Week Reflection

Hi, this is Cade and I am going to tell you about my week in school?. I have been working on my research topic and I am now writing paragraph one?. Paragraph one is about how parrots get their colour?. Also, last night there was a fall?concert and I was one of the MCs. The show started at 6:00?with the forth grade and then it was the fifth grade. My class was so happywhen we sang a song correct because at our practice we did not know the words.      

Geek Squad! ?

Every day I have been going to the geek squad headquarters at 11:30 to get ready for the Learning2 Asia. Learning2 is when teachers from Asia come to our school. On Friday and Saturday I will be helping with the Learning2 since I am part of geek squad. I will be helping with a big section that is all about technology in classrooms. I will be sowing Dash and Dot, Little Bits and Hummingbirds. I cant wait for Learning2 to start. 

Buu Long Zip Lining

“It is so muddy!” I say to  

I was walking though a field full of mud. The mud was wet and really gooey. I was so happy when my group reached a fence and went through it on to rock. 

“Wow!” A long wire hung from the top of a cliff down over a cow pasture and right to where we where standing. A man told us to go over the rocks, follow a path, then go through some tall grass and up a muddy slippery hill. When we got up to the top of the hill we where standing on a cliff. It was my turn!!!!! A man attached me on to a rope and pulled me to the end of the cliff. ‘Click’ I was hooked on the wire and in three seconds… He pushed me!!!! I held on tight but then let go, it was so fun. I was soaring through the sky over the cows. ‘Boing’ I hit the ending and put my legs down fast to keep me still. It was so fun I did it three more times! 20160922_115929  img_002020160922_120234-1

The Amazing Race! ?

We were responsible for our belongings for example when we left a station we took everything. We managed our behaviour well and did not get over excited and rush. We made thoughtful choices when we went to a station for example the garden sorting station each person did a different thing to speed up the process and get the clue faster. We made safe decisions when we went from station to station for example we held the iPad with two hands and when it rained we did not run that fast on the slippery walk way. I showed self-reliance when we were looking for books we split up and I had to find the book.  


First Three Days Of Grade 5

In the first days of school we have done many things already. We are making bios on our macs and made a class contract of what we will do this year according to he core values. We have played games like tell about you and a ball game. We have lockers this you so we have to remember our codes. I am looking forward to Cat Tien and other exciting thing we are going to do this year. At a transition we have to read. 

Captain Brian! ?

Hello everybody today I want to talk about a visitor coming to our class. The visiter was Brian a real captain of a modern ship named the Pacific Orca. He works for the company Swire. He told us all about the ships he worked on. His longest time on a boat was 5 months! He instals wind turbines in the middle of the ocean to get electricity the cities at shore. His boat jacks up on legs in the air so they can instal the wind turbines.  

His first ship he sailed on when he was a deck hand.

His first ship he sailed on when he was a deck hand.

The ship he works on now as a captin.

The ship he works on now as a captain.

His ship jacked in the air.

His ship jacked in the air.

➕➖ Learning Journeys! ➗✖️

Hi everybody today I will tell you about Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys is when students lead a conference  and tell their parents about what they are doing in school. For example, Math, Reading and writing. I liked dissecting the flower with my dad because I got to explain a lot.


I am explaining how seeds disperse to            my mom and dad.

My dad was proud of all my hard work that I do

One goal I need to work on is spelling.

Film festival! ?

This Thursday the grade 4 students had a documentary film festival. Each student had a group and made a documentary. My documentary was called “Farming In Vietnam.” 

When I arrived I handed out the programs to all of the parents. When the show started all of the grade 4 students walked down the red carpet and everybody clapped. I felt really proud. When I saw my video I felt so exited and neves at the same time! I was a MC so when I went on stage  I was so happy. ?  When the night ended I was so relieved!