ITU Log March 31st

Unfortunately, the week before March 31st, I could not tutor Josiah because I was busy with school work! However, this week, I worked my best to stay up to date with Josiah’s work! Today, we got to work on Josiah’s Science project about climatic impacts. His project is to make a video lecturing about climatic impacts (glacier melting, sea level rising, etc.) He was struggling mainly on how to put the videos together, and how to make it look more appealing to the viewers! I gave him lots of comments about the overall video, and gave him useful tips on how to give meanings to the slides of the video! Eventually, we fixed a lot on the video, and we both felt pleased with it. I told Josiah to check over the video, just to make sure it looks ready for the presentation day!

Quang Luu

ITU Log March 17 Update

On Thursday this week, I get to meet Josiah again, we work on Josiah’s math homework. It seems most of them are challenging towards Josiah, I got to admit, sometimes it was struggling for me! However, I helped a lot on basic Algebras for Josiah, and gave him tips. I was happy to give him tips to do the homework.

Quang Luu

ITU Log March 3rd, 2016

I met Mrs. Bertoia and my student, Josiah. We went over Aleks, which is a math homework that Josiah is struggling with. I was really happy to help him out, and to explain the exercises so that Josiah could understand the concepts of the exercises. Outside of Math Assignments, we talk about how to prepare for Freshmen year,  he felt excited. We worked on Math for the whole hour, and it was a really nice experience for me to tutor someone for the first time!

Quang Luu

SSIS Winter Concert 2015

Before the performance begins, the feeling of excitement has urged me to put all of my efforts since the very first time I join the orchestra, and put it into this performance. And I really have to say, it was spectacular, seeing all of my partners playing their instruments beautifully, and thinking how proud I am to be in the orchestra with talented musicians and friends.

orchestra, performance.
(The orchestra before the performance begins)
orchestra, performance.
(Me, on the very left, playing the guitar)
The Orchestra
(The performance starts as the conductor gives the actions)

I would like to thank you all of the ones who have enjoyed the performance, and also the ones who have allowed us to be able to pass through the sound of classical music for people to enjoy.

Quang Luu,