Graphic Novel Self-analyzation

Even though these two parts are located in two different parts of my comic, I used similar techniques for all 4 panels. These were all used to emphasize the feel or mood.

In the panel at the very top, I used the extreme close-up shot to give it a more sinister feel. In this, we are able to keep the total face hidden and I think it adds a more mysterious and intriguing feel.

In the second panel, we are able to see Ralph’s strong and large hands let go of Sue’s fragile and dainty ones. This focuses on how she depends on him to save her and to be by her side in this time of need.

The bottom two panels the differences we made to emphasize the shock and horror in Sue’s eyes. The eye gets bigger and we get close to the eye so we can she that once she does release where she is she is shocked and scared.

Science 8 SLC


Talking Point Explanation Points  
What do you think will happen (hypothesis)?  

  • What do you think is going to happen when I blow in between these two balloons?




Do the demo (procedure, observations).
  • I have to put the laptop somewhere where I can easily see it. I make sure the balloons are at a good distance apart. I have to make sure I blow in between the balloons so they both move.
Why did it happen (conclusion)?  

  • When we blow air between the two balloons, the air pressure is lowered.
  • As a result, the pressure acting on the other sides of the balloons is much stronger.
  • This forces the balloons to come together, rather than apart


Final ecodome day 27

Final Competition ecodome

For my final ecodome I made a few different changes. As you can see in the picture, I used 7 different plants and I got them from the same area that I got the ones from before. I also took a bit of soil from each place where I got the plant. I think this was a good idea as I know they should be able to stay alive for a long time as they were doing healthy in that particular patch of soil. So they would not have to change to the new soil. I also used more rocks than I had previously planned. This was for elevation as I noticed that my cricket enjoyed staying on top of the highest rock. I put in loads of plants as I saw that the crickscreen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-50-03-amet was feeding on them. There were big chucks missing in it. Most of the plants are relatively small though so I can still make my observations easily. I also put some extra food in there but refrained from putting too much as they have a tendency to grow mould. I used a lot of aspects from my previous ecodome as, it was my best ecodome so far.screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-10-50-21-am

Ecodome( Day 11-12)

Day 11 and 12

Observations of ecodome:


  • 2/2 grasshoppers died.
  • 2/3 plants died.
  • A lot of condensation formed around the sides of the ecodome. They supplied water for the grasshoppers and the plants.
  • A small bit of the food was eaten as observed by looking as the fresh plants.


  • There was mold on the dead plants.
  • one plant stayed very healthy.
  • One or two new plants grew


  • Died of overheating
  • Possibly from the mould from he dead plants.


How have other people made ecodomes?

The majority of the people kept their ecodome indoors and away from sunlight. It also says to do this on a few websites I have come across.

What is needed to provide sustainability to all organisms?

One of the plants survived so I might need to be more careful with them or either give them more water as they are needed for the survival of the insect.

How much of each material is needed?

I am going to use a larger amount of seeded soil as the the plant in it survived and stayed relatively healthy along with possibly 1 quarter of a beaker more water around the plants.

 Changes I am going to make in next one

Art Final Reflection

1. Show/insert your final layered alliteration page.  Describe what you did on the page and give your opinion of the final piece. What do you like the most about it? Why? How well did the NY student’s work fit in?


In the final alliteration page I painted the background along with drawing and coloring the mermaids, mushroom, the monster, rocks, ship , the plants and the meerkat. I like the final piece but, I think i could have done better with details with the background. I like the verse the most because it looks very professional. we had some issues putting it in first but later it was okay.

2. Show/Insert your other jobs (anything extra you did for the book) ie research, drawings, layering 3 animals/ cover. Discuss what was easy and what was challenging. What are you proud of and how have your skills grown?


I drew a fish for the letter X and I also did the research for the letter G and X. I found the research relatively easy and I got better with coloring when I was drawing the fish. This was because it was so colorful. Im proud of my coloring and my writing skills.

3. Explain what you did for your publicity job, add a screenshot/link/photo. (ie donation boxes, banners, letters to the school, book launch)

I did the article for the school website or ENews. I liked the layout and I went though the article a few times to make sure it looked as we had written it and put effort into it.

4. How did you feel about the Skype call?

I enjoyed it but, it seemed a slight bit unorganized. It was fun to learn more about them. It was very fun overall.

