Chair Sculptures

`During this quarter in art, we have started on designing our new project in art. We were supposed to come up with as many ideas as possible to come up with a theme for our chair sculptures. To me, I think that the easy thing about this project is to come up with the ideas because technically we could use whatever theme we want. The part that is going to be challenging is going to be the part where we have to decide on what kind of design we would want to put into our sculpture because I think that that part is going to be the most important part since it decides how your sculpture is going to look like.

Some of the ideas that came up in my mind were:
Alice in wonderland
Paper lanterns + lalaland
Roman Holiday
Creepy crawlers
Brave (Disney Movie)
New York

With all these ideas, I first decided to work with the roman holiday, but then I realized that I could not create a different design for each chair (planning) so I had decided to incorporate the theme of swamps and creepy crawlers into my chair sculpture. When designing, we were supposed to sketch out a few different ideas to get an idea of what we want. It is important to plan out a few ideas because we don’t always have one idea when the sketches are made, we could see the different perspectives and could use those ideas to make and improve our planning.

To me, I am really looking forward to making and sculpting my sculpture. To test out the different materials and style of sculpting, and to work and try out new ideas.

As you shown from my design, you can see that there is going to be an alligator on the back of the chair, acting as if it is crawling onto the chair. Then, I have done research on what types of trees grow in swamps and is planning to use them in my sculpture.

Here are some of the sketches that I made for the planning of my sculpture:

We were required to find a video that is relevant to our sculpture, so I thought that a tutorial on making crocodile skin is the most relevant since my biggest element is the crocodile.

This is a technique to make crocodile skin out of glue, and I will try it on my crocodile after I finish plastering the body. The technique also works with the python/snake that I’m going to create after my crocodile. I had also found a website that shows us how to create the scales of the crocodile, which I am going to apply the two techniques to my crocodile sculpture.

Link to my Pinterest boards: Animals details , Sculpture

Video recording process:
1st class

Video 1

2nd class:

Throughout the classes, I have been forming my crocodile with rolled up and crunched up newspaper to create the desired shape of the crocodile and had held the sculpture up with masking tape and hot glue to attach the pieces together. Then, I have used hot glue to make the scales of my crocodile. The results had come out better than I had expected, as to how the hot glue had a really professional and realistic look.

For the next 10 classes, I am going to:

1. Continue making the snake and hot gluing the scales of the crocodile


Here is what I got done in the recent classes:

This is what I did so far in class:

Looking back at 10 weeks ago, I am pretty proud of how put together and organized my sculpture is. I am also pretty amazed of how much sculpture i did and how from only newspaper had became a crocodile.

Some of the main elements that i had applied onto my sculpture is texture, mass, and lines. And if i had to choose one of the most important or stood out element in my sculpture then it would be texture because my chair posses a different variety of textures and when you look at it the main features would be how texturized my crocodile is.

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