Parrot Info Report

I think I did good with my Contrast because I first had a meeting but now my final has a exceeding. I did good making layers and adding a blue and gold Macaw to pull everything together and make it look 3D. I also added blue and green background for the text to make it stand out.

I next time I am going to put more pull togethers like the parrot.

Click here to view info report: Parrots

6 thoughts on “Parrot Info Report

  1. Hello Cade!
    I really liked your introduction where you asked questions to the readers!
    I also really liked your layout and choice of colours that made your poster very organised and colourful like parrots!


  2. Hi there!!!
    I really liked how you talked about how you did good on your info report. I don’t quite understand what the last sentence means though. Next time, could you please make it clearer??? BTW, your info report looks really nice!!!!

  3. Hi Cade,
    YOU’VE GOT AN E+ (WOW!!!) I’ve only got an E… Lucky you I love you parrot report because you’ve created 3D effects!!! NICE JOB!!

  4. Hi Cade,
    First good job on your E+!!! For me, M+ (um….)
    I really like your alignment and layering. It is FABULOUS (lol)
    I don’t understand what this Standing 24/7 means.. Can you make it clearer next time?
    Great job!
    -Jiwon 🙂

  5. Hi Cade,
    An E+ that is just awesome your the only on in our class (I think) that got th highest grade! I really like that colors that you have it matches with the parrots

    – Grace

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