Exploratory Writing-Graphic Novel

Throughout my graphic novel, there were 2 frames that I was most proud of. These two panels took me a very long time to plan and draw out since I had to look at examples, find the steps to draw it and also a lot of revising and erasing. The first panel leaves a very stunning effect since it is like stopping time right at the frame where the bullet starts to leave the barrel of the gun. This builds up suspense as the reader anticipate death for the other character. The second frame then uses the subject to subject transition to show a different view for the bullet. It also uses subjective motion in order to show the scene from the perspective of the bullet which makes it more dramatic by showing the danger and the speed of the bullet.

Day 22- Ecodome

img_0806On this final attempt, it will be the biggest challenge we’ll ever face. 3 weeks for our cricket to live through and survive. With all the problem that we can observe being solved, all the things that we can do now is adding small features, hoping to increase the survival rate with every bonus things. Likewise, this time a numerous amount of change are going to be made for this eco dome.

We are first going to move the eco dome to a cooler place where the cricket will have an easier time of surviving. Moreover, we are going to add grasses, making a softer habitat for our cricket whilst also storing heat. Other features are going to include salads as food, a vine tree for climbing, and various of small decorations.img_0805

Nevertheless, we also are really worried since there are definitely mold in our eco dome (my fault) and also we had to put the eco dome near the window since the plants will need light for the 3 weeks break but we were able to pick a place where the cricket part is blocked even though the sunlight can reach the leaves.

Day 16- Ecodome


Our new eco dome after a few tweaks (plants, and rocks)

This time for our eco dome, we went on WWW which really puts this try to the test. After a few tweaks, we fixed all the problems that we could find including the holes an resources, we also added a few things such as new plants, new types of food and decided to put it near the window for a change. We personally went online and researched the conditions, plants and the amounts of resources just right for crickets and followed them hoping for the best. We found out that cricket prefer humidity and places with shadows. Furthermore, we also made sure that the plants is in the best condition so it will last through the week.


Unscrewing the lid and we are about to insert our crickets

After checking it multiple times, we inserted two crickets (Fast & Food) and went on the WWW feeling confident. When we returned from our trip, I was surprise to find that one of them were to still alive and healthy. Even though the other one died, we were able to keep one alive for 6 days! This was a huge improvement from last time (lasted for 4 days) which made us really happy.

Unfortunately, the next day when we went back to check during the class, we found the one surviving cricket died. We were truly puzzled of why that happened. We then took apart the eco dome and realized there were burnt marks on the tree and the crickets. I then found out from several sources that crickets weren’t the best when it comes to heat. We took note of this information and we will make huge changes for the final attempt of the eco dome.

Day 12-Ecodome


Our 2nd try in the eco dome ready to be closed off and put to the test

Today after 2 days from the last rebuild, the cricket both died. Af first, I thought it was because of the lack of water source but turned out it was because of various holes in the environment.

Both of the cricket (Juan & Hesus) fell into the hole and got stuck there. At first, we did notice this flaw but we decided they could jump out so we didn’t worry. This turned out to be a huge mistakes causing the eco dome to fail. Additionally, this time we didn’t put a water source even though reduce the chance of drowning but might lead to lack of water.


The abundant of food for the crickets to survive.

Next class, we will be rebuilding it by making sure we check every single chance of killing the cricket and make sure we get rid of it. Also this time we will take  more time recreating it without any stupid mistakes that we made last time. The changes that we are planning to make is space arrangement and a different variety of plants. We are going to remove some of the extra food that we have since if you take it into count, crickets don’t move nor eat that much.

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Quarter 2 ELA8-Research Reflection

What was your biggest success?

During this quarter, we were assigned a project of writing a researched paper about a topic of choice. At first, I was struggling about a interesting enough topic to write on but then suddenly, I was inspired by Kolton when he was going to write about black holes which reminded me of Dark matter. I immediately chose it and went on researching. My biggest success in the process of writing this paper was when I successfully had enough data and information for my notecards since dark matter wasn’t that known about and even scientists are struggling to explain it. I was able to accomplish this because I went out of my comfort zone and used sources outside the recommendation of the database.

