Caravelle Hotel Reflection

Did you know that yesterday April 19 2018 we went to the 5 star hotel in Saigon called Caravelle Hotel. First we went to the presenting room they showed us there electricity bills and water bills. Next we went to the waste treatment place for water. Then we went to the AC system and  the heating system. After that we went to see the cooling system. Lastly we went to the roof top of the hotel then we went to the roof top bar.

In the roof top bar we ate hamburgers, sausage rolls, fruit sticks, and we drank juice we never knew the hotel has metal straws. Our tour guide was the manager of the hotel his name is Mr. Khoa. The fact that I like about the hotel is the only hotel treats the trash before  the hotel reuses the items in the trash. The hotel has about 365 guest rooms and 500 staffs so the electricity bills are about 2 billion VND and the water bill is about 2 billion VND also.

Documentary reflection!!!

I really liked my documentary because our group really worked hard for it and it turned out great! So we were proud of our documentary in the film festival we also had a lot of fun I think if I would do it again I would get better photos, and more time to work on it so it will be better. I also liked the other documentaries to it was very watching them when we got to eat the food I really liked the soup.

After the film festival when we went home we felt very tired but the work we did made us proud some of us felt happy that night was very tough for most of us some of us have soccer or swimming so it was extra tough for us on that day a few of us just came for food which was a bit funny. The next day most of us were were talking about last night because it was fun.


Incase you did not come to the film festival this is our documentary



Viable Vietnam Launch!!!


First we went to the auditorium in there we first went to the fish sauce station we learned how to make fish sauce we sorted the photos of the steps to make fish sauce we got it right the first try the we tasted 3 different kinds of fish sauce with pork it was vey tasty and fun. We went to the áo dài station we learned how to make áo dài then we sorted the photos of the steps to make áo dài we got it right on the first try then we watched a video on how to make áo dài. Next we went to the Vietnamese traditional musical instrument station in there we learned how to make, and play the sáo trúc we also got time to mess around with it, so was very fun.

Next we went to the Vietnamese traditional games station we played is Cờ ô quan it is a traditional game about witch kingdom gets the most crop the kingdom with the most crop wins we had 30 seconds to play it was not fun. Then we went to the rice farming station we learned about how to plant rice, the legend of rice and how to make rice we got to eat rice at the end of the launch it was tasty with fish sauce. Lastly we went to the nón lá station we learned how to make nón lá, what nón lá is used for it is used for sun protection, a basket, and rain protection. I think the Viable Vietnam Launch was very fun I liked it a lot I hope that we get to have more interesting things in the Viable Vietnam super unit.

Exploration Stations Reflection

So this is my Exploration Stations Reflection so the first thing I’m reflecting on music. We explored wacky instruments like the Boingers the J pipes the ballooners and the 5 tube drums which is the hard one to play and make.

Next we went to art we explored some art stations, and being art teachers also we did more stop motion videos, play dough models, paper mache, jelly plates, and painting we enjoyed it a lot it was very fun and cool.

Then we went to our classroom to show our infographic on thats where we made it we worked very hard on it, so it turned out great.

Lastly we went to drama where we preform our joke plays like Running From The Cops, Pink Elephant, The Genie, The Airplane, and Where’s Your House I liked the Where’s Your House one the most because the police got rekt.


Living Wax Museum Reflection

I enjoyed the living museum because it was fun to research about Thomas Alva Edison, and a bit about Nikola Tesla to know more about Thomas Alva Edison.

I found difficult with this project because there was to much to remember, and learn to know all about your explorer, and remembering the script because practice is to much like remembering.

I used to think that Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, but now I know he invented the first commercially practical incandescent light, and Joseph Wilson Swan created the first working light bulb.

I liked Thomas Alva Edison because he created the light bulb that can last longer than Joseph Wilson Swan’s light bulb which last, for 48 hours comparing to Edison’s Swan will lose, for sure.                                                        

Amelia Earhart!


What did Amelia Earhart explore? She explored what it feels like to be a women pilot.

What motivated her to explore? People saying that a women couldn’t fly a plane and say that flying is too risky for women.

What characteristics did she show? bravery.

How did she go about exploring? flying a plane.

So now do you think that women can fly a plane?