3rd Rebuild

Day 24

December 4, 2:52 pm

Eco-dome: Failure

Skip because of reason.



Since I don’t have any observations to refer to, I build another eco dome just for the sake of it. I added in a big plant that looks like a bush. This gives the plant lots of food. I also put my edo dome under the sun this time, giving the plant food to produce oxygen. Also, I added 4 crickets. Unfortunately, 1 died right after I put them in, because of cannibalism.

2nd Rebuild

Eco Dome Day 9 Rebuild

November 22, 12:00am

Eco Dome: Failure

After 9 days of staying in the eco dome, the cricket died. On the first day, I add in four crickets 3 small ones and 1 big one. But throughout the observation, they were gone. Probably the biggest one ate the small ones.

This is the ecosystem
The only plant left
Leaves under the dead cricket


  • I add in 4 plants, 3 same plants and 1 different plant. As the day went by, the fed on the 3 small plants and left 1 big plant. That shows that the cricket die due to running out of food source, because that plant isn’t what it needs to eat.
  • There are some small bugs that are probably the babies of the cricket or it is from the soil.
  • The big plant is kind of dying.
  • The smell is really stinky, smells like some kind of rotten egg

1st Rebuild

Eco Dome Day 4

November 9th, 8:00am

Eco-Dome: Success

After 4 days of staying inside the container, one of the crickets died, but the other still survived. The one that was dead had already died long time ago. The one that was still alive moved slowly, exhaustingly. I knew it was gonna die, so I opened it, but it jumped around when the container was open, which was a little bit thug life.

1st Rebuild


Observations of Eco-Dome:

  • Dirtier than before
  • The grass had dried out and it’s dying.
  • One of cricket is dead
  • Plants are normal
  • The container is moisturized
  • Apple pieces are rottened
  • Leaves decomposing


Things I’ll do in rebuild:

  • Don’t make it too complex
  • Change food source to plants
  • Make eco dome smaller
  • Balance amount of soil and mult


Eco dome Day 1

Eco Dome Day 1

November 6, 1:30pm

In this unit, we are to create an eco dome to help our crickets survive until winter break. You can put anything in it, but the container has to be sealed. For the project, I added and got the following components:



  • Where do the plants get water from?
  • What is the cricket’s food and water source?



  • 2 lock container
  • Mult
  • Black Soil
  • Grass
  • 4 Plants
  • 2 Crickets
  • 40 apple pieces











Component Amount includes Reasoning Daily Observations
Boxes 2 The thing to hold the eco dome all together The inside of the boxes gets moisturized.
Crickets 2 The main object of the challenge 1 cricket died and the other is still alive.
Plants 4 To produce oxygen in the eco dome The plants are very healthy and standing.
Leaves 4 Food source for the crickets to eat. The leaves got bitten by the crickets.
Pieces of apple  40  Another food source for the crickets to eat.  The apple pieces turn yellow and dry out.
Mult Box 1: Rises 5cm high

Box 2: NONE

The soil to make the plant and grow better and to produce nutritions. The mult stay the same, but a little bit moisturized.
Tube 1 To connect the box together. Nothing happened to it.
 Black soil Box 1:Rises 2cm high

Box 2: Rises 4cm high

The soil to make the plant and grow better and to produce nutritions. The soil also gets a little bit moisturize.


Grade 8 Journalism Unit

In quarter 1, the greatest achievement I did was that I wrote my article. The reason why I think it was my greatest achievement is that I had put lots of effort into the piece. For this project, I have wrote 10 paragraphs about top 10 upcoming games in 2017-2018. It was really interesting for me, because I got to learn about the key features of games.

For the next quarter, I will probably work on following the rubrics, because I didn’t really focus on my rubric that’s why I didn’t get a high mark. I will also work on getting at least B team soccer next quarter just for the joy. But the best thing that I think will happen is Halloween.


Right now, there are hundreds of game developers trying to figure out new games for gamers all around the world. Those developers, thrive to bring gamers the best experience, either by graphics, kind of game, and others. For the last week,  surveys have been sent to SSIS to choose in between upcoming games that are killing gamers all around the world. From that information, I have chosen out the top 10 games that SSIS gamers would want to have when it’s released.

