The Amazing Race! ?

We were responsible for our belongings for example when we left a station we took everything. We managed our behaviour well and did not get over excited and rush. We made thoughtful choices when we went to a station for example the garden sorting station each person did a different thing to speed up the process and get the clue faster. We made safe decisions when we went from station to station for example we held the iPad with two hands and when it rained we did not run that fast on the slippery walk way. I showed self-reliance when we were looking for books we split up and I had to find the book.  


3 thoughts on “The Amazing Race! ?

  1. Dear Cade
    I like that you held the ipad with 2 hands so that it wouldn’t fall down.
    Maybe you should add a pictures in the blog post.
    How many stations were there?
    Hope you reply
    Sincerely Son 4MS

  2. Hi cade I agree with your mom that you should add more pictures to your blog post and more sentences in your blog post. But I think you had good details in your blog post. Have a great time

  3. Hi Cade,
    It was very funny how you described each station getting more and more dangerous.
    Maybe you could make your post a bit longer and not stop at a cliffhanger.
    Your Friend ISOBEL!

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