Robotics and Coding 7

What I couldn’t have done before but now I can:

The reason I picked Robotic & Coding was because I never experienced before so I figure there would be a lot of problem waiting for me throughout the year. After all, I was correct and I did come to a lot of problem during classes but one of the most major problem was that I wasn’t really familiar with the coding and didn’t know where it was and didn’t know how each one was. But over the time and with the help of Andy, I was able to improve and actually help my group and without slowing the group down. Then, I had to put the skills to the test when we start with the HummingBird kit and the Scratch coding. For me, it felt like stepping into a brand new world again but thanks to the experience from last time, I was able to adapt and get used to it pretty quickly and helped my group to create the project we where supposed to do at the start. We then put our knowlege to the test again when we had to do the mores code which thankfully, I had some knowledge to. This time, I was able to work quite fluentlly with the group and created the code quite quickly and got a decent mark for it. Now looking back, I realised I was actually quite good at it and got A+ for everything except for one. I am also pretty good at all the 123dDesign project and make it looked like the real thing. One thing I’ll just have to worry about is probably the fact that I should be more careful, with the size and measure it before printing because I don’t want to end up with a 3mm poke-ball. I should also, get into the habit of checking everything after I’m done in order to avoid any stupid mistake that normally causes a lot mark loss. Now, I am able to create complex codes, and could create all the assignment that will be assign for me and my group.

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