What was your Biggest Difficulty?

Throughout the writing, the biggest obstacles that I met was not being able to find a trustable source which even though helped me finish my writing, brought me a handful of problems which me a long time to fix. I was able to overcome this difficulty was by carefully checking the source to make sure that it was reliable, trustworthy, and useful.

What would you do different?

If I were to restart this project, I would definitely ask Mr. Benck for the format before writing anything since I only discovered that we were  supposed to write with Times New Roman and 12 points later on which I painfully had to fix. Overall, this project was a great experience for me and I would like another writing like this since it gives me the ability to research on my personal favorite topics and the opportunity of expanding my knowledge.

Day 1-Ecodome

Today we are getting started on the eco dome and we are trying our best with background knowledge and inferences to creatimg_0762e and efficient and safe place for the crickets. Firstly, we did some scouting and found some really nice plants that we could use and would decorate our eco dome very well.

As a herbivore, crickets main source of food would be plant so brought some of my own plants which is guaranteed to be safe. Moreover, we did added a pool (with pebbles under it so the crickets won’t drown), some sponges (extra water), and also a log as shelter. For our geosphere, the dirt is about 10 cm thick enough for the root of the plant.

We also decided to scratch the idea of having two connected containers since we figured crickets doesn’t really that much space or food in order to survive. Instead, we spent our time and examining and analyzing flaws that we could have included/made.

img_0586Afterwards, we sealed the container and had two crickets in there, running around (Bob and Jimmy). Our goal is hopefully keep them alive for a whole week before setting them free and improve our design.

Day 7-Ecodome


This is our eco dome, ready to be put into the test with the crickets

Today we opened up our eco dome to observe and released the crickets that we had. So far, from what we can see, I noticed two really weird scenario. One of the cricket was dead for unknown reasons but then on the other hand, one is alive and healthy even though they live in the same place. We can also see that some of the leaves has cuts as if it have been eaten a lot by the crickets.


Here is our cricket (Bob) running around still healthy

Base on the data that we gathered from the past few day, we can see that it is better to have one since having two didn’t really affect the other survival rate. Thus, we decided to have only one cricket since it will have more food and more space which in turn increases survival rate. We also saw one weird thing, the water didn’t seem to decrease nor moving which meant that they didn’t really drink that much. Also, there is a lot of water produced by the tree from condensation and photosynthesis.

I did some research on the eco dome and found out that the ground and plant should be a little moist before sealing it since cricket live in that habitat and plant can grow easier with water already there. We were also thinking about adding seed to the eco dome for new plants that we don’t have access to. I will start bringing plants from home to increase the biodiversity to the ecosystem.

We will free the cricket and restart and hope for an even better result and get one step closer towards the 1 month of surviving goal.


Here is a clear image of Bob, feeding of the salads

ELA 8 Quarter 1-Newspaper Article

During the Newspaper unit, we were supposed to design and write an article about a topic of our choice. For me, I choses the topic of Minecraft: Minecraft-Educational or Learning Disaster? In this article I took data and analyze it in order to figure out the ads and cons of playing this game. As a final product, I’ve came up with a conclusion that Minecraft is a game that has amazing benefits for people such as better imaginations, better communicating skills etc. Unfortunately, I’ve not have much experience and I am more used to writing essay and argument writing, it was a struggle for me to figure out a good format for it.

During the process of researching for this article, I’ve learned some important skills such as: using and analyze different sources, interviewing, and also the capability of using quotes. Furthermore, when writing this article, I’ve learned a fact that there is a great difference in informational writing and writing a newspaper.

Overall, Quarter 1 was a great learning experience for both ELA and other subjects. Grade 8 had many time push me out of my comfort zone and encourage me to try out new thing and improve my skills in writing, speaking, and applying the information to use. Although, the first quarter had been a little challenging and I am totally new to the new educational ways, I will continue to explore and hopefully achieve better success for the year.