10th place: Days Gone

For the 10th place, we have “Days Gone”. This game is developed by SIE Bend Studio, a group of developers that works with another group called The Naughty Dog. The Naughty Dog and SIE Bend Studio made Uncharted, one of the craziest game that made gamers from all around the world go crazy. Continuing to Days Gone, you play in third person point of view or second point of view depending on what you are doing. This game is about a guy named Deacon which is the main character who thrives to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. You play as Deacon and go around to search for loots, cars, guns and avoid threats like BIG hordes of zombies. From big, it mean lots and lots of zombies. In this game, zombie usually goes in horde, and a horde usually contains hundreds of zombies. We also have to avoid AI groups of people that are enemy. According to the storyline, you gotta join a group and the group is gonna give you some mission to do. They probably will call Deacon over to go and rescue some members. From that, you gotta be very strategic in combat to defeat a group of people. Either to put a trap in a bush and throw a rock to lure the person in the group towards the trap. Then you loot their stuff and hide. When all the AI are near the trapped guy, you can throw a molotov at them and kill them silently instead of using a gun and burst fire on them, because that will make noises and causes some attention to other people of the group in another place nearby. Mostly the game is about strategic and thinking of methods to do things perfectly.

9th place: Hello Neighbor

For the 9th place, we have an Indie game called “Hello Neighbor”. This game is developed Dynamix Pixels and designed by Nikita Kolesnikov, a game designer. This group of developers is not that famous worldwide, but after this game people would get to know a little bit more about them. This group has created other games like, Goal defense, MewSim Pet Cat, and others. They mostly make mobile games and this is their first PC, Xbox, and Macintosh operating system game. Moving on, Hello Neighbor first person point of view. It’s an Indie game where you have to beat the AI, which is the neighbor with your strategic methods and find a way to open a locked door and uncover the mystery behind it that the neighbor is hiding. The neighbor will chase you and try to catch you. If you get caught by the Neighbor, you will spawn back at your house. If you are close to the Neighbor, your screen shakes and an intense music will be played in the background. This is kind of like a puzzle game, but more intense and horrifying scenario. This game is cartoon, the graphic is beautiful. The thing that needs to be improved is how the Neighbor walks, because it is not realistic. His movement can be very mysterious.

8th place: God of War

For the 8th place, we have a game called “God of War” The game is developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio, Ready at Dawn, Daybreak Game Company, Javaground. These 4 developers are famous for the God of War sequel. This game is the 4th sequel to the other sequels. This game is a third person point of view where you play as the god of war, Kratos where you have to fight to survive. You also have to train your son, so he could understand how to survive. This story has a great storyline just like the older God of War games. This game has great dialogue to make the storyline more interesting. You have to kill animals for food and kill threats like fantasy creatures. The best thing that makes this game realistic is that you can really interact with the background. For example, if you walk on snow, the snow will create a hole which creates footsteps.

7th place: Red Dead Redemption 2

For the 7th place, we have Red Dead Redemption 2. The developer of this game is Rockstar, one of the world’s famous game developer that has been known by the GTA games. For this game, the developer brings you to a cowboy wild west, where you fight shoot people and make fame out of killing. This game has a very interesting storyline just like GTA storylines. You basically can do anything in it, but if you want to do the storyline you can go to different places to do it. This game brings you to a third person point of view where it has very high graphics, high animation, and incredible characters. The graphics are really realistic. From the details of the characters face, to the background looks really cool. For a game that has a really realistic graphic, you would know how realistic the background would be, the wild west background looks super realistic. The animation of the characters and the environment is amazing. The characters that get drag by a horse looks so legitimate and real. The movement of the character also looks realistic.

6th place: The Last of Us 2

For the 6th place, we have The Last of Us 2. Developed by Naughty Dog, this game is killing every gamer on this planet. This game contains everything that gamers need. High quality graphics, fascinating storyline, and fine game physics. Also, it is in third person point of view. The game brings you to a zombie world where you fight to survive. This game is really rich in story, because this is those kind of game where you have to do something with another character to continue the storyline and then move on. The storyline is basically about the main character named Joel where he has to survive with his fellows in a quarantine zone of the post 4apocalyptic. You are to complete mission and move on to the storyline.

5th place: Far Cry 5

For the 5th place, we have Far Cry 5. This game is developed by Ubisoft Studio, one of the best developer of all time. This game is famous for making Watch Dogs, For Honor, Tom Clancy games, Assassin Creeds series and others. For this, you can do lots of things in this open world game. This game is first person point of view. You can build your own character and choose your own adventure. The best thing about this game is about the graphics, the physics of the game, the background, and the interactions to different things. The graphics of this game and the background of this astonishingly amazing. The graphics focus on the very small details of the character to the environment. The background is beautiful. A 7th grader said, 

“I liked it because it has very good graphics and just overall a great game.” Also, you can interact with lots of things in the game like the dog, guns, vehicles and other environmental items.

4th place: Assassin Creeds: Origins

For the 4th place, we have Assassin Creeds: Origins. This game is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This game features extreme graphics quality, massive world, lots of interactions, and beautiful setting. This game is a third person point of view game. It brings you to Ancient Egypt, the time where Assassin are born. The quality of this game is amazing. Ubisoft really focused on the very bits of the detail to make this game fabulous. The characters face is not that real, but the everything else is just so real you may think it’s the real Ancient Egypt. An 8th grader said, 

“I played this before and the gameplay is very realistic and the maps are also wide-variety locations.”

