I learned the structure and function of ecology, ecology is the interactions between organisms and their environment. Sunlight plays a key role in ecology, and it is needed for all life on earth. Heterotrophs are organizations that consume other organisms to provide food and energy, such as humans and animals. Autotrophs are organisms that can provide themselves food and energy, such as plants. So without sunlight, food and energy can be provided for the plants, and plants cant be consumed by heterotrophs. Biotic is living things that affect the ecosystem. Non-biotic is non living things that affect the ecosystem.

The Carbon Cycle

I learnt the structure and function of the carbon cycle are that it moves around the atmosphere, oceans, and land. The most important part of the carbon cycle is carbon dioxide. The carbon cycle also moves through photosynthesis when carbon dioxide is inhaled by plants, then the carbon is made into food for plants. Humans and animals breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon, and it just moves through the carbon cycle.

Photosythesis and Cellular Respiration

I learnt the structure and function of photosynthesis is mostly resourced by the sun, then the process of photosynthesis creates food for plants. Heterotrophs such as animals and humans cant produce food from the sun’s energy. Energy from the sun is then converted into glucose in the process of photosynthesis which occurs in the chloroplast

I learnt the structure and function of cellular respiration is the process of energy in glucose being dropped in a cell, and is used for life purposes. Cellular respiration is essential to life because you need it to breathe,move, and have blood circulation.

Geology Blog Post✍️

My model represents faults, faults are caused by tectonic forces and faults happen when there’s movement of the crust. For example, there are four layers: blue, red, yellow, and green. Blue occurred first because it is the bottom layer and it’s the deepest layer of the strata. In this case, blue occurred first, then red, yellow, and green. After the layers formed, then afterwards, all the layers faulted which shifted all the layers. Some layers are likely made of sedimentary rocks. Sedimentary rocks form when sediments deposits and compacts. Some layers could be formed by the cooling of magma which turns into igneous rocks. In some cases, magma interests into the rocks. In the rock layers, some layers could fold or tilt, but in this case, the layers are faulted. As new rock layers form on top of the other, they get deposited on top of the top layer. Rock layers form though millions of years so it’s a very slow process. After the fault happens, new rock layers could form on top of the already existing layers.

To conclude, rocks have different layers and it determines the age of the rock. The age of the rock can be determined by which layer the rock is in. Shifts and layers from in a very long period of time; so rock layer and shifts don’t form in one week time. There could be different types of rocks in the layers such as sedimentary rocks, and igneous rocks. Overall, faults happen when there’s a movement of the crust and the layers shift in a long period of time.





In the net and wall unit in PE, we did badminton, volleyball and table tennis. I enjoyed badminton the most because I was something I use to like to do. In Volleyball, we learned how to serve and pass to other players. In table tennis, we learnt how to play table tennis and also played with friends.

2017 Advisory Reflection for Student Led Conferences


Write a complete response that you will share with your parents during Student Led Conferences.


  1. What is something you accomplished so far this year that you are proud of?

I managed to turn in all homework and assignment on time in all classes and I was never late or have a missing assignment.

  1. What was the most challenging part of this year for you?

Studying and stressing out on test days. Meeting deadlines on dragon apprentice.

  1. What skills do you have that are strong and will help you next year?  What skills do you need to improve on before you start next year?

I need to improve my focusness in class. I am very focused but sometimes I’m off task and start doing other things.