principles of design

What are the elements and principles of art and design? Please list them.

Principles of design:

Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, Unity, Movement, Variety, Harmony, and promotion.

elements of design:

shapes, forms, colors, lines, textures, and space

Which elements and principles do you need to apply to your collage? How can you achieve this? Have you done it already with the compositions you have photographed? If not then what do you need to change?

I will need to use shapes, colors, and space. I need to fill the gap between each shapes by moving the shapes and matching up the color to fill the space.Yes, I did it already by a few attempts; keep moving the shapes till I achieve the collage that I want.



Do media harms teens’ body image ?

The world revolves; so do trends. The media’s impact on harming teens’ body image is questioned by a lot of people. The media communicate through television, radio, newspapers, and the internet. This is the only reason why trends could be known by a lot of people in a short amount of time. In the meantime, Media should be known as the main source where harmful images or non harmful images spread. Media does harm teens’ body image. In specific, Media makes teens, especially females, not appreciate their body; in fact, every girl is pretty in her own way.  Although some claim that media does not harm teens body image, in reality, it does. As a result, teens try to get an attractive physique, so they work extra hard and take pills to accelerate the time of achieving the “proportional” shape.


Media does harm on teens’ body image especially because of models’ perfect appearance. Therefore, teens cannot appreciate their own perfect appearance by looking at media pictures. According to The Image Retouch Artist, photographers use  sophisticated computer techniques to improve celebrities’ appearances.The evidence suggests that photoshop makes teens compare themselves to a model figure that will be impossible to achieve. Using photoshop will obviously make models even sexier, hotter, and skinnier, which makes teens have a higher expectation on themselves to be that way. consider that person is fat and works out to hard to get a dreamy shape, kinds of fatal obsession for those teens in the future are leading.In conclusion, media does harm teens by promoting images of perfection by photoshop that no real human can attain.  


Recently, media is known well on harming teens’ body image. As a result, teens try to get an appealing physique in a short amount of time. Teens tend to take pills, and also take steroids to build muscle in accelerated time. In Pumped Up, Marcos Cano argues that 78 percent of high school athletes tried to improve their bodies by taking supplements and using anabolic steroids. The evidence suggests that using anabolic steroids and taking supplements could lead into dangerous drug habits. If this does happen, teens’ high expectation on their future will be dark. Therefore, Media does harm teens’ body image by leading teens to take pills and use steroids to get the ideal body in a short amount of time.


On the other hand, some opponents argue that media also helps teens to be fitter since they want a dreamy body; they work out and change their diets into a healthier lifestyle. In Dying to be Thin, Marcos Cano argues that there are 68 percent of girls and 55 percent of guys are doing exercise to lose weight. Also 52 percent of girls, and 28 percent of guys dieted to lose their weight. This example is used to illustrate that guys and girls are trying to lose weight by exercising to stay in shape and to be healthy. However, this argument fails to consider that exercising to lose fat and also dieting to lose weight is good. Exercising too much could lead to a fatality that leads them to death and also dieted to lose weight is not good, since girls and boys could take pills that burn fats without working out; to stay in shape, guys use steroids and drink proteins. Basically, kids health is saying that about 5% of teen boys and 2.5% of teen girls have used some form of anabolic steroids, proteins, and taking supplements. The evidence indicates that drinking proteins, taking supplements, and use anabolic steroids could cause a dangerous drugs habits which again, could cause a fatal future. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that media are affecting the teens negatively.
To conclude, media does harm teens’ body image. Instead of building a healthy lifestyle, teens tend to take pills and steroids. Also, they workout severely which  could lead to fatality, in order accelerate the time .In fact, they dare to starve themselves to get a dreamy body that images in media show. Overall, teens should realize that images in media are retouched, they are not real. Teens should stop taking steroids and drinking pills and also, starving themselves; start a new healthy routine for a better future.

astronomy reflection

The topic that I chose for astronomy is Milky way. Since Milky way is consist of stars, I think that is amazing. Stars it self are already unique if Milky way are made because stars bonds together because of gravity, won’t it be more unique ? I guess that’s the only reason why I chose Milky Way as my topic in astronomy.

