cycle first they germinate then sprout. After that, they become adult plants and flower. To create new cucumbers the seeds animal disperse to a new home. When the cucumbers where finished we ate them all up. The most best part was when the flowers turned into fruit. Because, the flowers swelled up and died then the fruit continued to grow.


The flower forming a cucumber


The cucumber we ate


We cut the cucumbers before eating them

Click here to Download my i-Book about the plant life cycle