Letter to 7th Grader

Dear 7th Grader,

Next year, I will become a 9th grader, a freshman, a high schooler, and you’ll take my place of being an eighth grader. Imagine it, being the oldest grade of all middle schoolers, it feels great. But then, being the oldest also comes with responsibility.

First you have to give your best in everything. Always try your best and impress your teachers, but don’t be arrogant, people will hate you for that. Set a studying goal for yourself, if you’ve achieved it, set another one. Never stop making goals, it helps you in life. Another important thing is your social life. It’s okay if you want to be popular or whatever, but you must learn to choose your friends carefully. Take a look, and see if your friends are truly by your side. Having true friends to cheer you on help you in studying, living and socializing.

I know these advice are quite common, or to be exact, a bit lame, but consider following it for once. It doesn’t only help you through 8th grade, but also in your future life.




Collaborative Narrative

*Warning* This story was messed up by a so-called friend

When I say beach, you will suddenly think of the sand, the waves and the heat. However, these days the beach near my house was a bit different, it was filled with…ice. For half of my life on this little tropical island, I’ve never heard the word “ice” and “beach” together on the same sentence. It was cool though, but plain weird.

Months passed, and no one ever come. Those FBI man or scientists you see on the movies never came, no one did. It would be weird if they come anyway, because the island I’m stranded on is nowhere to be found on map, it was hidden in somewhere over the rainbow. I used to pray for someone to come, loneliness drove me mad, but now, I’m perfectly fine being alone, stuck on this icy cold beach island.

There are a lot of cool things you can do on this beach. For example, eating the “sand”, it strangely tasted like crushed ice. Another one is sun bathing, you won’t get hot or get cold at the same time, pretty sweet deal. You can also play with the “sand”, it’s not too hard like snow, or too soft like sand. After weeks of playing around, I wished no one would ever come to claim my playground. But I was wrong. A week later, I found a shipwreck near the shore, possibly crashed into the ice, and a survivor was lurking around. I came up to that survivor. The survivor suddenly fainted. I found out that he died because a lot of bleeding.

Later on I gave up with all these things. I felt hopeless and started asking myself questions, “Am I going to die like this?” I really wanted to talk to someone but there wasn’t anyone to talk to. It has been so long, I even forgot how to start a conversation and forgot how I ended up here.

Suddenly, something came upon the sea. It was a horse like creature with horns on it. I thought it was poseidon who was coming, since I read all those things about greek mythology and everything. However, this one was different. Similar but different. It had short, but fluffy hair. It had eyes but a bit strange as if it wasn’t looking at anything. It had short legs and it had a hard foot. I suddenly thought, ‘It’s here. Run.’ I started running away from the beach as fast as I can. I could predict what was coming. I could sense what was coming and as long as I know it was undefeatable. It was the goat coming. I was doomed. I sat down and thought of the ways of how to fight the goat. And of course I’ve got an idea. I walked up to the goat and just walked past him. My plan was to live in the island with the goat, since I knew that goats don’t attack even though it’s undefeatable. We lived happily ever after. But then, everything became blurry, and I heard sound of siren, no, not right now, the government shouldn’t came when I have already decided my life with this goat. I screamed.

Everything darkened, but the siren didn’t stop, it never did. I slowly opened my eyes, and looked to the right, where the siren came from. It was my alarm clock.

Mandarin Project

大卫: 你好!请问你是不是小红?

小红: 你好。 对,我是小红。请问。。。

大卫: 我是大卫,是小清的朋友。很高兴认识你!

小红:真的吗? 我也一样。你是哪国人?







大卫: 不太喜欢。我只喜欢吃冰棍儿,它非常好吃。




大卫: 你觉得这里的天气比越南的天气怎么样?






Argumentative Writing

Horror has become one of our favourite genre when it comes to movies, but surely not everyone can enjoy it. Studies show that horror movie can cause many bad side effects on their audience, most likely children. So to sum it up, children shouldn’t watch horror movies even with adults around.

Disturbing images tend to stay in our mind for a long period of time. To children, these vivid images might haunt them for the rest of their life. A found research stated,  “In a study of 150 college students, researchers found that 90 percent remembered being frightened by a movie or television show in childhood or adolescence, and over 26 percent still experienced residual anxiety over it.” Clearly, this is enough to tell how long the effect of horror movies can last in the children’s life.

