Finally It’s OVER!

In this project on the Renaissance, we focused on making a bibliography as well as answer a certain question with supporting reasons and evidence. This is an important skill because in life whenever we need to argue on something, we should be able to quickly think of the reasons and evidence to back it up otherwise it automatically means your argument is wrong. Making a bibliography is a great skill as you never know if you’ll end up being an editor or a writer when you grow up. One thing I improved during this project is my creativity because my topic was Renaissance architecture and it was hard to find an interactive display for it. We settled on something in the end of course, but we had to get creative because an interactive being a quiz is never fun. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished. Time had a huge impact on my work in this project because we only had a week to do it and the project is worth thirty points. We had to make the infographic and the interactive display in three classes. This forced us to work faster and more efficiently so that we can get work done rapidly. We were able to get it done in time and we also had time to practice in the end. A trouble that I had during this project was being able to find something interactive that relates to the topic and yet engage the audience. A good interactive for Renaissance architecture is to give the audience a lego box and they could try to create some of the architecture techniques that were used during the Renaissance. This was a major drawback to our project so we ended up with something easy to make but not really exciting. 

My Annotated Bibliography


Water Filtration Test 2

The control sample is a lot clearer than our filtered sample for the river and rainwater. We managed to get the filter to work better than last time but unfortunately it is still not as clean as the normal drinking water meaning the control. Our filtered water is almost there but a tiny bit foggy and yellowy compared to the control. However, I have to day that it is a huge improvement from test one. To show that we worked efficiently, we managed to filter both types of water and make changes to our original design twice. Annabelle was the cleaner as well as the leader in this group activity. Andy put the materials together and fixed whatever needed to be fixed in order to make our filtration system work. I gathered the materials, washed them thoroughly, and helped Andy put the materials together. We rebuilt our filtration system completely and we differed the layers inside the bottle. We did this because the original design had charcoal at the bottle which got clogged and made the resulting water even worse than before it was filtered. We reduced the amount of sand to make sure the water can come through our system easily.

Prototype Test 1 Water Filtration Reflection

We divided the work fairly and it was balanced. I was the cleaner and the person who gets the gravel. Andy was the photographer and he brought sand. Annabelle brought a bottle and she put all the materials into the bottle to make the system. Everyone was doing their work and following along with our original plan. Everyone got the materials that they were supposed to bring. We didn’t have any disagreements as we just tried to work together and get work done. We didn’t want to have any disagreements because we all knew it would waste time so we made a decision together and stick to our plan. Our design didn’t work out very well because the charcoal leaked in and stained the water making it even dirtier. We did it four times to make sure the water is filtered properly. Unfortunately, the result didn’t come out as we planned so we can definitely change our water filtration system to make it work better next time. Our design could be scaled up by 20 to provide water for more than a family of 4. It would be in their house and they can filter their water whenever they need to in their homes. Our group would differ the layers of the materials to make the water cleaner and pure like normal tap drinking water.

The Best Advertising Experience

In this unit, I made a promo poster for the food drive as well as a video to persuade people to donate to Anh Linh Free School. We studied on persuading techniques like slogans, bandwagons, testimonials, etc. to help with our poster and our video. In my poster, Thy and I made a food truck so it’s relatable to elementary school students and tried to get them to donate by adding fancy fonts that elementary school students use. In my video, Kolton, Sean, and I tried to attract people to donate by making an arcade game out of donating food in the bin. We also had animations to make the game as realistic as possible. This will make the audience think it’s really cool and for people who plays games it’s more relatable as well. I thought the part where we were making the promo poster was very enjoyable because we had many ideas and we worked together to achieve the best result possible that both of us wanted. I thought making the video was very challenging because we couldn’t figure out how to make the objects move around in the video since iMovie didn’t allow us to. It took us a while to figure out how to make the animation and then after that it was easy to make. I learned that persuasive writing is so much more than just a piece of writing. I learned that persuasive writing is like a video game if you don’t have any strategies to win it’s not likely that you will succeed. To get the message out to the audience, you have to do something to draw them in and make sure it’s appropriate for the age group that you’re targeting. 

Byzantine Empire Reflection

In this project about the Byzantine Empire, we were trying to write a DBQ about why we should study it. This is an important skill because you can decide if something is useful or not in life. One thing I improved during this project is my ability to analyze documents and see how it relates to our topic question.

In 323 CE, Constantine, the emperor of Rome, did something that changed European and Middle Eastern history which is moving the capital from Rome to Byzantium and named it Constantinople. It remained the capital of Eastern Roman Empire for 1,100 years. Constantine had another leader to help him rule the city and that was Justinian. Justinian reigned from 517 to 565. He became one of the most famous people in history after he created the Justinian Code which is a systematic body of law to keep the Byzantine Empire in order. The primary reason to study the Byzantine Empire is the Justinian’s Code.

