Human Rights Project: Human Trafficking in South and East Asia Reflection

I think I’ve learned a lot about human trafficking in South and East Asia while I worked on this project. It was a good chance to read more articles and watched the videos. It was really hard to clarify our points, show and tell them all the information without any texts on the slides. At first, I was really stressful, but after I learned lots of information, I proud of myself.

We wanted the project to finish fast, because every time I checked the project, I saw some things to change, so I was keep changing and changing. I wished this project to finish really fast.

I noticed about myself as a leader before, and It was an another chance to see myself. I usually assign other people what to do and when they are done then I check it again and again. I need to check them everyday to find out any mistakes that I made.

I haven’t heard about workers in Qatar because of 2022 world cup. I surprised a lot after I heard the number of people who died to build that stadium.

EAL Media Writing

“Nearly 50 percent of American girls in middle school and high school say, they want to lose weight because of magazine pictures,” says Dr.Michelle, Habell-Pallan of the University of Washington. As people started to use various electronic devices, they can easily access the internet from everywhere. Media does influence teens’ body image because it shows the ideal body images that are touched up by photoshop and people think they should have the same body images as the media that can lead them to death. Although some claim that media is influencing teens positively because they are exercising, still, they are trying lots of nonsense, and not proven way to lose their weight simply and easily.


First of all, images in the media harm teens by showing only the pretty and handsome people. The media usually shows the ideal body images that only a few people can naturally born with or that are touched up by photoshop, but teens don’t have any skills to find out if it is realistic or not. Specifically, the media mentions that the person with a thin body, a small face, big eyes with double eyelids, and high nose is the pretty person. In particular, the site AskMen provides that the average U.S. female model is 5’11” to 6’2” and weighs 140 to 165 pounds. Media is making the trend that  thin people are more beautiful than the chubby or the fat people . As a result,  teens think that they have to be like the person from the media to be called pretty and handsome, so they try to fit into that charming and handsome people groups.


Secondly, images in media harm teens because these cause teens to believe the unrealistic media. In order to achieves that level of proportional body images, teen are not eating enough nutrition that they need for their bodies to grow up. In Dying To Be Thin, Marcos Cano argues that mostly young women that perceive themselves as fat have such an intense fear of gaining weight that they starve themselves, or take diet pills to prevent from gaining weight. (Page 54). The evidence points out that they are not sure of what kind of chemicals are inside the pills, but they are obsessed with losing their  weight. Therefore, it causes many teens to develop anorexia, which means they can’t digest the food so they can’t eat any food. Unrealistic media images are influencing teens in negative ways by leading them to get anorexia and if it’s really serious, they will die because of diet pills that they eat without any information.


A common argument against this position is teens try to lose their weight by exercise and intake food with lower calories. In The Ugly Effects of Beauty, Marcos Cano provides the graph, How Teens View and Manage Weight.  68% of girls and 55% of boys had exercised to lose weight. (Page #55) Many teens are trying healthier ways to lose their body weight and even it helps them to be mentally strong and don’t get any sickness easily. Although this argument seems convincing at first, there are numerous teen girls who are into thin bodies and teen boys who are into muscular bodies, and they want to get these bodies without working hard by exercising. Some students choose to not eat their food, take diet pills, and vomit or take laxatives to lose weight. In Dying to Be Thin, Katie Ford argues that the biggest problem in America is obesity. (Page #55) This evidence is significant because it shows that even they are trying many bad ways, not only in healthy ways to lose their weight. After looking closely at both sides, it shows that teens are not only trying healthy diet, they are doing everything to get thinner and thinner.


Media images are having a negative impact on how teens think of their bodies by showing off only pretty models with thinner bodies who look prettier even though they wear the same clothes. Teens should stop thinking that thin people are pretty so they are pushing themselves too hard to lose their body weights. If they desperately want to lose their weights, then they should do exercise and eat less fat and sugary food, not take diet pills and powders. Teens should stop thinking about ideal thin, muscular bodies, and parents should limit their children from looking at many media images.

Science Astronomy project Reflection- The Solar SystemI

My first question was which planet revolves around the Sun the fastest and slowest. So I learned that Mercury is the fastest and Neptune was slowest. It’s because Mercury is closer to the Sun, and Neptune is further to the Sun. I think it’s sort of a sure thing because the distance between the Sun and the planets are not a little thing. I was surprised that how long does it take is measured by the Earth time, but for Neptune, 126 years is 1 year from Neptune.


My second essential question is why do the planets revolve around the Sun. It’s because the Sun’s gravity is pulling the planets, but the planets have its gravity, so if the planet is trying to go out of the orbit, then the Sun is pulling in that’s why all 8 planets are revolving around the Sun.


