🎨My Art Reflection🎨

Hi Again, I am posting a blog post from my Art class! So we are drawing something you want using at least one of the things we used ( 2 point perspective, 1 point perspective, and shading) I learned in this lesson that shading is hard and messy because you use a lot of pencil led and that could stain your hands. I want to improve on drawing sketches lightly so that I can erase them easily. Thank you for reading my blog and again stay tuned for my next blog post

🎒👩‍💻Super Unit Home work👩‍💻🎒

On the weekend, I took a class with An. And it was an art class. When I was trying to start a new painting, I first thought about what to Sketch out first. Then I had an idea of trying to do the one point perspective. (The one we learned at school) I planned  out what the one point perspective is going to draw.  I decided to draw an aquarium. After that, I sketched out (design) the beginning perspective. And started to draw some aquarium animals like Dolphins, turtles, etc. After sketching, I revised before actually painting Then I started to paint ( creat ) At the end I also added some finishing touches and evaluate. Was this the best I can do? Then took a picture and brought it home. Again thank you for reading my home work blog! stay tuned for more blog posts! Bye!!


Hi There! My name is Yuki. If you didn’t know, I am a student in SSIS, 5th grade. I am kind of excited and kind of not because there is going to be fun field trips but I don’t want to be in middle school! Although this week is the second week of school and I am still kind of nervous.  I miss the elementary building already. I am glad that I am with my best friend, An and Bomin as my classmates. My teacher Ms. Carnahan is a fun teacher. She will get mad when she is but normally she gets all of our jokes. And again thank you for reading my first 5th-grade blog and stay tuned for more blogs!

⚓Captain James Cook Play!⚓

During this whole project, the thing that I like the most was that Ms. Laura let us choose our group so the group was full with my friends! I learned a lot of interesting facts about Captain James Cook! Like, Captain James Cook was killed by native Hawaiians. I hope you enjoy this video! Thanks again for watching bye!!!!

Book Review

This is a book called The Family Under The Bridge. I would rate this book a 1 out of 5 because this book was confusing and wired. I would recommend this book to a middle schooler because the words are kind of hard and the story its self is hard to understand. Again thank you for reading my blog post and stay tuned for the new ones! BYE!

Our New Unit

This is our new Unit and we are suppose to make a ship of your explorer. Our explorer is called Captain James Cook!  What I enjoy about this project is that my group is full with BFFs. Few of the interesting information that I learned about Captain James Cook are, 1, James Cook has 6 children! (isn’t that crazy!) Also he survived from scurvy!  This is our final picture!

Open Genre Writing










The Futur Letter

Apil 19, This was the start to my new highschool life.

Hi! My name is Naho and this is my first day of high school! “ Naho time for school!” “ ok mom I’m going!” Sorry, got to go! So then she went! Oh sorry forgot to interduce my self. I am the narrator for this story so yeah!  When Naho ran out the door she found a letter in the mail box.  She grabbed it and ran too school. At school, Naho sat down and opened the letter that said from me to me. Naho was cofused she wondered “Is this some kind of joke?” When she opened the letter it said “there is a group of mean girls behind you! So be aware” when Naho read that she looked back and saw a bunch of girls who has super short skirts with a ton of makeup. One of the “mean girls” yelled “What are looking at looser?” Then the “mean girls”  snatched off the letter from Naho’s hand and before they could tear it Naho grabbed it back and ran out the classroom. The “Mean Girls” got mad and from that day on Naho was there next victim that was not a good sign. Out in the hallway, Naho opened the letter and under the sentence that said “there is a group of mean girls behind you! So be aware”, There was another sentence that said “You are the target for the rest of high school so use this letter to protect you.” sorry to inturupt but, I toataly can’t imagan a bunch of “Mean girls” targeting me just because i got my letter back? Like, REAIY? Sorry, back to the story! Anyways, Naho started to notice that this letter is real. She got super scared after reading that sentence because she never got bullyied by “The Mean Girls” or bully someone. “The Mean Girls” were planing on things to bully Naho, they wrote it down on a piece of paper in bullet points. One of the bullets said Hide Naho’s shoes. Like really? Dude, You are a high schooler right? Because things you are doing is like for kindergarden!? (P.S) these are just my thoughts!


The Next Day,  “The Mean Girls” decited to hide Naho’s shoes in the toilet. Sorry again but A Toilet wow, can’t you think of something else like? Uh watever. When Naho was at the shoe box, she couldn’t find her shoes she knew that the “The Mean Girls” is targeting her so she opened up her letter. Under  “You are the target for the rest of high school so use this letter to protect you.” there was a note that said “in the toilet on the 2nd floor” Befor Naho went to the second floor to get her shoes, she read the next paragraph under the note. It said “Don’t sit there” Naho didn’t know what is was for so she went to the second floor’s toilet and found the shoes. Oh no “Mean girls” Naho knows all the things you have been doing! Haha. When Naho went in to the class room, “The Mean Girls” were confused, “What why does she have her shoes on? Shoot! Plan failed.” Whell Duh, Naho will know all your planes!  The next plan for the  “Mean Girls”  was to  tell  every one that Naho was on Drugs. So They started to write a poster instead of telling because it is easyer.  Oveously,  Naho knew what was going on so when the “Mean Girls” pined the poster on the board, Befor anyone can se it, Naho took it off and through it in the trash can.  When the “Mean Girls” noticed that the plan failed again,  Uhhu! Then What?????? SOO sorry I can’t help it. They became dissy they never had the’re plan fail! So they went home!

The Next Day… One of the Mean Girls found a letter in her mail box that said from me to me. Lets Just end this story because I don’t want to talk any more!