⨉ Multiplication! ⨉

Multiplication Thinking

In class we did a multiplication unit. I learned how to use different strategies like Partial Products, Area Models, Traditional Algorithm, Arrays and the lattice method.

I am really proud of how I improved on my multiplication because before I was so slow at first and now I am really fast and know lots of multiplication strategies.

I think the most challenging part of multiplication is multiplying big numbers like 245⨉130=. I think that it is challenging because you have to go through lots of steps to get the answer.




Film festival! ?

This Thursday the grade 4 students had a documentary film festival. Each student had a group and made a documentary. My documentary was called “Farming In Vietnam.” 

When I arrived I handed out the programs to all of the parents. When the show started all of the grade 4 students walked down the red carpet and everybody clapped. I felt really proud. When I saw my video I felt so exited and neves at the same time! I was a MC so when I went on stage  I was so happy. ?  When the night ended I was so relieved!


Being A Documentarian

 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 08.48.49This year we are doing a super unit called ” Vibrant Vietnam.” In the unit we learned how geographic features and culture shape each other. To prove it we made a documentary. It took 4 stages to finish are documentary. My groups documentary was about Farming In Vietnam.

In the first stage we have to research about are topic. To research we went on a field trip to some parks and we saw the water puppets and a art museum. When we research on the web we have to cite are work so that the people that we got the information from are thanked.

The second stage is that we have to gather photos and footage. To gather my footage I went on a  motorbike ride with my Dad in to the Countryside. Also when I went on vacation I look for good footage and photos.

In the third stage we wrote are scripts. When we write are scripts we write what we are going to say in the documentary. For example, the documentary is about dancing so I could say “In Vietnam the traditional dance is                  .

After that in the last stage we make are storyboards. When we make storyboards we take are script and copy it down. Then, we draw the footage and describe it. It looks like this:

Photo on 2015-11-02 at 11.01 AM

In this whole unit I found that making the storyboard was mot interesting because we got to put every thing together and get a idea of what are documentary  would be like. The most challenging  thing was gathering information because we could not find much farms.