My last question was the distance between the Sun and the Planets and the size of each planet compared to the Earth. It was so fun to see that Jupiter, the biggest planet is 11 times larger than the Earth. I can’t imagine how big is that planet. I think even the Earth is really big.


This project was so fun and I’ve learn so much information that I didn’t know and care about before.

Life saving 2014

I’ve learned rear, front and reach rescues during when we learn life saving.

I loved rear rescue, because I felt it’s easier to drag out the victim in short time.

I love the water volleyball, because we had to move fast in the water to catch the ball and we could train how to jump high when we had to throw the ball.

I think I missed classes a lot, but still I tried to focus on the lessons on the board and copied all the words so I can remember them. I got a low score on the life saving quiz, but I think it’s a chance to know what kind of rescue that I didn’t understand and have to memorize.



History 8, CSI


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CSI stands for Color, Symbol and Image, so we need to show the definition of the word by only using color, symbol and image.

My CSI is showing the manufacture, that people are using the machines for the products, especially on a large scales.

I chose this color, because this color shows the smoke inside the factory that people are working hard inside. As the definition of the word is belong to the producing the goods, so I chose this color for my CSI.

The main symbol is the factory, the place the goods are producing and I drew small labor working with the machine for image to express that the factory doesn’t work without any industrial labors.


Science #3 Blog post

1) I learned that design process is really important process, because first time we decided to use the water bottle for the body part of the vehicle, but it didn’t move so our group had to go back to the design process to redesign the vehicle.

2) Basically, we should take some long time with working on the design and look for any problems that it will cause, and detailed description how does it work.

3) Before I learned about Newton’s laws, I’ve never thought about friction, gravity and how does them have any relationships. Newton’s laws had teach me a lot about what do they do about the objects moving.

4) I think I would make change in the wheels, because at first we were having a hard time with placing the 4 wheels in one straight row to make it rolls.

5) It would be a good chance to try the other force, not the air force by the balloon, something with the rubber bands or something else. It will be good to have different trials, because as we kept try out vehicles, we found out various problems and as we solve the problem, our vehicle got way much better.

Science #2 Blog post

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.57.13 AM

For the Newton’s first law, our group use the air force to move our vehicle. If it doesn’t have any balloon air force, then it can’t move. The net force is 0 if we don’t blow the balloon.

Second law, the amount of the air inside the balloon change the distance that the vehicle can move forward. With the same mass material, if we put more air then it moves longer than the one with the less air.

Last the third law of motion, the air coming out from the balloon and the body part of the vehicle are moving to the opposite ways so that’s why the vehicle is moving to the different side with the air. If we put out hands infront of the balloon’s mouth blowing part, then the air is coming out to other part the air is toward different than the vehicle.

Science Project; Newton’s laws of motions

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 3.59.39 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.40.45 PM

The materials that our group needs are balloon, straw, 4 water bottle caps, water bottle, and some extra of them.

Newton’s first law is an object at rest will remain at rest or continues to move unless by a force, the second law is an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and on the net force acting on it. So if the two objects have the different mass and if we want to move them to the same place, then we need more force to push the one with a higher mass. The third law is one object applies a force on another object, then the second object exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction on the first object. If the other one has bigger mass, then it moved less to the opposite side than the lighter one.

We will include the Newton’s first law by putting any object on the vehicle and let them go. When we stop our vehicle, then the object will keep go and fall down due to inertia. Newton’s second law will be first we’ll blow more air in the balloon and see how much the vehicle can travel. Next, put less air and see how much it goes, then both trials have different amount of forces so there should be some difference. Last, Newton’s third law applies to the part the air in the balloon and the body of the vehicle is moving in the opposite way and because of it the water bottle is moving forward.

I noticed that the gravity, friction, and inertia affect lots of motions. There are different kinds of friction and the one use of the vehicle that I think is rolling friction because the caps are rolling, not sliding and the static friction. Gravity is a force that pulling us down, so that’s why we are not flying around from the sky. The amount of the gravity force affect our weight. When we go to another planet with stronger gravitational force, then we will be measure heavier.

Two topics that would be important to keep in mind are Newton’s second law of motion so we can still talk about differences in force and the force. There are different types of force, the gravity is one of the force that makes the things doesn’t float around the places and when I push something then I’m giving it a force to move. Our group vehicle is using the air force, as the air comes out of the balloon. So, I think that is the two topics that I need to think about while I make the vehicle.

The Hour of code


I practiced making the code about 2 years ago, and it was fun and learn it’s not that hard to build the code. I will keep practicing with the code if I go back to home. It was a great experience to learn more about technology. It got harder, and challenging as the levels go up but still it was fun when I  wrote the proper code and move to the next level.