2 Week Reading Goal ?

For the next two weeks I have a reading goal and a action plan that I am going to follow.

Goal: I am going to read non-fiction and other genres besides fantasy. I am going to read more every night. 

Action Plan: Mon-Fri read 30min.+ each night.

Progress Report: 

Wednesday: I am reading The Breadwinner that is Children’s literature. I timed myself and I read for 30min.

Thursday: I read more of the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 23min. 

Sunday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 40min

Monday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 60min.

Tuesday: I finished the breadwinner. I read for 30min.

Wednesday: I started reading Parvana’s Journey that is the 2nd book in the breadwinner series. I read for 30 min. 

Thursday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35 min. 

Sunday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 33min. I am about to finish it.

Monday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35min.

Tuesday: I did not read today.

Wednesday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 30min.

Summery: I achieved my goal because I read an other genre which was Children’s literature. I read always around 30min. from Mon-Fri. I think I could have read a few other genres too. I am happy of how I completed my goal because I read every day (Not Tuesday), I liked the books I read and I read for 30 min. and over. 

Vietnamese Class ??

Hello! This is Cade and I am here to tell you about Vietnamese class. In Vietnamese class we learn words that start with each letter in the Vietnamese alphabet. We also learn about the Vietnamese culture. I want to show you Gia Đình Tôi, one of the Vietnamese Google Docs I typed. Gia Đình Tôi means My Family. I chose to show this because I am proud of it and it is one of the biggest pieces I wrote.   

First Three Days Of Grade 5

In the first days of school we have done many things already. We are making bios on our macs and made a class contract of what we will do this year according to he core values. We have played games like tell about you and a ball game. We have lockers this you so we have to remember our codes. I am looking forward to Cat Tien and other exciting thing we are going to do this year. At a transition we have to read. 

Book Clubs! ?

Hi everybody today I will tell you about book clubs in grade 4! In grade 4 we have a book club that we do everyday. In the book club we read Shiloh. Everyday we meet at our spot and discus and read. My group members Kim, Saki and Sheryl also work with me but sometimes people read ahed and then it gets frustrating 

Reading Buddies ?


Today I met my EC buddy. Her name was Mai Chi. She is 4 years old. I had a lot of fun with her. We played cooking, light colouring, magnets and building with blocks! When the teacher announced I was her buddy she ran and started to play with me. At first she didn’t talk much. After a little wile she talked a lot. I only get to go play every A week on                                       Friday.