2 Week Reading Goal ?

For the next two weeks I have a reading goal and a action plan that I am going to follow.

Goal: I am going to read non-fiction and other genres besides fantasy. I am going to read more every night. 

Action Plan: Mon-Fri read 30min.+ each night.

Progress Report: 

Wednesday: I am reading The Breadwinner that is Children’s literature. I timed myself and I read for 30min.

Thursday: I read more of the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 23min. 

Sunday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 40min

Monday: I continued the Breadwinner. I timed myself and I read for 60min.

Tuesday: I finished the breadwinner. I read for 30min.

Wednesday: I started reading Parvana’s Journey that is the 2nd book in the breadwinner series. I read for 30 min. 

Thursday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35 min. 

Sunday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 33min. I am about to finish it.

Monday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 35min.

Tuesday: I did not read today.

Wednesday: I continued Parvana’s Journey. I read for 30min.

Summery: I achieved my goal because I read an other genre which was Children’s literature. I read always around 30min. from Mon-Fri. I think I could have read a few other genres too. I am happy of how I completed my goal because I read every day (Not Tuesday), I liked the books I read and I read for 30 min. and over. 

Vietnamese Class ??

Hello! This is Cade and I am here to tell you about Vietnamese class. In Vietnamese class we learn words that start with each letter in the Vietnamese alphabet. We also learn about the Vietnamese culture. I want to show you Gia Đình Tôi, one of the Vietnamese Google Docs I typed. Gia Đình Tôi means My Family. I chose to show this because I am proud of it and it is one of the biggest pieces I wrote.   

Geek Squad! ?

Every day I have been going to the geek squad headquarters at 11:30 to get ready for the Learning2 Asia. Learning2 is when teachers from Asia come to our school. On Friday and Saturday I will be helping with the Learning2 since I am part of geek squad. I will be helping with a big section that is all about technology in classrooms. I will be sowing Dash and Dot, Little Bits and Hummingbirds. I cant wait for Learning2 to start. 

Buu Long Zip Lining

“It is so muddy!” I say to  

I was walking though a field full of mud. The mud was wet and really gooey. I was so happy when my group reached a fence and went through it on to rock. 

“Wow!” A long wire hung from the top of a cliff down over a cow pasture and right to where we where standing. A man told us to go over the rocks, follow a path, then go through some tall grass and up a muddy slippery hill. When we got up to the top of the hill we where standing on a cliff. It was my turn!!!!! A man attached me on to a rope and pulled me to the end of the cliff. ‘Click’ I was hooked on the wire and in three seconds… He pushed me!!!! I held on tight but then let go, it was so fun. I was soaring through the sky over the cows. ‘Boing’ I hit the ending and put my legs down fast to keep me still. It was so fun I did it three more times! 20160922_115929  img_002020160922_120234-1

Amazing Race Week 3

This week, I learned about first aid. First we played a game where we went to where we felt was the thing we would do in a problem. For example, Click Here. We looked at videos and learned what to do for a specific problem. We also thought what we would do if someone in front of us collapsed in different scenarios. Last, we acted out problems.

This is an important topic in my life because if there was a problem we would know what to do. Also, we cold teach other people what to do. Then, we would have less problems around the world. I can make thoughtful choices by telling other people and spreading the word also by thinking first before I help.  

Amazing Race Week 2 ?

This week we learned about nutrition with Ms. Rayle and Mr. Brian. We learned about how fruits and vegetables have changed over time, school lunches around the world, the categories of food and how to read a label on a food packet. 

It is an important topic for my life because I need to know how to keep my self healthy and what to eat and not to eat incase it is not healthy for me. I can make thoughtful choices by reading the labels on the food to see if it is healthy and by making a plan of when I can give my self a little treat.

        Image result for keep calm and eat healthy

Amazing Race Week 1 ?

For two days we learned about Peer Pressure in class with Mr. Awesome. We played a game that we have to dicide what to say when someone Peer Pressures you. Peer Pressure means when someone wants you to do something. For example, Click Here

This is an important topic in my life because if we don’t learn about it we might get stuck and won’t know what to do. Also, we might get Peer Pressured and end up doing what the person told us to do. To make thoughtful choices in my everyday life I could think before answering if someone is Peer Pressuring me and don’t try to Peer Pressure anyone else.   

First Three Days Of Grade 5

In the first days of school we have done many things already. We are making bios on our macs and made a class contract of what we will do this year according to he core values. We have played games like tell about you and a ball game. We have lockers this you so we have to remember our codes. I am looking forward to Cat Tien and other exciting thing we are going to do this year. At a transition we have to read. 

My Grade 4 Adventure!

Grade 4 has been an amazing adventure. My teacher Ms. Chris has helped me a lot over the year. I will really miss her when she leaves.   

I am proud of how hard and how much I have learned in 4th grade this year. At the beginning I needed help with multiplication, but now I do not. I am a lot more neat and organized with my work. 

My favourite thing I did this year was the Explorers Unit and Energy Unit because we got to go look for treasures in Ben Than market. I loved the Energy Unit because we made prototypes and circuits. 

I really liked Sports Day, a school event the PTA and STUCO planed, because we got to get wet and play things like musical buckets.

I am ready to go to 5th grade and learn more. I will miss the kids that are from our class that will not be in mine. I hope to make more friends in grade 5.


Rosie is my dog and I am here to talk about her. Rosie is the first dog I ever had. She is a pug she looks like pig and has a curly tail! Pugs are mostly slow and fat but Rosie is as fast as a Cheetah and really skinny compared to other pugs. She is only 9 months old and IMG_0517is still a little nippy but I do not care I LOVE HER! ?