The first reason why Justinian Code is the primary reason to study the Byzantine Empire is that it’s the starting point of today’s laws since then. To illustrate, (Document D) The Justinian Code indicated that the maxims of law are these: to live honestly, to hurt no one, to every one his due and The Declaration of Independence suggests that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness. Given the evidence, it is logical that the Declaration of Independence has some similarities even though it was created in 1776 way after the Justinian Code. The Declaration of Independence is a big thing which shows how important Justinian Code is making it a must to study the Byzantine Empire. Another reason that Justinian Code is why we should study the Byzantine Empire is that it structured the Byzantine Empire at the time. For example, (Document D) When Justinian l became emperor, the laws of the crumbled Roman Empire in the West were very disorganized and sometimes contradicted each other. The evidence indicates that it was something that Justinian being the new emperor needed to fix immediately to create a more unified empire in which he did. This is why we need to study the Byzantine Empire to see how it became a great empire for such a long time. Based on the evidence presented so far, it is clear that the Justinian Code is a must have back in the days when the laws of the Roman Empire didn’t work correctly make it an exemplary body of law that made the Byzantine Empire more powerful and united as a whole.

Justinian Code is the most important reason why we should study the Byzantine Emperor. To wrap it all up, the Justinian Code is the origin of today’s law because it developed the basic idea of justice and law according to historians. It structured the Byzantine Empire at the time making it more influential and powerful. This is the reason why we should study the Byzantine Empire. In conclusion, there’s a lot more to the Byzantine Empire but if you really want to know the most significant thing that the Byzantine Empire is known for than you have to go with the Justinian Code. Are you willing to study the almighty Byzantine Empire now?

Time impacted my work a lot because I had to work quickly but efficiently. We had didn’t have a lot of time to draft and revise so it was very difficult to get everything perfect in time. Sometimes, it is fine to work in a limited time but with a DBQ that’s really hard. I tried to do the best I can in order to achieve the highest score possible. 

It is often believed that the Justinian Code is not the main reason to study the Byzantine Empire because the defense is more important. To illustrate, (Doc. B) During the 1,100 year history of the Byzantine Empire, 24 efforts were made to capture the city of Constantinople. Only two were successful. This evidence suggests that without their amazing defense, the Byzantine Empire would have fallen short making it not as amazing as it was something we might want to study. Although this argument is valid on many points, it fails to overlook the fact that the Defense is just the outside and if the inside of the city falls which didn’t because of the Justinian Code, the Byzantine Empire wouldn’t survive as long. According to (Doc D), when Justinian became emperor, the laws of the crumbled Roman Empire in the West were very disorganized and sometimes contradicted each other. The Roman Empire in the West fell and part of the reason was because the laws were disorganized, the Justinian Code made sure that didn’t happen to the Byzantine Empire which contributed to why it survived for 1,100 years. The Byzantine Empire needed the Justinian Code more because they were more unified which led to the defense being stronger over time.

Bright Spot: A strength I showed was my ability to draw good evidence from the documents given and analyze them thoroughly explaining the importance of the evidence in relation to the claim.

To Work On: Something I should work on in my next essay is include what I’m going to be talking about in the thesis.

SLC Reflection

Last Friday, I had my Student Led Conference which is a conference in which I do the presenting of all the subjects I learned this year. I did well with talking loudly and clearly about every subject. I was able to present all of my subjects on time and my parents understood what I was saying. I could improve on only saying the important parts of each subject so that I could save some time for questions at the end for my parents. Overall, it was a great experience and I felt like I’ve done it a lot better this year than last year.

Golden Pamtaz Park The Bus!


My role was the fitness trainer and I was also the assistant coach. I have to lead warm ups before we run 1.2 km and lead stretch after we ran. That’s for being the fitness trainer. Being the assistant coach, I have to make sure everyone stays on task and be positive so that our team displays the best performance possible every time we step foot on the field. I encouraged my teammates and helped them get better so they can get the best out of themselves.

I did well in terms of leading stretches and warm ups. Everyone was engaged during the warm up and they were happy to do whatever I told them to. My challenges were that when we were losing which happened pretty often, it was hard to motivate and be positive because everyone is too negative.

My fastest time for the 1.2 km was 5:38 minutes. I think I did okay and I improved a lot since the beginning of the unit. In the beginning I got 6:00 minutes which is already pretty fast, but 5:38 is really fast. I always tried my best in the runs and make sure I run faster than my previous time.

My fair play points were 30 out of 30 because I was always positive and I try to help my team win in tournaments. After every game, I shake hands and high five with my opponents even if we lose. I motivate my teammates to do better and focus in the game. I never go off task because I am just one of those people who are usually serious.

I thought that this unit was really fun. I learned how to be a referee and how a soccer team would have a statistician, publicist, assistant coach, coach, and equipment manager. I liked this unit a lot and I would like to do something similar to this next time but with another sport maybe. Other than that it’s my favorite unit so far.