Case study reflection.

I researched about Benjamin Franklin.
Something really interesting I learned was that he was born with 17 children.
I enjoyed the living museum because I get to learn about different explores that I don’t know.
I found Researching difficult with this project because sometimes facts on the internet are fake.
I used to thinkĀ  Benjamin franklin was a president, but now I know that he is oneĀ  of the founding fathers.
My explorer had a positive impact on the world because He free his slaves and try to free slaves all over of America’s.

Amelia Earhart (Unit 2 understanding others)


What did Amelia Earhart explore? Amelia Earhart flew planes and explored the world.

What motivated her to explore? When she saw a airplane show she wanted to fly a airplane and she did.

What characteristics did she show? She showed that women can do more and she was brave to do it.

How did she go about exploring? By traveling around the world.

Independent me reflection

We have started the year with our unit, Independent Me.
So far, an important fact I learned was being careful of my food choices.
The most interesting activity was learning the systems in our body.
I had a hard time with making good choices because sometimes i cant find the veggies and fruits and grains.
I would still like to learn more about what happens in our body twenty four hours a day.
I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because i can know what little things that is happening in my body.

Unit 1: Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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This week my class and I is working on 2 step story problems.

Before I didn’t understand what I needed to do.

After some days I understand what you needed to do to solve the problem.

My goal is to find what I needed to do for 2 step problems faster.