My picture of my blimp


This is my picture of my drawing of an blimp.I used shading on my picture for my picture of my blimp as well for my clouds. it was a hard job drawing the blimp and the clouds but at least it was not hard shading. it took me about three or four days to finish this photo because it was very hard.

Start of grade 5!!!

today was a great day because I got to go back to school! it might not seem that fun but i had a really fun time because I had a ice teacher and I also got to do a mini project!

i also got to do lots of stuff like hand ball,running games,music,and more!

so how was your first day of school?

My grade four explorer play


This is my play about James Cook when he is about to crash into the great barrier reef or the big reef as they call it. My script is really funny because captain James Cook smacked off my chef hat. The part I need help on is when I do not  speak loudly enough. My partner and I were really proud of our work. We took lots of time to make the script and lots to practice it.The hard part is when we had to edit the script because there was lots of typing and help.  One of the plays I like the most is Caleb’s play because there was lots of random things so I do suggest to watch his.

all about explorers

in 4dr we have been doing lots of things about explorers and their ships. we have been learning about how they live and life on the ship. there are lots of explorers. Ryan and I had been working on James Cook,we were making a fake version out of cardboard of the ship

book club blog

Jonah the whale is a very good book because the book has lots of fun things in it . It is still a bit boring because it does not have enough exciting events .  my group give it a 1/10 and we do not really like any of it it is just that it is boring.

                ⇐cover of the book

Jonah the whale is a kid that wants to be famous. He want to be on T.V so he could earn lots of money. He ask a T.V company to make his own show and the company said yes.

i think that you should let your little sister or brother to read it because i think that little kids will give this book a 10/10.This book ending is not that fun and this book gives ideas for kids to be famous but how Jonah became famous is not real.

my showcase experience

this was my first ever showcase in fourth grade! it was really fun i got to talk about my group invention it was a fan hat it was a great invention it was the perfect invention!!! it was the best invention that my group ever made and the experience it was the best experience ever!!!

the thinking outside the box unit!!!!:D :D :D :D :D

it had been a very long year and i think that we had done a great job in 2016-2017 and our prototype was a total success our prototype was a fan hat. the fan hat is a hat but theres a fan on the hat,since our hat was a really good invention other people start thinking other things like instead of a fan hat it was a beanie that will keep you warn. so i hope that my invention was a success