The Bug Infested Trip! ?

I went to Cat Tien last week and It was fun.

I liked when we got to go and hide the moon bears food then watch them Find it. We split up into 2 groups and the other half got to have peanut butter on trees and fruit on different things. The second group got to make food for the moon bears. 

One challenge for me was when we had to sit down with all the ants and bugs. But I overcame it by not thinking about the bugs.

We learned a lot about sustainability like how the moon bear centre was sustainable and how the primate centre is sustainable. The moon bear cent was sustainable because they have a good cage for the bImage result for sustainableares and keep helping them and the government has made a law about not keeping moon bears for their bile. The primate centre is sustainable because they help the primates and then most of them go out in to the forest on the island or the mainland and they are trying there hardest to keep doing what they need to do.

I think next year we could play more games and fun activities and make sure the rooms are all good. 


Parrot Info Report

I think I did good with my Contrast because I first had a meeting but now my final has a exceeding. I did good making layers and adding a blue and gold Macaw to pull everything together and make it look 3D. I also added blue and green background for the text to make it stand out.

I next time I am going to put more pull togethers like the parrot.

Click here to view info report: Parrots