But what are the bad effects caused by this single genre? Most traumatized children will grow fear of many mundane things. Some even develop twisted personalities or always in a negative mood due to their fear. As a result, one of their common trait is getting anxious over things quickly, making other people have a bad impression of them and try to avoid the kids. This could lead into serious situation like bullying. Studies also show that children who watched horror movies at young age will probably suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD for short. A simple definition from NIMH, “PTSD makes you feel stressed and afraid after the danger is over.” Although it’s likely to occurred on people who suffered from actual horrifying events, people who watched horror movies at young age can also have it. Because at that age, horror movies can be realistic enough for the children to conclude it’s a real situation.

You can say that this is just an entertainment and people shouldn’t take this seriously. What you don’t notice is that most children think horror elements are real. Researches all agreed on one thing, “Children younger than 7 can’t easily distinguish between fantasy and reality –- even if you tell them it’s not real.” As a result, children will encounter sleep problem, nightmares and all the effects I have stated before.

It is hard to restrain children from seeing horror movies at young age, because watching movies, television is a part of their childhood. However, you must be careful and know what your children is watching, be prepared to take action when necessary. These bad effects can last forever on your children, we must prevent it.

Elizabethan Sonnet

Clingy Love for Ten Years

Before this happened, there was happiness

But then darkness took over everything

I woke up one day, seemingly helpless

Loving you won’t be in my forgetting

These letters I have written for ten years

All sent to you, yet there was no reply

On the first year, my letters stained with tears

The third year passed, I was afraid to cry

Then the fifth year, I searched the world for you

Years passed and my life went on like a book

These pending love letters became a queue

Which I hoped one day you can take a look

I recall memories I didn’t know

I remember you died ten years ago

Volleyball Video

In our video, we introduced two very common skill and drill, it’s forearm pass and passing. The forearm pass can be a very common skill, but it’s needed and quite hard to master. In this video, we taught about the basic stance before receiving the ball, and the movement of forearm passing. First, you straight your arms, creating a “platform”, don’t forget to extend your legs, and then contact the ball with your “platform”. And the passing drill was taught in a simple, easy-to-understand way. You just use the forearm pass skill that you just learned and send back the ball passed from your partner(s). We put a lot of effort, knowledge into this video. We hope you will enjoy it 🙂

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2zd1JDqOfM

Six Word Stories Expansions

“You smiled, but you’re broken inside.”

Ever since our parents died, my sister had been taking care of me. Our life was stable up until now, but then my sister caught serious illness. The money for her hospital bill wasn’t small, and I couldn’t just let her die. I dropped out of school, stopped making friends, everything I did was working for money.

One day, I received a call during work, it was from the hospital, informing about my sister’s sudden change in condition. I rushed quickly to the hospital, hoping that there would be a miracle. But life was cruel, she was already gone. That day was supposed to be the day she will be fully recovered, and we can return to our normal life. The flower bouquet I made for her release was left on the table, never to be touched again.

At my sister’s funeral, I smiled with teary eyes. She told me to always be strong and not to let grief take over myself. Even though I was lost and broke down inside, I still smiled. Is that what it meant to be strong?


“They have life, I have you.”

A young noble girl bought an expensive teddy bear. The toy was nothing but a normal looking bear, but its eyes shined with an ominous colour and its fur was as red as blood. The bear resembled an evil demon. But the little girl’s taste was different, so she grew fond of the bear and always kept it by her side.

One year later, the girl’s parents’ business went bankrupt, they were in a heavy debt. Not only that, the poor parents caught a serious illness. Unable to move on, they died, leaving the young girl all alone with the heavy debt. Nobody wanted to taker her in, and nicknamed her “a spoiled brat who can’t do any housework and is in a heavy debt.”

However, a married couple took in the young girl despite of her terrible debt. They lived as a happy family, and paid all the money. But the same thing happened to them a year later. People started blaming on her stuffed toy, calling it a curse. To the girl, her teddy bear was the only one she had left, she didn’t care about life anymore.


“Tomorrow we’ll try, but not today.”

It had been days ever since my little sister’s pet cat went missing. My sister love the cat, so she always went looking for it until mid-night. I personally didn’t care about that cat, it was nothing but a trouble maker. Whenever my sister asked me to come looking for it with her, I said, “Tomorrow we’ll try, but not today.”

One day, my sister didn’t return. I thought she was looking for the cat somewhere far away and stayed overnight in a hotel. Weeks passed and she never returned. I contacted my parents, informed the police, did everything I could to get my sister back. But they said the same thing,“Tomorrow we’ll try, but not today.”