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After the research, I decided to make a website, which is different from my original plan: I tried to make a poster of my product to be more visually attracted. However, I used a website, especially from, because a website can give more information than posters, which should be compact and more informal. Because my informationРWeyl Semimetal, self-healing alloyРwas too difficult to understand, I again decided to work on the website so that I can explain my hard topics easier. As I was working on the website, I learned the optimal way to design the website as well as the way to express my thought on the product. Compared to my last semester website, I think I put more effort on the current website so that my website could contain more information.


My product is the new cable that can replace the current Submarine Communications Cable. Due to the quantum mechanics within the cable, I found that it was hard to understand topics: fermions, Fermi arcs, Weyl Semimetal, and Self-healing alloys. Understanding those terms was the main challenge that I faced. Because I could understand the most of those terms, I think my strength is that my website is scientifically reliable. Because I used different materials found from scholar articles, I think it could increase my reliability. However, I think my weakness is that the terms are yet to be easily understandable. Because my materials are beyond the school level, it can distract readers, causing them to search on my terms. I have to work on understanding the materials more deeply so that I can make my website interesting as well as be easily understandable.

I hope my site is interesting and hope you think that my product, the cable, is possible in near future.

This is my site:



Shark-Proof Submarine Communications Cable….I think it is possible

My main research is almost at the end. Through the class time and even at home, I mainly researched on the Submarine Communications Cable in order to find some problems within the cable. I found out that the cable has optical fibers to transfer the data and that is made with SiO2, glass, and so is fragile. I then had to research on the alternative source to transfer data. I searched about the Weyl Semimetal that is a superconductor no matter the temperature is and found out that TaAs crystal behaves as the semimetal. And currently, I am researching on the alloy that is capable of fixing the damage itself that is a self-curing alloy. My product, the new alternative, will be an electric wire that is weyl metal as well as a self-curing alloy so that the data will transfer without any loses and will not be damaged by external forces such as the “shark bite.”

Hardest part of the research

My main trouble was understanding the behavior of weyl metal. I searched on the metal but could not understand about how it can act as a superconductor. I began searching deeper on the topic and found out that the property is due to the fermi-arc. I, therefore, searched about fermi-arc and found out the property can be explained by quantum mechanics, which is not in our physics level. I at least understand the most part but yet cannot understand fully on fermi-arc because I need to understand fermion first. I solved the problem by searching on the specific part and so now I am confident about the topic.

My time line has changed due to the quantum mechanics and so my new plan is:

May 12 Finish the research on “how can we make a shark-proof cable?”
May 13 gather images from different media — sketchups for 3D image, google for a structural image
May 14 Designing the website (found that my topic is hard to understand without information)

and Finishing the product and blog

May 15 Handing in the poster ūüôā



How can we make more efficient ethernet cable? by Jihwan

As part of the engineering project, I chose to make a project about the ethernet cable because I have a lot of internet troubles at home. Nowadays, people cannot live without internet and use the internet as the most sufficient tool. However, some countries such as Vietnam have an internet issue that the internet speed is too slow to download or upload data. Therefore, I decided to work on the ethernet cable that is the primary item to access the internet as I always suffer from that issue so cannot turn in homework on time.

My main focus is on the resistance of the ethernet cable and efficiency of the wire, which is linked with the electronics unit that we did in last semester. I am primarily researching on the cable that is used recently so that I can point out the problems inside the cable and can use that problem to make a better cable for people: accessing internet faster.

I will make a poster of the new and sufficient ethernet cable. I decided to use a poster since it can be more visually interesting as well as can deliver my thought easier than writing a long paragraph. As an engineer, I think civilians are more important than experts and therefore, the poster can easily be understood by the people, which can let them access my product rather than get confused by my information. However, I found that a poster has one problem that I need to compact my thoughts in a single page. It might be very difficult to abridge my thought, but I want to make my product more accessible and more helpful for people.


