Art 2 point perspective

This is my drawing of 2 point perspective and it is my final draft. My Goal is that I want to have more time to erase all the lines to create the picture so that it won’t be in the view of people that see my picture. My drawing changed by, first I didn’t know how to draw buildings from behind but now it is pretty easy for me. Next time I would try to get more time to draw the street and people.

Weekend post

On the weekends, I played Minecraft and tried to build our school.First I would imagine what our school would be like and where each building would be located.Then I start to create and evaluate. I am still building it and going through the process.

Back to the school year in 5th Grade

Welcome back to the school year in SSIS! Summer was fun, but we will still have to go back to school. 5th grade is going to be a great year for me. The days that school just started were awesome. We get to greet each other, know each other’s names and be friends with the new people. 5th grade has so much new things we hadn’t had last year and some new things to. I also get to Greet my new teacher and know her. I would like some feedbacks in this post and otherwise thanks for reading and Bye!


We prepared for the script by researching for our plays about finding land to death.I was not in the play so someone else replaced me. Minh,Hoang,and Peter were with me.Our script was about Marco polo and his finding land to death.

Soccer SISAC A team

It was fun playing in the game of Soccer! We played in Bis Ho chi minh city.We played while it was raining. I didn’t got any goals but it was fun.We got second place but we almost got first. Ishmc got first and I will join next year  because soccer is fun.

Unit 5 reflection

It was so fun when we built the ship because we did a lot of progress later.First we did the  ground level and the group didn’t cooperate so we did not get most done .But later we worked cooperatively so we got most done.I hope that we can do this next year again.

From the Mixed up files

I like the book because its like going away from your parents to the museum and there is a mystery in the museum. I like the character Claudia because she is brave going to the museum with her little brother solving a mystery when they are only that small.I liked the part when Claudia just entered the museum and they entered different places and discovering new stuff.I rate this book for children from 9-12.

film festival reflection

This was the picture from the film festival.Our film festival was about the documentaries and ours is about fish sauce.I think it was really awsome because we get to walk on the red carpet.I feel a little bit sad since it ended and I want to do one more of this when we get to grade 5.