Save The Energy! ?

IMG_1544In this unit we have been working on energy. We have been using a Micro controller called the Hummingbird. So far we have made a toy for our EC buddies. My toy was a squirrel that raised its hands when people got close and said, “Wheres my walnut?” Then you could feed it. 

Now we are going to make a model of something that will save energy because we got the hang of it by making the toy. My group is going to make a prototype that will unplug the computer when it is fully charged.  

Reading Buddies ?


Today I met my EC buddy. Her name was Mai Chi. She is 4 years old. I had a lot of fun with her. We played cooking, light colouring, magnets and building with blocks! When the teacher announced I was her buddy she ran and started to play with me. At first she didn’t talk much. After a little wile she talked a lot. I only get to go play every A week on                                       Friday.