Date What should I finish
May 4 Finishing one research question: what metal is used in the ethernet cable?
May 8th Finishing the main research question: what will be the alternative metal to use and how can we reduce the resistivity of the wire?
May 11th Starting to design the poster using pictochart and blog post 2 due date
May 13th Finalizing the poster, finishing the blog post 3
May 15th Turn in the post.

SSIS AIR PLANE BLOG POST BY Jihwan Lee-Yang Carl, Jackson

We hypothesized that the relationship between the mass and the distance is directly proportional. However, according to the average distance by different mass of A4 paper, we found that there was an optimal range of mass for the plane. The range was between 5 and 5.3 grams (2 to 3 clips). Using the data, we found that our hypothesis is wrong; it was not a direct relationship. In conclusion, the distance will increase until the mass reaches to around 2 to 3 additional clips.

In class today, we experimented with an A3 plane along with a thicker A4 plane thinking that the larger mass will help the plane fight back against the wind and fly for a longer distance. However, despite trying that, we found that the A3 paper plane had lower success than the original design. Then we cut down the A3 paper into an A4 sized paper so that the plane was heavier intrinsically. We found that an A4 sized paper made of the A3 material is around the same weight as a regular A4 paper with 2 paper clips, which is around the optimal range. However, when we conducted testing, we found that the heavier A4 plane was prone to fly directly into the ground and could not cover much range.


A4 paper

Distance (m)
Mass (g) Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Average Stdv
4.4 6.2 5.6 6 5.93 0.31
4.7 6.4 6.5 6.8 6.57 0.21
5 7.3 7.2 7.2 7.23 0.06
5.3 9.6 5.2 7.8 7.53 2.21
5.6 6.1 5.9 6 6.00 0.10
5.9 5.5 5.4 5.6 5.50 0.10


Additional Tests

A3 Sized 9.38 5.3 4.5 5.1 4.97 0.42
A3 Paper in A4 size 5.3 3.4 4.3 3.2 3.63 0.59

SSIS Air Plane Project Blog 1 by Jihwan, Lee-Yang, Jackson, Carl

Jackson throwing a paper plane as part of the experiment.
First paper airplane without any additional mass.
Plane with two additional mass.
Plane with four additional mass
Original planning board.

In the experiment of the paper plane, the team decided to treat the mass as the independent variable. We hypothesised that the more mass the centre of the plane has, the further it will fly. To do this, we measured the mass of a piece of paper and individual paper clips. After conducting the trial on a standard design of the airplane, shown below , we added extra mass to the centre of the plane through adding paper clips. Throughout the trials we have found that the mass and the distance are inversely proportional up to a certain extent because after a point the plane gets too heavy to fly far efficiently. There are obviously places for improvement because the way we measured the distance was not very precise and human error in throwing the plane is always unaccountable. We also had no way to guarantee that the centre of mass of the plane stays in the centre.


Hypothesis:  If we add more clips on a plane, then the plane will fly further because the drag force, which keeps the plane flying will be increased in order to counteract the increased mass. 

Final Blog Post!!!

I decided to use Explain Everything to make a video, but as I start working on the actual video, I found out that I do not have free access anymore. I planned to do a normal video but found out that making an article might work better.

I decided this topic because I recently went to Japan and fell in love with Sushi, especially Octopus and Salmon. As I went through the research, I found that they also have an optimal condition to live. For example, Octopus lives between 15 to 25 degree Celsius and Salmon lives between 0 to 7 degree Celsius. I did not know that global warming which is a result of the greenhouse effect can impact on sushi. However, I could understand that the effect can kill them by unbalancing the food chain and destroying the habitat as I read an article from Grist. Moreover, I can be more expert on this topic because I know scientific names for those species –Salmon and Octopus. Moreover, I could link with different ideas to emphasize the main topic.