 You can basically choose to have fun or do quests and get loots to manage your equipment. The worst thing about this is to manage your equipment, because if you want to have fun killing people, riding animals, climbing buildings you gotta manage equipments and by getting the equipments you got to find loots, which is a pain.

3rd place: Star Wars Battlefront 2

For the 3rd place, we have Star Wars Battlefront 2. This game is seriously going to be a great game just like Battlefield 1. Most gamers are saving money to wait for this game, especially Star War fans. This game is developed by Motive Studios, EA DICE, Criterion Software. This game is a team first person point of view shooting game where you are on a side and you have to win the game by killing the other team. This game features high graphics, crazy science fiction physics, and amazing vehicles. This game’s graphic is high quality. The characters to the vehicles are amazing. The details of the mechanic are very descriptive. The world is gigantically huge. The character would basically be standing at one point and suddenly gets to another point by jumping up with crazy physics. The thing that needs to be improved is that it needs to have storyline, that will enhance the game more than instead of just shooting and killing people. 

2nd place: Spiderman

For the 2nd place, we have Spiderman. This game is developed by Insomniac Games. This developer is known for making Fuse and Edge of Nowhere. Spider Man is going to be a great hit to the gaming community, because it’s graphics, the tactics, and beauty of the world. The graphic for this game is  normal than the other games above, but the thing that made this thing 2nd place is about the content. It has a very good storyline and it has a beautiful open world. This is also the kind of game where you have to do things the game tell you to do in order to go to the next level. The game is very intense, because everything just happens so fast you gotta be very focus. You also have to come up with a very strategical plan. 

1st place: Call of Duty WW2

Finally, for the 1st place we have Call of Duty World War 2. This game is one of 2017-2018 most expected in SSIS Middle School. This game is developed by Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games. These two are really famous developers for creating the series of Call of Duty game and some Star War games. This game is a remembrance of World War 2 where Nazi’s rule and the world had to fight back. This game has crazy graphics that enhances the game a lot. Also, this game has great effects like bombs making the ground shake and dirt flies up the sky, bullets glows at shot, and others. The game has some animation when you jump over a window or a cliff. The best thing now is that you get to build things while in the battlefield. For example, you can fix a broken bridge so tank could go through or fix a machine gun and kill enemy with it. You can also choose other shooting modes to play instead of just shooting people, like zombie mode.Overall, this deserves the 1st place.

Overall, responses have chosen our top 10 upcoming games, but that’s not it. Game Developers all around the world are thinking and designing more games to bring gamers the best experience when play. They will be focusing on the graphics and the content to enhance the experience.


Renaissance Project

In this project, I was to research about Galileo, a physicist and astronomer of Renaissance time. He was the one who invented the improved telescope. He also was the one who discovered the four moons orbiting Jupiter. In the faire, I explained to the kids and the teacher about him. Also, I let them look inside the box to see the Venus’s phases, because the phases were a big evidence for Galileo to prove the heliocentric theory.



Role Playing Debrief

In the RPG, I was an Innkeeper in Florence, Renaissance time and I had to feed my people in the Inn. On a day, I went out to buy wine, I met the winekeeper and had a conflict with him and we end up fighting. We were brought to the court and I got to pay the winekeeper 23 gold piece. Then, I walked home, but then met this group of people that were trying to rebel Medici and asked me if I want to join, because I looked sad after the court. I said yes to them and I was a part. Next, I went to the Medici to report the problem and I struggled talking to him, because of class differences. I was trying to make a deal with him to tell him the information I got back for gold. We came up with a deal and then my role was over. All of the dramatic sequences gave me really interesting facts. I know feel the dramatic class differences that the lower class had been in and I know how the small group of people form into a community to rebel the government, because they feel that the government is mistreating them. Also, I got a hang of how Leo and his assistant worked together, how his assistant is too clumsy.

Tutorial Video

In this tutorial, I was explaining about how to have good communication between your group members. It was kind of fun making the video in the filming process, because we had to improvise on the process of filming, because we didn’t made a script yet. While making the video, we had some laughters where we made some parts funny and yet informative. Finally, it was kind of fun and interesting to create the video, because I like how we helped the grade 6 and the process of making the video.

Science Lab Reflection

In this class, we made a prototype of the aquifer and tested it. We basically, put a layer of sand at the bottom, then, cover 1/3 of it with clay and then put droplets on the clay. Next, but pebbles everywhere with a height of 2cm, but also make a slope. Lastly, pour water to the hole. We tested the contaminant on the slope to see if that was the pollution, what would happen. The result was it affected the aquifer.