Unit 1: Math

In this math unit we learned about rounding, comparing numbers, Place value, adding subtracing numbers, and different forms of numbers. We did a lot of activities in this unit including Number talks, and making card games. Also, we had a math website called Khan academy. We had assignments on the website and our 4th grade mission. I am proud of my addition and subtracting with algorithm. I can add and subtract very fast. Then we also learned how to compare big numbers. In Place value we had a x10 model it made me very easy to understand place value. We also learned different kinds of forms for example in standered form is 143. in expanded form its 100 + 40 +3. In word form it’s one hundred and forty three. Finally, at the end of the unit I got a good test score I got 94% correct. I am proud of my test score. This was a big unit I learned alot of things.


My Khan academy mission progress

My test score

My x10 model

G4 Made History

This year on October 5 Grade 4 made history by having the first sleepover at SSIS. First we did some activities. We played tag games. Next we went out for dinner. I ate at a korean resteraunt. When we went back we did wine down activities, I played silent ball and wink murder. Then we went to bed. that night it was easy for me to sleep. I felt very happy that we have the sleepover I hope we have this sleepover again. 

G4 Talk Reflection

What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? We had to perform a presantation with a partner in a TED talk style.
How did you feel before you went on stage? I was freaking out, nervous, and excited I had alot of feelings.
How did you feel during your performance? When we just started I felt nervous then when it was in the middle I felt more confident.
How did your feel after your performance? I felt happy and I kept wanting to go again.
How do you think you did overall? I did pretty good job.
What are two things you did well and are proud of? I didn’t look at the screen that much and I spoke clearly and loudly.
What is two things you thought you could do differently? I could use more gestures and don’t wave my hands around.

I want to thank Ms Sylvester for teaching me how to write a speech.

Sleep with Mrs. S

This week Ms Sylvester tought us about sleep, Mindfulness, and yoga. When we were learning about sleep she tought us about how to get a good sleep, what will happen if we don’t get enough sleep. she also tought us how to do mindfulness. The last I did was do some yoga. I enjoyed doing yoga the most. I still want to know how does mindfulness help keep us awake.




Body Systems

This week in school we learned about body systems. All the Grade 4 teachers and Ms Fox set up some activities for the body systems.

An important fact I learned was the heart pumps blood to the whole body

The most interesting activity was the nervous system because we get to play fun games

I had a hard time with learning about the bones because it was kind of hard to learn

I would still like to learn the digestive system because it is interesting and I want to learn more

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems so I can understand what is good for me and what is bad.

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Friday, February 24, 2017

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Topic: The last 2 weeks

The last 2 weeks have been busy. We started observing, we had buddies, and went on some nature walks . When we were observing we saw a giant lizard that we took a picture of. With our buddy we helped them make a M & M graph, then we got to eat the M & Ms !Walking on the nature walk we saw a cool toad.

Unit 3: Understanding Our Environment ‘s Post on Monday, February 13, 2017

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Topic: Nature tales

This week has been a crazy week. In break Andrew built a base 10 block tower. We had our Unit 3 launch. For our launch we had some visitors who are Ms Fox, Mr Choi, Ms Ronzetti, and Jane Goodall. We saw a dead owl I think it is a barn owl. We also watched a basketball game with our buddy.