The first essential question that I have is what is Milky Way?
Milky way is the galaxy that we live in because we can find our solar system in it. Sun is one of the stars in Milky Way. Milky way is formed because of stars that bound together that creates galaxy. Also, Milky way is also very gassy and dusty, not only made because stars bonds together but also because of the dark matters that bonds together too. Milky way itself is almost as old as the universe, it’s age is 13.6 billion years. 90% of milky way is made up of dark matters and sun rotates around the milky while the earth rotates around the sun. Milky is about 80.000- 120.000 light years wide and 7000 light years wide. The milky way has a black hole in the central bulge which is called the Sagittarius A.

The second essential question that I have is Can we see Milky Way from earth with bare eyes?
Yes, we can see it with bare eyes but only by following the steps also, the calendar. You don’t call the Calendar as the normal calendar instead, you call it as the Moon phase calendar however, it’s not bright and not in every place you can see it.

The last essential question that I have is that Will the Milky Way collide with the Andromeda galaxy ?
The Andromeda galaxy is one of the biggest galaxy from the universe also, it’s the closest galaxy to the Milky Way. Based on NASA, it is predicted that in the next 4 billion years, they will collide together. While the Milky Way and Andromeda will bond together, nothing will happens to the stars since it is so far apart. Also, there are possibilities of human still living in the earth because it is predicted that in the next 1-2 billion years the earth will be so hot that water will boil and metals will melt. If people can survive through those days, they will also survive during the collision of Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy. Also, the collision is called as the Galactic Collision.

These answers from the essential questions are all that I learnt. If I get another chance to do this project again, I think I would pick other topic that is not mainstream so that people will actually learn something new rather than just emphasizing more information from what they learnt in their childhood. What I actually did good in this project I think is during me presenting it to others also, finding the right information.

Art Blog #1

No1: QUESTION: What other templates did you see when researching Printmaking?

other than using ziplock and create a background, we can use Styrofoam and draw on it to create the image that we want and put the ink all over it. We also can use wood that we carve and again roll the ink all over and also using a cardboard and hot glue gun

No2: QUESTION: What is a Monoprint?
Insert 2 samples and a photograph of yours.

Monoprint is a form of printmaking that has images or lines that can only be made once. There are many techniques of monoprinting. Examples of standard printmaking techniques which can be used to make monoprints include lithography, woodcut, and etching.


No 3: QUESTION: What is the difference between a 3 cut polystyrene print and a monoprint?
since mono means 1 so, monoprint is like a print which comes out as a image and 3 cut polystyrene print is like drawing the image that we want to the Styrofoam and cut the shape, we use it like a stamp.

No4: QUESTION: What surfaces can you print onto. Give examples.
I think, any flat surface would be possible. Such as; paper, cardboard, card, board.


IMG_1814 (1)

printmaking is usually making an artwork by printing and done on a paper.

From the three videos, I learnt about what is printmaking and also the tools and how much pressure you need to put on the paper or wood

Where I am from

Conical Hat:

The conical hat is where we express our self to draw what Vietnam actually means to them. I chose about a person who rides the canoe when dew fall starts to appear. Second of all, I chose about the colorful lanterns that glow in the dark. Last of all, I chose to use a picture that represents Ha Long Bay.

My goal for my hat last time was to express myself in it my using the colors that I chose and the techniques. I chose to use a both bright and black color in this hat just to make a good contrast and catchy colors. I chose to use blending the colors in together and also gradation to make the water especially looks like it’s flowing so, it will be realistic and also the sky, and mostly everything in it.


Canvas Painting:

My canvas painting was set in Jakarta, my hometwon. First of all, we go to google earth and find the place where we live in and screen shot it by editing it in SketchbookX. By then, go to Art rage to make your digital art by splatering colors paint it, add shapes and do what ever you like until you’re satisfied with the abstract art of digital painting where later you will paint it in the canvas. IMG_0581

In my canvas painting, I can say that my weaknesses was about mixing colors together that I eventually asked for my friend’s help. I think, my strength was about painting all the shapes and picking the nice dark bright colors that would go well with my personal perspective. I used the blending in colors and gradation again to create movement that would make my painting interesting. I think, I used a great time management in this painting because I finished it right in the moment. I used the toothbrush with splattering techniques to create a galaxy effect on my canvas art.


