My Grade 4 Adventure!

Grade 4 has been an amazing adventure. My teacher Ms. Chris has helped me a lot over the year. I will really miss her when she leaves.   

I am proud of how hard and how much I have learned in 4th grade this year. At the beginning I needed help with multiplication, but now I do not. I am a lot more neat and organized with my work. 

My favourite thing I did this year was the Explorers Unit and Energy Unit because we got to go look for treasures in Ben Than market. I loved the Energy Unit because we made prototypes and circuits. 

I really liked Sports Day, a school event the PTA and STUCO planed, because we got to get wet and play things like musical buckets.

I am ready to go to 5th grade and learn more. I will miss the kids that are from our class that will not be in mine. I hope to make more friends in grade 5.