100,000 Strip

When we did the 100,000 strip it was really fun and exiting to see how long it would be because just in my table group we had 36 300 strips so that means 36×300=10800  When we combined my classes strips together it was the size of the hall.IMG_0914

Then we aded the hole grade 4 classes strips together I tent from the entrance of the school to the elementary school!

All About Me

IMG_0901Hi I am Cade I have one sister Brooke. I was born in Oman And I am from Canada. I love animals I am even in Roots & Shoots! I love horses! I love music to. I sing in t
he choir and I play the piano and recorder. I like to bake and I love to use technology.

In my family I have Mom and a Dad they work as teachers. I have one sister named Brooke and she go’s to SSIS with me and my mom and dad.