Rosie is my dog and I am here to talk about her. Rosie is the first dog I ever had. She is a pug she looks like pig and has a curly tail! Pugs are mostly slow and fat but Rosie is as fast as a Cheetah and really skinny compared to other pugs. She is only 9 months old and IMG_0517is still a little nippy but I do not care I LOVE HER! ?


IMG_3944The grade 4 whent on a field trip to the vietnamese  water puppet show, the Ho Chi Minh art museum, and 2  parks. My favourite thing was the water puppet show it was very interesting and amazing about how they move the puppets in the water!  😀 

Mui Ne


Me and My friend in the tree house at the playground!


Me trying to get a coconut

Mui Ne is a beautiful place! it is full of resorts and it has a big place I went with a lot of people from school and it took a 6 1/2 hour bus ride. At night we all had a dance party! It was really fun! ?