Photo on 2015-10-27 at 10.14 AMIn ART we did a Vietnamese House Challenge My group is The Winh family! In the Winh family I have a mom named Ann and a dad named Minh. My name is Ye I am 10 years old. We live in the Mekong Đelta. In the Mekong Đelta it is very hot an humid it rains a lot to! It has lot of water so that we can fish and get a lot of fish. We built are house so that we can live on the water! Are house has 2 floors one for are family and one for selling are fish that we catch. 

International day!

IMG_1599Today was International day! My class got to do 2 thing IMG_1650 the first thing we did was a parade. In the parade we found are countries and started the parade we walked on the field it was BURNING HOT! ? When we where walking the field was all muddy and wet my whole class was wet when we got back to class.

The second thing we did was the assembly. In the assembly people danced from around the world. Then, we watched the flag reps.  After that, the choir sang Together We can Change The World!


Vibrant Vietnam!

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.10.07 AM

 Our class is working on our Vibrant Vietnam unit. My group Saki, Kim and Eric are working on a project about farming in Vietnam are inquiry question it is        “What Types Of Farming Do They Do In Vietnam.”  

I already know that Vietnamese people mostly grow rice. I learned that Vietnamese people grow rice because of the weather and the water. We also learned that Vietnamese people use water buffaloes to help farm.

I went on a motorbike trip with my dad and got a lot of footage. I got 10 pieces of footage. I got footage of cows, banana farms and a green house.

IMG_2185To contribute to my group I share web sites with them and share information.

I think that our group has a lot of things done and are almost ready to make our documentary.

I really enjoy this project and my group it is really fun to work with                                     and I learn a lot!