Digital art/ Global issue:

I am honestly enjoying my time on doing this job since then, I like to do stuff on iPad. In this part, we get to find a special global issue that occur in your country. After you find it, using some apps then create those word art and turn all of them in like a swift into an artwork. In this digital artwork again, you get to play with colors and designs. I think, the part that I like the most is that when you have to put the word designs that you made into a piece of art. In that part, you get to turn it into a design whatever you like.


Blog #1 art conical hat

First of all, my conical hat is just about Vietnam. The first angle is that about a man who’s on a canoe and like fishing when dew fall starts to appear. In my other angle, it’s all about the Ha long Bay, the ship and mountains. in the middle, there’s a bowl of pho that represents Vietnamese food. Last of all, there are the colorful lanterns that glows at night.

I can tell that I enjoyed my time doing the art work. I get play with colors and get to know what’s really inside Vietnam. In this artwork, I chose a soft, pastel colors and also dark bright colors. Especially as I put the base black for the lanterns to make the bright colors that I pick stand out than the others. Also, I chose to used a bright and black colors in the first angle to kind of like make a good contrast in it. Last of all in the Ha Long Bay, I chose to do a very blue, greenish, chocolate color just because the real picture in the internet used that color.


blog #2

Abstract art means art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but seeks to achieve its effect using shapes, forms, colors, and textures. In the art class after we finishes our hat we started to make a abstract paintings.

I like these 4 pictures because, they’re dynamic and uses a very cheerful color with using some stroke techniques and splatter one’s. In my perspective, abstract art thats in this passage is really unique. 

Abstract-Art-25-HD-Screensavers Abstract-Art-Gerard-Striche-3 images (4) images (5)


I’m not done yet with my digital art project but I strongly am gonna choose my first one because it uses a great perspective of location and colors. I really like it. I think, what makes abstract art appealing from others is that it has to use a both stand out and none- stand out color to make it really unique and different from others.  


abstract art

Why did the rich want art?-  the rich people wants abstract arts to show their status of being a rich people after the renaissance. 

What movement began in 1870?- In 1870, the movement of impressions start to develop in France. 

What was their purpose/technique used that made them different?- they used visible brush strokes which there’s a chance in light. Colors are different which when we see closely the colors are blending together nicely. 

Which movement was after Impressionism? Who were 2 artists?-After the impressions start to develop, new arts start to begin and they called it as the post impressions. The artist were known as the wild beast which one of them is Henry Mentist. 

Abstract art has                                    subject.- Abstract art actually don’t have a really recognizable subject. 

Abstract art is called non-representational art because….- Abstract are usually called a non- representational because it could be geometric, and figurative which usually represents emotions which we can see from the movement of color 

How can this type of art generate an emotional response? – This typical of art could generate emotions from its messiness. 

Is your work Abstract? Why? What emotions do you think your art triggers?   What was one thing you learnt from the video?      – I think, in my digital art work, It has emotions in it because I used various of colors. Well, from the video it taught me that Abstract doesn’t have to look like anything really because it can comes from shapes, texture, and also colors.                    


Blog #3 science

Building a vehicle without using our body force is hard. We took a lot of time to think what kind of force should we use. However, we learned that it takes a lot of tries to make the vehicle successfully work. We tried making six different prototypes, and all of them didn’t work like how we planned. For the first few we did, we tried making a balloon vehicle with a can but it didn’t work functionally well, so after that we tried rubber band vehicles, and we used tutorials online. After we finished constructing the vehicles that were rubber band powered, we tested it out, and it did not work just like previous trials. But after our final idea of making a cardboard balloon vehicle as a last minute solution, it finally worked and met the requirements of the assignment. If we had a chance to redo this assignment, we would change how many prototypes we design. Instead of taking time to come up with a lot of new ideas, we would focus on one specific design and modify it to meet the requirements and rubric. 
 We learned just how important Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion applies when we’re building the prototypes. A lot of factors affected the way our vehicle worked, and if it would move or not and all of them related to Newton’s Laws of Motion so it was very hard.

Screenshot from 2014-12-15 20:06:00