Fractions and decimals ?

This year I learned how to make equivalent fractions using 10 and 100 as the denominator. For example,  We can solve it out by 2 ×10 = 20 then add the line and the number hundred.IMG_1399

I can change fractions in to decimals and decimals in to fractions. To convert a decimal you need to look at the tenths and hundredths and add them to the top then add tenths or hundredths.  For example,




I can use models to show my understanding of decimals. A model is a drawing of the question. For example,


⨉ Multiplication! ⨉

Multiplication Thinking

In class we did a multiplication unit. I learned how to use different strategies like Partial Products, Area Models, Traditional Algorithm, Arrays and the lattice method.

I am really proud of how I improved on my multiplication because before I was so slow at first and now I am really fast and know lots of multiplication strategies.

I think the most challenging part of multiplication is multiplying big numbers like 245⨉130=. I think that it is challenging because you have to go through lots of steps to get the answer.




100,000 Strip

When we did the 100,000 strip it was really fun and exiting to see how long it would be because just in my table group we had 36 300 strips so that means 36×300=10800  When we combined my classes strips together it was the size of the hall.IMG_0914

Then we aded the hole grade 4 classes strips together I tent from the entrance of the school to the elementary school!