➕➖ Learning Journeys! ➗✖️

Hi everybody today I will tell you about Learning Journeys. Learning Journeys is when students lead a conference  and tell their parents about what they are doing in school. For example, Math, Reading and writing. I liked dissecting the flower with my dad because I got to explain a lot.


I am explaining how seeds disperse to            my mom and dad.

My dad was proud of all my hard work that I do

One goal I need to work on is spelling.

Book Clubs! ?

Hi everybody today I will tell you about book clubs in grade 4! In grade 4 we have a book club that we do everyday. In the book club we read Shiloh. Everyday we meet at our spot and discus and read. My group members Kim, Saki and Sheryl also work with me but sometimes people read ahed and then it gets frustrating 

Shiloh! ?

In my book club we are reading Shiloh. Shiloh is a beagle that belongs to Judd. At the end of book one Shiloh. Marty buys Shiloh and now in book two Marty will have a new adventure with Shiloh. 


Stephanie Bodeen ?


Stephanie Bodeen

On Wednesday a author Stephanie Bodeen  came in to teach us to describe emotions. she has written a lot of books for middle age. Shipwreck island and lost. We are so lucky to have her to come to our school. We wrote stories about a time when we felt something.

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Fractions and decimals ?

This year I learned how to make equivalent fractions using 10 and 100 as the denominator. For example,  We can solve it out by 2 ×10 = 20 then add the line and the number hundred.IMG_1399

I can change fractions in to decimals and decimals in to fractions. To convert a decimal you need to look at the tenths and hundredths and add them to the top then add tenths or hundredths.  For example,




I can use models to show my understanding of decimals. A model is a drawing of the question. For example,