5. Add a screenshot of the shop. Discuss what do you think of our final shop? How will you promote it?

I think the school looks pretty and professional and advertises our book very well. It explains our purpose for making the book and tells of the work and time we put into it.

Ecodome( Day 25-26)

Day 25 and 26

The cricket stayed alive for nearly who whole weeks this time as I put it in around the  start of the week without walls and it died on the 8th out of the blue.

Observations of cricket ecodome:


  • 1/1 cricket died
  • 1/4 plants died
  • 2 new plants
  • lasted nearly two weeks


  • The plants stayed alive better in the soil which had seeds in it.screen-shot-2016-12-12-at-9-05-52-pm
  • Plants who lived stayed relatively healthy probably from the, being in the class.
  • The cricket was very jumpy and moved a lot so I think it was relatively healthy till the end.
  • I think that keeping it inside helped a lot.


  • I have no clue what the cause of death might be but, it was laying on its back when I first saw it dead.


Video of Conclusion


How have other people made ecodomes?

  • Others had more food.
  • Some people put in oats.
  • A few people used bits of corn for growing plants.
  • Some people who’s insect also stayed alive used more water.

Art Blog Quarter 2

NY&VN collaboration task

1. When this task was introduced to you what were your first thoughts, reactions? Why?

My first thought was that this was going to be an extremely complicated but interesting and new project for me. I thought this as I have never done something similar to it before.

2. What are you excited the most about the collaboration unit? 

I am most excited about creating art I am happy about with somebody from across the world who I do not even know.

3. a) Explain how you have been connecting with your buddy?

We have been using edmodo and making our padlets. Getting responses takes a while but, most of the time communication flows easily.

    b) What is your buddy’s name and what did you learn about them?

My buddy’s name is Samantha and I know that she enjoys reading books and anime and she likes the color blue just like I do!

    c) What similarities or differences did you notice between you and your buddy?

We both had similar interests in leisure activities but, I noticed that she is more experienced in art than I am.

4. How has (will) your drawing/learning been (be) effected because of the collaboration so far? (for example are you working differently because you are working with someone else?)

I have to ask before making decisions and ask for opinions to make sure they are both okay with the ideas I have for the page. It makes sense as it is our page.

5.  a)What did you think about Graeme Base writing to us? 

I thought that is was really awesome that we could contact the person who created the book that our whole task was inspired by and him taking the time to write us back. It was interesting getting his own personal thoughts and facts on his own book and his view on our task.

     b) What did you learn from his letter? 

I learned a lot more facts about the book and his preferences on how he did the art. I think it will be helpful while picking was materials we use to do our own to make it look similar. It was also interesting to find out how long it took him and how hard it was for him to do. he did the book all by himself while we are doing only a page per group.

     c) Describe what you think of his book.

I think the book has beautiful illustration. I also like the idea of the book . Animals doing everyday human things. I think these two factors are only a few of the reasons why the book is still so popular with both children and adults. From what he shows us in the book he has an extremely creative mind.

6. What challenges have you faced so far?

I had a hard time picking our main animal and our verse but, we figured it out eventually. I am pretty happy with it and we have all agreed on using it. The biggest problem was the communication because if I wanted to change something we had to get it approved by Samantha before we went on and did it.

ELA Quarter 2 Research Paper Reflection

I have had a hard time this quarter even though  this was supposed to be the least stressful quarter. I have had both really good parts and horrible parts though the horrible parts are concentrated around the end of the quarter. My biggest success this quarter was doing the body paragraphs for this research paper. I think I did a good point in getting my point across while giving explanations without stressing about it. I have a very good understanding of my topic both because of knowing a slight bit of it before as it was a big part on Indian history and because of the notecards.

The biggest difficulty was when I had to either do the notecards without used biased information or when I had to write the rest of the paper. This was mostly because of having other homework or projects to do and not managing my time well.  I had a hard time getting much sleep so I could finish my assignments and then the next day I was too drained to be able to be productive. At one point I just did not even care about my grade but when I started get some more sleep my mood got better. The reason I had a hard time with writing the rest of the paper was because I usually have a very hard time with conclusions and introductions. I never know what to write. This is definitely something I have to work on.

If I had to do it again, I would definitely manage my time better so I could make it easier for myself while getting enough sleep.  If I had managed or organized my work I know I would have done a much better job and be able to say that I was completely satisfied with my research paper. I also wanted to work on writing a better ” so what now?” part for my conclusion. I feel like if I had thought harder I would have a better conclusion.

Research Paper Document