Day 7-Ecodome


This is our eco dome, ready to be put into the test with the crickets

Today we opened up our eco dome to observe and released the crickets that we had. So far, from what we can see, I noticed two really weird scenario. One of the cricket was dead for unknown reasons but then on the other hand, one is alive and healthy even though they live in the sameĀ place. We can also see that some of the leaves has cuts as if it have been eaten a lot by the crickets.


Here is our cricket (Bob) running around still healthy

Base on the data that we gathered from the past few day, we can see that it is better to have one since having two didn’t really affect the other survival rate. Thus, we decided to have only one cricket since it will have more food and more space which in turn increases survival rate. We also saw one weird thing, the water didn’t seem to decrease nor moving which meant that they didn’t really drink that much. Also, there is a lot of water produced by the tree from condensation and photosynthesis.

I did some research on the eco dome and found out that the ground and plant should be a little moist before sealing it since cricket live in that habitat and plant can grow easier with water already there. We were also thinking about adding seed to the eco dome for new plants that we don’t have access to. I will start bringing plants from home to increase the biodiversity to the ecosystem.

We will freeĀ the cricket and restart and hope for an even better result and get one step closer towards the 1 month of surviving goal.


Here is a clear image of Bob, feeding of the salads

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