The Super Computer

In this unit Thinking Outside The Box we made a prototype that can be used to save energy. Our prototype is called the Super Computer. The energy problem that we are trying to solve is people are wasting too much energy on computers. Our solution is when you come close it turns on and if you play too long it shuts down. Hope you enjoy our prototype!


Viable Vietnam

The Viable Vietnam unit was amazing we got to make documentaries, go on a Week Without Walls (WWW), and we had a film festival. Our documentary turned out amazing we worked very hard on it. The WWW is for taking footage. The day of the film festival all the documentary were on the screen. Then we had delicious Vietnamese food. Here is my documentary: 

My Winter Break

This Winter Break I stayed home but did a lot of things. I had my parents 10th Anniversary and got to stayed at that hotel too. I had my family reunion from America, and Germany. I also watched the fireworks in new year eve. For my parents anniversary I danced some songs for my parents. In my family reunion I got to play with my cousin and a lot of my family members. I had a wonderful winter break.

Thinking about Literacy

In this unit we had this thing called book partnerships where we had a partner to divide sections and then read a section and write a reading reaponse for your partner to read. Then when it’s the day where we meet we have a conversation about the book. Finally, we read our partner’s reading response and respond to them. My partner was Sam, and we read the book ” We The Children”. The book partnership helped me understand the book more.

While we are doing that Mr Stevens had lessons about puntuation, and it made my writing much better.

The Heart Of Exploring Celebration

Today we had our Unit The Heart Of Exploring Celebration. We had 4 stations Service Expo, Drama, Music, and Art. For service expo I showed what I’m going to do to show Dedicated Service. My mom and dad liked my idea. Next is Drama which is my favorite I performed my joke play. I performed in 2 play too. After that we went to music. We performed with our whacky instuments then we tought our parents how to play. Finally I went to art I explored different mediums with my parents. I had a fun day today.


Unit 2: Math

jThis Math unit was about multiplication and division. Our learning standards were factors and mutiples, mutyplying and dividing big numbers, Multiplying and dividing in word problems, and memorizing multiplication and division facts. On my test I got 100%! I was so suprised I was like no way. I was really proud. This is the first time I got 100% on my test I had to work very hard here is all of my work and my reflection sheet.

Living Wax Museum

I researched about Neil Armstrong. My explorer had a posotive impact on the world. I enjoyed the living wax museum because I did pretty well and I had good props. I found writing the speech difficult because I had to add more craft. I learning a lot about my explorer!!! But overall I liked the living wax museum.