Living Wax Museum Reflection

I enjoyed the living museum because it was fun to research about Thomas Alva Edison, and a bit about Nikola Tesla to know more about Thomas Alva Edison.

I found difficult with this project because there was to much to remember, and learn to know all about your explorer, and remembering the script because practice is to much like remembering.

I used to think that Thomas Alva Edison was the inventor of the light bulb, but now I know he invented the first commercially practical incandescent light, and Joseph Wilson Swan created the first working light bulb.

I liked Thomas Alva Edison because he created the light bulb that can last longer than Joseph Wilson Swan’s light bulb which last, for 48 hours comparing to Edison’s Swan will lose, for sure.                                                        

Amelia Earhart!


What did Amelia Earhart explore? She explored what it feels like to be a women pilot.

What motivated her to explore? People saying that a women couldn’t fly a plane and say that flying is too risky for women.

What characteristics did she show? bravery.

How did she go about exploring? flying a plane.

So now do you think that women can fly a plane?

G4 Talk Reflection

I think that I was good on stage because I think I had eye contact and I also have confidence on the stage I’d also used gestures including the determined gesture I think next time I should not look at the script to much and not be that nervous because my parents will be happy and they were there cheering for me another thing I think I should speak more clearly and louder a bit so next year I will suggest the third graders to be confident, have more eye contact, gestures and practicing at home I would like the third graders to practice all the time at home, be better than me in the G4 talks and not move around a lot like me. I also want the third graders to listen to my tip or suggestion and maybe do better than my tips, so there parents can be very proud, happy and maybe the third graders will also suggest the second graders to do the same thing. 


Screen time


      Screen time is not good for you or your brain.


Screen time when you sleep is bad for you because it makes your brain think it is the day time because the light of the sun is the same as the screen’s light.

                             The glimfatic system

The glimfatic system is a system that cleans your brain it pumps chemicals up to your spinal cord and to your brain.

The glymfatic system

only works when you’re

sleeping so thats why sleeping is

good for you because

it cleans your brain and

make you memorise stuff.

         REMEMBER SLEEP!!!





Smoking is bad for you because it is 50% tobacco and 20% recon and 30% tobacco dust swept from the factory floor. 

Tobacco is bad for you because it has nicotine, tar, carbon dioxide and ammonia hydroxide and ammonium.

The worst about smoking is it’s chemicals that can make the chance of getting lung cancer, heart attack and strokes. It can damage your skin and make you breath harder and fill your brain with nicotine.

Unit 2: Understanding Others ‘s Post on Monday, January 23, 2017

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This week we learned 2-step math problems.

Problem: Minh received $23 lucky money for Tet. His
friend received twice that. How much lucky money
did they received altogether?

Before I struggled and took longer to solve 2-step problems.

After I took less time to solve 2-step problems because I learned how to solve a 2-step problem.

My goal is to take less time to solve 2-step problems.