Peer Pressure Scenario

Scenario: You are at a friend’s house for a sleepover. This is a really popular student and it is the first time he has invited you to his place. Once his parents are asleep your friend suggests that you both sneak to the liquor cabinet to try some alcohol his parents have stored.   

Solution: Say ” No! I am only 10 ten and alcohol can make me sick.”

Alcohols Effects On Kids

 Kids might hurt themselves. If you drink too much you might throw up and could wake up the next day feeling awful.

If kids drink too much alcohol it could lead to alcohol poisoning. The liver, which removes poisons from the blood, could get hurt.

Amazing Race Week 1 ?

For two days we learned about Peer Pressure in class with Mr. Awesome. We played a game that we have to dicide what to say when someone Peer Pressures you. Peer Pressure means when someone wants you to do something. For example, Click Here

This is an important topic in my life because if we don’t learn about it we might get stuck and won’t know what to do. Also, we might get Peer Pressured and end up doing what the person told us to do. To make thoughtful choices in my everyday life I could think before answering if someone is Peer Pressuring me and don’t try to Peer Pressure anyone else.   

The Amazing Race! ?

We were responsible for our belongings for example when we left a station we took everything. We managed our behaviour well and did not get over excited and rush. We made thoughtful choices when we went to a station for example the garden sorting station each person did a different thing to speed up the process and get the clue faster. We made safe decisions when we went from station to station for example we held the iPad with two hands and when it rained we did not run that fast on the slippery walk way. I showed self-reliance when we were looking for books we split up and I had to find the book.  


First Three Days Of Grade 5

In the first days of school we have done many things already. We are making bios on our macs and made a class contract of what we will do this year according to he core values. We have played games like tell about you and a ball game. We have lockers this you so we have to remember our codes. I am looking forward to Cat Tien and other exciting thing we are going to do this year. At a transition we have to read.