My main challenge was to find the actual name for salmon and octopus. I began researching about them because I have to understand where they live and what temperature do they live. However, When I started researching, I could only find cooking site: “How to cook Salmon Steak?” It was the biggest struggle because not many sources were irrelevant to my topic. After finding the scientific name of them– Octopus Vulgaris and Salmo Salar– I could easily find their own habitat and their specific information.


After finishing the final product, I could find out that I did well on researching specific species and so can explain them more scientifically and also be interesting. Moreover, I designed well on my final product because I could see that the site looks clean and so clear to read. 

However, I noticed that some words are too hard to understand because of the scientific context. I think it would be better if I also add some easy words for people so that they not only can understand it but also can spread to their relatives and friends. Plus, I think I should have worked more on making sentences concise. I tried to make sentences concise but ended as a long paragraph. 


There is the final product:


Thank you!



How will fish get affected by climate change?

After the first blog post. I started searching more seriously for the driving question: “To what extent will sea level rise impact on sushi?”

As I started the researching, I found out that it is very challenging when I need to classify a specific type of octopus or salmon, which is used in sushi.¬† I faced a huge challenge when I searched for Salmon especially. When I searched Salmon, I noticed that Google only provided the way of cooking Salmon but not giving what types of Salmons are used in sushi. However, I could overwhelm the challenge by searching a scientific name of edible salmon. In actual research, I searched Salmon but got sources that are irrelevant: “How to cook Salmon.” However, I searched intensely to find the scientific name of edible salmon. I could find that the edible salmon is called as Salmo Salar. After searching by its scientific name, I could find out the habitat and food cycle of it: living at 2¬ļC to 9¬ļC.

Plus, when I started researching, I noticed that data are not organized and so looked so messy. Because it looked so messy, I had to guess the site. I solved this problem by putting the sources to noodle tool. I used the noodle tool because it has a system of “notecards.” Because I started using notecards, it made me better to summarize the data from the sources.¬† (This is the image of using noodle tool notecards).
After finishing most of the research, I could understand that my driving question is reasonable because the climate change will affect the sushi strongly because the warmer water will create less oxygen and so fishes will die sooner. I could know that octopuses and salmons have their own scientific name to classify themselves. I could beware the current issue because fish will be the one will disappear as a result of sea level rises. Moreover, the driving question allowed me to be more specific and could expand my thought by being critical.

Those are my timeline from the 1st blog. My timeline is a bit changed because the due date of the 2nd blog post has changed. Moreover, because I am using the noodle tool, my schedule is delayed but can be overwhelmed easily. I think I have to finish the research paper until December 8th and finish the script on December 10th, and I will finish the final product on December 11th (final check). Though I could not manage the schedule well, I think the new schedule will be okay because it will not lead to stressful schedule.

So the new timeline will be:

December 8th: Finishing research, start working on the script for the final product.

December 10th: Finishing the script, finish the video draft.

December 11th: Revising the video draft and film the final product and posting on the blog.

Sea level rise… Will it impact on Sushi?

The question is: “To what extent will sea level rise impact on the quality of sushi, especially salmon and octopus?”

After the unit was introduced, I started spending my interests that will be impacted by the sea level rise, climate change. After the diverging my interest, I had to choose the best interest in all of my interests: League of Legend, Sushi, Blizzard, and Nintendo. Eventually, I chose this topic because I love eating sushi and even so I visited Japan to enjoy sushi. Moreover, sushi is one of the well-known foods in the world and so I believed that the linkage between climate change and sushi will give a stronger awareness.

After choosing my ideas, I started specifying the sushi. Because I love tako (octopus) and salmon sushi, I decided to find some data about octopus and salmon. I began searching for the habitat of salmon and octopus so that I can explain that the sea level rises can change the location of habitat.

(from TripAdvisor)

After some researching, I began finding a way to present my issues.

I am planning to make Article or video from Explain Everything.

