For our final super unit we talked about energy and how to save energy. Energy is made from fossil fuels, there is only a limited amount of fossil fuel. We had to make a prototype of our idea that will save energy. Our prototypes name is SoundTvee. Our group name is The T(hree)Vs. We chose this idea because around SSIS there are many T.Vs that are always on even though there are no people watching. The T.Vs are there to tell you what is going on around SSIS.  We used Humming Bird and Scratch to make this prototype. We also did some coding and a MacBook. Watch our video to see what our prototype does!

Viable Vietnam

When we had our Viable Vietnam unit, we went on lots of field trips. We made documentaries! My documentary was about riding a cyclo (xich lo). It took us 8 weeks to finish a two minute documentary! We had to get some footage by going outside and taking some pictures.  We worked in groups of four, together we made awesome documentaries! We had a film festival so we had to dress up fancy!

Fraction Cookies

We learned how to make cookies and also how to double  fractions! We used the numbers which are fractions from the recipe and double it, like this: 1/8 + 1/8=2/8  another way 2 x 1/8= 2/8   The cookies were no bake cookies, that means that you won’t need to bake it. So you would put it in the fridge for 2 days! It tastes just like cookie dough with chocolate chips! It was DELICIOUS!

This is our cookie dough!


Thinking About Literacy

1. Describe what book partnerships are. Who was your partner? What book did you read? What was the process? What did you learn?                                  Book Partnerships are when you and your partner which will be your book partner choose a just right book. My partner was Emily, and we read the book called “Bridge To Terabithia”.  We both spilt our book into 3 sections. Then we read until the first section then write our reading response. After that, respond  back to the reading response your partner sent you. Keep doing this until you go to the third reading response and respond back. You can also write questions, wonderings, predictions and more! This helped me  write my reading response By typing a reading response, it helps me to remember what happened  in the book, and what were the characters in the book.
2. Think about your writing. Since we started thinking about punctuation and compound sentences, how has your writing improved?                                     My writing has improved by having more punctuation and more compound sentences. Compound sentences help make my writing more interesting!This is my last reading response!

Unit 2 Celebration Post

Today was our Unit 2 Celebration! We had done lots of things with our parents. We had a Service Expo and showed them our infographics. An infographic is a piece of paper with information and pictures, which we made because we wanted to help the community.

Next we preformed  our drama plays which was a story joke play. That was the classes favorite thing we did today! The parents also really enjoyed 

Then we went to the auditorium and played our wacky instrument that we made with our whole class. All of them were made out of PVC pipes, and sounded really nice!

Last but not least, we went to art, my favorite class. I showed my parents how to do a  Jelly printing and painting with Water Colors! I liked the Jelly printing the most!Us in Drama! 

Math Unit 2

In school we learned 7 types of math standards that are in Unit 2. How we prepared for the test was by having a ice cream challenge! A ice cream challenge is when you learn your multiplication and division. Then your teacher will test you and see if you got it! If you get your 1,2,5,10 time tables you get a bowl, 3 time tables is spoon and 4 time tables is ice cream! There’s  more, 6,7,8 and 9’s. On the day we eat the ice cream, you will earn what you get! You can also do your division after you finish your multiplication, here I did not do my division because I didn’t have time!

My IB Art Buddy

When I went to the High School art room, We found a  High School buddy. His name was Tung, He showed us his artwork. He drew pigeons as a symbol of peace. I liked his drawing because it looks calming and peaceful.

We also asked questions like

Q: Can you make art out of anything?

A: Mostly yes!

I liked the High School art room because the artwork that the High School made looks very good!


Living Wax Museum

We had a living wax museum in school! What is a living  wax museum you may ask? It is when someone chooses a famous person to act like! How I acted was I had to stay still until someone comes and press my button, then I come alive and talk about my person! When you talk, you can also use the accent of your person and dress up like them, oh and I forgot, you also need to research about your person! I researched about Helen Keller, she was an amazing person! What I found difficult was to memorize my speech, because it was kind of long! I enjoyed the living wax museum because I get to talk about Helen Keller. Something interesting I learned was that Helen Keller wanted to change the world even if she was blind and deaf! My person had a positive impact on the world because she wanted to help the disabled people!