Living Wax Museum

We had a living wax museum in school! What is a living  wax museum you may ask? It is when someone chooses a famous person to act like! How I acted was I had to stay still until someone comes and press my button, then I come alive and talk about my person! When you talk, you can also use the accent of your person and dress up like them, oh and I forgot, you also need to research about your person! I researched about Helen Keller, she was an amazing person! What I found difficult was to memorize my speech, because it was kind of long! I enjoyed the living wax museum because I get to talk about Helen Keller. Something interesting I learned was that Helen Keller wanted to change the world even if she was blind and deaf! My person had a positive impact on the world because she wanted to help the disabled people!

Art Class

In Art class, I learned how to do a Jelly Print. What you do is you paint on the piece of clear silicone. When you paint you have to make sure that the paint doesn’t dry! Because if it is then your paper will stick on the jelly and you can’t pull it out!  After you have finished painting, you can put on the piece of paper! Then press down for 30 seconds, now peel your paper of… And your done!


Amelia Earhart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

The world, different oceans and airplanes!

What motivated her to explore?

By being brave to ride an airplane around the world, and and also to be the first woman to fly a airplane!

What characteristics did she show?

She was kind of a dare devil, a heroine, brave and tomboy.

How did she go about exploring?

By flying to many places in the world!

Unit 1: Math

This is all of our strategies!

In this unit we learned lots of things like rounding large number to any place, comparing two large numbers using symbols, to understand a whole number, a digit in one place is 10 times the place to the right, add and subtract large numbers and read and write large numbers using numbers, words and in expanded form. When we had our math test, it had 61 questions. The questions were all about all the things I mentioned in the first place! We had the same test at the begging of the year, when we all did not understand what the test was all about! I had no idea how to do it, but if you didn’t know how to answer the questions, and  what the questions meant then you could put a question mark. I had put a lot of them because I had no idea how to do it. Then after we did the test we the teacher taught us how to do all of these things.  months later we had the same old test again. Now we all knew what the questions meant and how to do it, we all got through the test with ease! Weeks later we got our scores back from the first test and the second test. We all looked at the first test, then the second. some scores from the first test were below ten percent. Our second test was over fifty percent!

We Made History!

How we made history is by having a fourth grade sleepover!  We played games like Cyclops tag, chines whispers and toilet tag! After that we went across the street for dinner. We could eat Japanese food, Vietnamese food and Korean food. I ate at Master beef witch is from Japan, I really liked the food there but I couldn’t finish all my food because there was too much to eat! After we all finished eating we went back to school and played more games in different classrooms. I played Thumbs up 7 up, four corners, wink murder and silent ball. Then at 8:30 we came back to our classes. Some of the boys will stay one classroom and the other boys will stay in the other classroom, it is also same for the girls. After that we played some games then at 9:30 we went to bed!

G4 Talks

         What did you do in the auditorium for the G4 Talk? Describe it.  We did a TED Talk, but we called it G4 Talks. A TED Talk is when a person goes on stage and talks about something that people want to know more about
How did you feel before you went on stage? We were all nervous and exited!
How did you feel during your performance? After saying a few sentences I felt much more better!
How did your feel after your performance? I was proud of myself because I was always very shy to do public speaking!
How do you think you did overall? I think that I did a good job 1
What are two things you did well and are proud of? I didn’t look at the screen and also I had lots of gestures!
What is one thing you thought you could do differently? Smile more!

Yoga In Class

In class, we did yoga and the body scan with Mrs. Sylvester!

How we did the body scan was the teacher put the body scan on. We all lied down on the floor with a Yoga mat. The body scan was a app that when you use it, it will teach you what to do! It said that we had to breath in and out!

It was really relaxing and I almost fell asleep!

Next we did Yoga, Mrs. Sylvester put on a video called Yoga for kids! It had lots of Yoga poses! It was also really fun and it make you feel better!

Body Systems

This week the whole 4th grade had Mini Medical School, we all did awesome things, like play games touch a heart, lungs and chicken wings. we all had lots of thing to learn about! All the of the teachers had a different subject like: Respiratory System, Digestive System, Nervous  System and  Musculo-Skeletal System! It was really interesting!

An important fact I learned was that the heart was very important  to the body, also the brain!

The most interesting activity was Digestive System, because it was very interesting watching how the food digests. Did you know that our intestine is 11 ft? And my second favorite activity was the Nervous System! Because we played a game called Deers and Wolfs!

I had a hard time with watching the disection with the pig heart and lungs.

I would still like to learn about the brain and digestive system.

I think it’s important for me to learn about body systems because we would know what would happen if you eat lots of sugary snacks and junk food!

Unit 1-Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Tuesday, December 13, 2016

We have been learning about simple machines and how they make work easier.Just for fun we built a Rube Goldberg machines.
Rube Goldberg machines are opposite of a simple machine.
They are complicated machines that do a simple task.Our Rube Goldberg machine has 3 simple machines,2 inclined planes and a leaver.