An article can be more specific than the Explain Everything and so can contain more ideas and explanation. An article can give more examples and more specific elaboration on the given information, but I found that Article is hard to understand if the reader is not familiar with that issue.

Explain Everything is one of the easiest ways to create videos with visually interesting subjects. Explain Everything requires image and also with this, I can convey my thought about sushi more interesting and easier. However, I found that Explain Everything requires already planned script to convey my thoughts clearly. From my previous Explain Everything, I found hard that I sometimes make the script so vague that I have to fix it again.

I decided to do Explain Everything because I can make a good script and can be more accessible to readers.

My timeline is:

November 30th, 2017: Research on Octopus and salmon; where do they live and what temperature they should live.

December 1st, 2017: Finish 1st blog post, Researching on octopus, salmon, and the extrapolated data of sea level and average temperature.

December 4th, 2017: Finish researching about the salmon, octopus, and sea level rises. Finalizing the resources that I will use.

December 6th, 2017: 2nd blog post, Start making the script with reasonable images and data from December 4th chosen resources.

December 8th, 2017: Finishing the script, gathering the images and resources into MLA format, Start working on Explain Everything.

December 11th, 2017: Finishing the Explain Everything, finalize the video, finishing the final blog post with a video link.

December 13th, 2017: Finishing Reflective blog after the presentation.


Human rights review

In this project on Human rights issue(Human trafficking), we focused on improving/learning to find very reliable source and analyze it. This is an important skill because the paragraph should be reliable to make people notice the information.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to check with our group and also, looking at myself. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • What will you do to continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work? ¬†

I have to work every time. Keep suggesting our group to improve on and also, the most, respecting others’ opinions to make them involve. I had a kind of problem of the group. When I was young, I didn’t respect some friends and this made me going out of the group.

  • What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?

I learned from the other tri-folds, I could notice that others have their own distinctive image and design. I surprised that they made the tri-fold and the speaking was well-done.

  • How did my consideration of my ‚Äúuser‚ÄĚ influence my work?

I didn’t know about the user. I did it without any thinkings of the¬†user. Eventually, I fixed for my user and this made others notice some information on human trafficking. I gave a good information to support my essay.

Р paragraph

One of the human rights issue in modern society is human trafficking,it is a modern slavery between national and international. Also, human trafficking is the one of the most significant crimes that against human rights. Human trafficking can be  sexual trafficking, forced labor, and organ trafficking. Human trafficking is growing to 32 billion dollars and there have 22 million victims. Vietnamese men and women are having a trafficking because they have less education and are poverty.  Especially, girls, the age of 12 to 14 are generally considered more vulnerable to sexual trafficking and forced labor because girls have weaker and smaller body, which means that girls are easier to enforce by criminals. Vietnam is the biggest cross-border trafficking country to China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia . International travelers use poverty Vietnamese for sexual trafficking and having a trafficking in near country (source 3( having the same source)). Because the owners forced them by their wealth and power, Vietnamese people are having to traffic. After rescuing from trafficking, victims are suffering a psychological, physical problem such as, having recurrent thought/ memory of human trafficking, feeling as though the event is happening again (source.1). Human trafficking is the most serious and significant issue that is against the human rights and the most violent crime in the modern society.


Service learning reflection

  1. During the human rights project, I researched on the definition of human trafficking. I found a really good source that gives what is human trafficking and Vietnam human rights issue. I thought that most of the people might not know how human trafficking is violent and the most violent issue in the world. Then, I put the effort in designing the tri- fold and helped to create a frame of iPad, that might use  for showing the video. It was pretty hard but, I wanted them to notice a lot of human rights issue and human trafficking.
  • Did anything surprise you? If so, what? I didn’t know what is a real human trafficking and this made me ¬†having a surprise and thought that the human trafficking should get punished
  • Has the experience affected your worldview? How? ¬†I changed my worldview that the society has a lot of flaws such as, human trafficking, racism. during the researching, I could know that human trafficking might not¬†