Today is our last day on the unit Geology. We made a model out of Dublo of one of the lessons he learned about and that we tectonic plate and that all of the continent used to be one large continent.

So Earth used to be one large continent called Pangaea as you can see on the right. What caused the continent to move? Tectonic plate causes the continent slowly each year.There is evidence of this is because Alfred Wegener found that the 2 same species of ancient animal live across the ocean, in South America and Africa. No animal on land can travel across the ocean so South America and Africa used to be connected and if you move the 2 continent together they should also fit.

Every year the continent move away from each other 1cm. Scientists believe that one day in the future, Asia, and North America will connect. Throughout Earth surface, there is line that split them apart. Tectonic Plate has tectonic boundary, that is how it move. There are 3 types, divergent boundary, convergent boundary and transform boundary. Divergent boundary mean that 2 pieces of crust moving away from each other. Convergent boundary mean that 2 plates moving toward each other and finally, transform boundary mean plates move horizontally past one another.

Hi mom in this video I did my daily routine poster and skit the poster is down here. In this video, I did bad but not super bad. 🙂

In the beginning, mandarin was hard for me. It was hard because I have never learned mandarin so I was struggling, but now I know how to read and write now. I always try my best.

+ My name is Danny not Denny Lao shi type it wrong


                       Image result for Hauora      What is Hauora

Hauora is Maori belief in Health. It is made up four specific areas physical, social, mental and emotional, and spiritual well-being. If though's things combined they will make up a healthy and balanced life.

                                                                                              Spiritual Well-being

Image result for Spiritual             Spiritual well-being is about your life and relationship with other. Purpose a person has in their life the values and beliefs they live by.

                                                 Physical well-being

Image result for physical            Physical well-being includes lifestyle and balancing your body. A person's body, growing up, how they care and keep their body. I think this can relate to self-concept by teaching you how to maintain a balanced life

                                                    Social well-being

Image result for social          Social well-being is the connections with other people and relationship with the world. It can relate to self-concept by help you understand how to trust other people.

  Mental and Emotional well-being

Image result for emotional cartoon pic       Mental and Emotional well-being is expressing thoughts and feelings in an honest positive way, keep control over thoughts and emotions. Emotional well-being is when you understand your emotional and use them to move on life. This can relate to self-concept by teaching you ho to move on life and knowing who you are.



I think Hauora is important for a balanced and healthy life. When I think about my strength in four of these area, I think my strength is Mental and Emotional.






Before I started learning about this unit I know nothing about government the only thing I know about governments is there are governments in this world.

We learn about this is because the school wants us to see how each country rules differently.

I think that the best government is Democracy because everyone can speak vote for who we think is the best person to rule the country.


            Hi guys, today I will tell you how to set up Hummingbird. Hummingbird is a program that let you create your own robot. You need to download Birdbrain Robot400216239 Server and Scratch 2.0. Then you get the hummingbird kit out, take the cable, connect one end to the hummingbird kit and the other end to your computer.screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-41-09-am( Plug the cabscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-44-18-amle it to your computer before you open Birdbrain Robot Server)Then open

Birdbrain Robot Server, it will say Scratch connected. Then press open Scratch and that's it next time I will teach you guys hoscreen-shot-2016-11-22-at-11-55-25-amw to use about light. See you guys later   😉

Here are  the downloads link:

Birdbrain Robot Server:


What are 3 ways this project helped you learn about environment and human settlement in Ancient Egypt?

1:This project help me learn that Ancient Egypt and Canaan live and settle the houses very differently.

2:This project help me learn that their environment are not like now.

3:I didn't know that river help soil to grow better until now.

What are 2 parts of the project you are proud of?

I am proud of what i build in my world and I am proud of my video.

What is 1 part of the project you would do differently next time?

I think i should  have a better audio in video.