WWW Malacca, Malaysia

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On November 3rd 2014, me and my classmate set on what prove to be an unforgettable trip to Malacca, Malaysia. Highlights from the trip? The local food, friendly hospitality from the locals, and a lot of laughter with my dearest friends (sorry if I was too loud with my expressions :-P).
I love the food, well i love food in general, but the Malaysian food was very unique. There was a clear mix of original Malay and foreign cuisine due to imperialism and immigration of countries in the past. I am fan of spicy food, so it was like walking in paradise, although that was not the case for my friends.
The locals were extremely nice to us. At the Indian Orphanage, kids greeted us with smiles and handshake. At a Malaysian school that we visited, the students welcomed us like we were just one big family. It was an amazing experience.
My friends was what made the trip memorable. I get to share rooms with my best friends since forever Minh and Giang. I also get to talk to people that I would have never talked to in school. The friendship I made and strengthen, I would cherish forever.

I had a lot of fun. LOL.