Science Experiment

Hello! Today I am going to tell you about my science experiment. This week me and my partner Billy worked on a science experiment. In my science experiment I learned that the baking soda a makes a reaction with sodium polyacrylate. I also learned that sodium polyacrylate and water make a solid. The best part of the experiment was at first the water fizzed then after it turned to a solid. I think we could make it more interesting if we add calcium carbonate. 

Week Reflection

Hi, this is Cade and I am going to tell you about my week in school?. I have been working on my research topic and I am now writing paragraph one?. Paragraph one is about how parrots get their colour?. Also, last night there was a fall?concert and I was one of the MCs. The show started at 6:00?with the forth grade and then it was the fifth grade. My class was so happywhen we sang a song correct because at our practice we did not know the words.