The first character I would think that relates to me would be Richie from IT. He’s a dirty-minded freak and he insults people a lot. Those are the personalities from Richie that I think I would connect to. The ONLY personalities, nothing else(if you know his full personality I’m nothing like him).

The second character that I think I have a personality connection is Summer from Rick and Morty. She’s either on a device(her phone) or she is having an adventure with Rick and Morty. 70% she is on her phone talking to somebody else

The final character that I think that his/her personality is something like mine is Morty. He is very uncertain of lots of things and likes to question life sometimes.

Anyway thank you for reading my blog post and I’ll see you next time.

Crossball Underwater

Adaptations for the game:



This week, in swimming we played an underwater game that used balls,  goals, and tubes.

While playing the game, we realized that there were some adaptations to make while playing the game. So in class, we have to choose to participate playing this game that we have renamed to Crossball Underwater.

We also have to go underwater and find coins

After that we have to get the coins and put it into the bucket.

Here is our game



4 fair even teams

Be honest to how many points you score.

When the ball goes in, you can’t take it out anymore.

At the last minute try to put the ball inside the tube.

Don’t aim near the goalie.

Aim for the bars e.g crossbar, and sidebars.

Collect coins in the beginning of the game, put in bucket.

You can only take one coin at a time.



                                                   20 balls

                                                    4 buckets

                                                    4 goals

                                                   18 coins

                                                    4 volley ball

                                                    4 floating rings



Clips of Videos:

In this picture, there is volcano made out of Duplo blocks. It may not clearly show that it is a volcano, it is. Me and my partner tried our best to build it but it just came out as a mess. The way how normal volcanoes form are by tectonic plates. This procedure is called the Convergent Boundary. It is when two tectonic plates crash into each other going upwards causing land to form hills or mountains. When mountains form, there are things called subduction zones. It is when the crust dives into the crust and into the mantle causing the piece of crust that dived in to melt in the mantle making magma and due to light density, and it rises up to the magma chambers stored inside the mountains. After there are lots of magma in the magma chambers until it's full, it would erupt. Another way it could happen is if that the magma doesn't collect enough in an amount of time then it would cool down on it's way up. There it can make rocks called igneous rocks. Those rocks are made from magma cooling down. One example is the diamond. According to out model, the red Duplo blocks indicate lava running down and the green Duplo blocks represent the mountain blocks even though they are brown, there was no brown so we just used green Duplo blocks. There was supposedly a line of red in the middle of the volcano but we tried to make it 3D so it got covered in the process. Thank you for reading my blog and hope you have a great day!

For my SLC for Advisory, I think the part where I did a great job was editing the poster outside of the class you see. I think I did well in it because not only did mine get chosen for it but, I thought about the ways of how people would like it so I chose funny. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time. Good Bye!

For my SLC for Spanish, I've decided to show you my Spanish Videoblog for it because not only was it funny but also really creative but not as good as my brother. I tried my best to do everything but then I forgot to include some photos for it but, I still got an A+ for it because I got extra credit for finishing it on time. Thank you for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.

For my SLC for writing, I thought that my final poster was suitable for it. My final poster was that people had to apply "AFOREST" to it. AFOREST stands for: Alliteration, Facts, Opinion, Repitiion, Emotive Language, Statistics, and Triples. I mostly focused on Emotive Language and facts because both of them could make people feel sympathy for the people in need. Anyway hope you had a great time and I will see you next time.

Fro my SLC for Language Arts, I used the Pitch(presentation) that my team used in order to try and get into the team. It was funny but one of our members forgot to say a really important part of our presentation and didn't get us into the final. Our team member forgot to say what was our poster as in like: Was is it Pathos? Ethos? Etc. At the end, we got asked really hard questions about our presentation but then our group was able to answer most of them. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.

For my SLC for Drama, I decided to show you guys my script about the key because not only was it fun to make but it was also fun to present. I think for this activity in Drama, I think my group(me and Cedrik) was one of the most creative ones of all. It was funny and it was weird so there you go. Thanks for reading my blog post and I will see you next time.