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My model represents faults, faults are caused by tectonic forces and faults happen when there’s movement of the crust. For example, there are four layers: blue, red, yellow, and green. Blue occurred first because it is the bottom layer and it’s the deepest layer of the strata. In this case, blue occurred first, then red, yellow, and green. After the layers formed, then afterwards, all the layers faulted which shifted all the layers. Some layers are likely made of sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks form when sediments deposits and compacts. Some layers could be formed by the cooling of magma which turns into igneous rocks. In some cases, magma interests into the rocks. In the rock layers, some layers could fold or tilt, but in this case, the layers are faulted. As new rock layers form on top of the other, they get deposited on top of the top layer. Rock layers form though millions of years so it’s a very slow process. After the fault happens, new rock layers could form on top of the already existing layers.

To conclude, rocks have different layers and it determines the age of the rock. The age of the rock can be determined by which layer the rock is in. Shifts and layers from in a very long period of time; so rock layer and shifts don’t form in one week time. There could be different types of rocks in the layers such as sedimentary rocks, and igneous rocks. Overall, faults happen when there’s a movement of the crust and the layers shift in a long period of time.





In the net and wall unit in PE, we did badminton, volleyball and table tennis. I enjoyed badminton the most because I was something I use to like to do. In Volleyball, we learned how to serve and pass to other players. In table tennis, we learnt how to play table tennis and also played with friends.

2017 Advisory Reflection for Student Led Conferences


Write a complete response that you will share with your parents during Student Led Conferences.


  1. What is something you accomplished so far this year that you are proud of?

I managed to turn in all homework and assignment on time in all classes and I was never late or have a missing assignment.

  1. What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

Studying and stressing out on test days. Meeting deadlines on dragon apprentice.

  1. What skills do you have that are strong and will help you next year?  What skills do you need to improve on before you start next year?

I need to improve my focusness in class. I am very focused but sometimes I’m off task and start doing other things.


SLC Writing- Rationale

This document contains the RUBRIC and the TEMPLATE for your writing. Scroll down to start your writing.


Rationale for Poster Design RUBRIC

General Comments from Teacher:



Write your rationale below under each heading. Do not change the font size, spacing or colour.


Product: Woopie Cushions


Target Audience

This product is very cheap and affordable so lots of people could afford this product even though they don’t have a lot of money. Woopie Cushions are mostly targeted for young kids or pranksters. It is targeted towards young kids because they could prank their friends when they are bored. This product is very fun to play with if you are bored or have nothing to do. In addition, this product is not harmful in any way because the rubber used to make the product is non-toxic .



In my opinion, the message of this product is to have a laugh and have fun because, in most of the poster I have found, they had comic drawings of people laughing at each other. Most of the posters I saw mentioned that it was made of rubber. Since Whoopie Cushions were produced a long time ago, rubber was a really high-quality material for toys in the 1920s. This product stands out a lot because of its uniqueness and it is different than most retro toys found in that time period.



Contrast is very important to posters because it makes the poster stand out and also makes it fit its theme. As you see in some whoopie cushion posters, they mostly used bright colors as the background like yellow, which I think it resembles fun and laughter. If I made a Whoopie Cushion poster, I would consider choosing the color palette that had bright or neon colors. Somehow, most drawings I saw on the posters had a retro style in it. Since most posters were made in the 1920s, they were black and white which give them a retro theme. The ones that are black and white uses the same colors and also the same text for the product name. Both of them has images that show people using the whoopie cushion in different cases. Most of the posters have the name of the product on top written really big and it has the description of the product underneath the image or words. Additionally, the bolded words make the product name stand out and the description is for people that are interested in buying it.



I noticed that the ‘black and white’ posters I have collected had the same alignment in which the text left or right aligned. The black and white posters have the words ‘Woopie Cushion’ aligned in the middle, but sometimes it is aligned to the side. Alignment is different depending on which time period the poster is made in. For example, the black and white posters has the title on top, the picture below the picture and the description below the picture or title ; However, the colored posters (Which was made in the different time period) has a different alignment with the product in the middle and the description placed in random places. I would consider using the alignment in the colored posters because it looks more unique and everything is spaced out.

In my poster, I’m not using lots of text because it will make it more time consuming to read.



Repetition isn’t really used for most of the posters I saw, but in some posters, repetition is used in the phrase ‘Poo Poo’, I think that describes and gives an idea what It sounds like which is really helpful for the buyer. In the newer posters, I noticed that they had repetition on the word ‘Big sound’ or ‘Huge sound’. I think it stated that the buyer will be aware that that particular Woopie cushion makes the best sound so they would buy the one they want.



In the retro posters, it looks more ‘organised’ because all of them are placed in the same position. I think they did that because it would be easier to read the information. Unlike the retro ones, the ‘blue’ poster has the images and description placed randomly, I like the ‘blue’ poster more because it appeals the eye more. In the poster that says ‘Ships in assorted colors’, the whoopie cushions are placed next to each other and the Whoopie Cushions have a different assortment of colors. I think they did that to show that it comes in the variety of colors to chose from other than only having one color.


Color Theory

The colors used in most of the posters I saw are bright like red, yellow and bright blue.The color red resembles excitement and fun, yellow makes you feel happy and joyful, it matches the product because my product is about having a laugh and having fun. For the ‘black and white’ ones, it gives it a clean look which makes it look really neat. However, for my poster, I’m going to use the color palette with colors like bright red or yellow because it makes the poster stand out even though you are standing far away, but I’m not going to use too many colors because it wouldn’t give it a ‘neat’ look.



In the posters I collected, I saw that for the title, they used black and bolded text. I think it’s because it makes it stand out for the reader and it also stands out in the poster. For the title, they used a font that is really easy to read and the font was used in most retro toy posters. For the ‘sub-headings’ they used a bright red color or yellow, therefore it makes the text stand out from the background. The red and yellow color captures your eyes and it ‘persuades’ you to read it.


Linguistic Techniques

In most of the Whoopie Cushion poster I saw, they had the phrase ‘embarrassing noises’ and ‘made with rubber’. For the ‘embarrassing noises’, it gives an example of what it would sound like. I think it’s good to describe the noises because it gives the audience a closer relationship to it. For the phrase ‘made with rubber’, it gives the idea of what the product is made of, and it is useful for people who are curious about what the product is made of. And another reason is because, in the 1920s, rubber was a high-quality material for making toys. It also had the phrase ‘big laughs’, I think it means that if you use the product, it will assure you that you will have a lot of fun.

Mandarin SLC

In Chinese, I learned how to talk about my daily routine. I learned how to say Chinese words on things like waking up, sleep… I can say these words really well and I could use them in sentences. I also made a poster and skit, for the poster I wrote what laura is going to ask me and I also wrote the answers. I decorated it with drawings and colored markers. In the skit, I was talking about my daily routine.

I learned lots of Chinese characters and also memorized their Ping-Ying. I also scored well on tests because I practiced at home.

I don’t really have a challenge but it was sometimes hard memorizing the Chinese characters when we have vocab quizzes.