Graphic Novel Analysis

The series of panels above comes from a recent graphic novel short story I did in Exploratory Writing 8. My story is about a guy who is failing at life by having an unstable job, no friends, and only lives off beer and instant noodles. One day, he woke up as a child again, where he has the chance to restart his life and make new friends.

The panels above is the first scene of my story, where the guy is shown waking up in a new environment. I use aspect-to-aspect transition in order to show the current setting he is in, including the toys on the ground, the picture frame, and the mobile. This puts more emphasis on the setting of the story and shows the character looking around the room.

To show the character waking up, I use an extreme close up onto the eyes. I wanted to put emphasis onto how he is waking up, then glancing around the room. I also use moment-to-moment for the eye opening action to show a small, but important action.

Chair Sculpture

Blog #1: During the process so far of starting on my chair sculpture, the simplest and most important part would be the planning, since putting ideas together into one drawing helped me a lot with staying organized. The sculpturing itself and making each individual part was challenging, especially with the balloon, which I tried to paper-mache twice but both times resulted in deflation. The theme for my chair would be ‘party’, where the balloon would be the main focus, with 3 kids and various party items, and the chair would be black in order to emphasize the colors.

The planning was completed, so the next step was the actual building. After trying to make a balloon twice with both times failing, I decided to move on with the main character of my chair, so far making the head and hand separately with wires and newspaper.





BLOG #2: There are only 10 classes left until my chair sculpture needs to be completed, and my progress so far is not so good as I anticipated. Although I came in during lunch and sometimes after school, because I spent so much time on my balloon (which failed), I did not get much progress done. Currently, I am working on the main character of my chair, which I am making with wire and plaster. I hope to spend more time after school and get more progress done during class time.

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5
Continue making the body with wire and paper

Finish making the body; start on the legs (plastering)


Attach everything together, finish the human. Start on the balloon with the wires and the newspaper; finish with paper mache. Attach balloon and person; start on the cardboard cake. Finish making the cake, start on the banners.
Class 6 Class 7 Class 8 Class 9 Class 10
Create the smaller characters with wires and fill with paper. Continue making smaller characters and finish. Hot glue everything together onto the chair. Start painting. Finish painting and finish everything.

BLOG #3: The due date has been extended with 7 classes left for us to work on our chair. So far, my chair has been coming together, although it was much later than I had hoped. I still have some small details and final adjustments I would like to incorporate, but if I continue to have class time and after school studio time, then I would likely be able to finish by the due date.

BLOG #4: For the past 10 weeks, I have been building and sculpturing my chair. I felt most proud about my painting, especially for the flags. Although I have not yet finished painting everything, enjoy painting the parts of my chair and seeing it shaped together. I still need to work on painting other parts of my chair and work on making it interesting from all angles.

In the beginning of the first few classes, I was not very productive and did not get much work done. I mostly spent my time on making the main human and the balloons. However, recently, I managed to mostly catch up to my planning and fixed most parts of my chair. I still need to work on a lot more, like painting every part and then attaching it to my chair. I plan on continuing to paint and come in during studio time after school.


For my chair, I have incorporated a few elements, including color, space and shape. For the color, I tried to emphasize on the elements by painting the chair a dark color and leaving everything else in a brighter color. I also used different painting techniques, especially on the flags/banner, where I used a sponge and a toothbrush to create a nice pattern.

As for space, I made sure that each part of my chair was spread out in a way that made it look interesting. From the balloon that would be “floating”, the hanging flags and the humans, they all add the element of the positive and negative space.

Shape was something that I always had to take into consideration when making any sculpture. How do I want to make this look like? What would it add to my final design? What materials would be the most effective? The shape of the chair plays a critical part in the final.

If I were to pick the one most crucial element of my chair, it would be color. I do not think I did well on my sculpturing with the time that I had, so I hope to make it better with painting. Any chair sculpture would look extremely plain without a variety of color and if it were to stick with the original colors. There are many ways to approach color. With this project, different painting techniques would help your sculpture come to life.

ECODOME: Third Trial Results | Day 34

After leaving my third ecodome to Week Without Walls, I came back to find my cricket dead. This could be for multiple reasons.

  • When I opened the container, I found that it was warmer than my past 2 trials. This might be because this trial lasted the longest (13 days), which meant it stayed in the sun longer.
  • The sides of the container still had that layer of water vapor so water would not be a problem for the cricket.
  • The plant, this time, was not as healthy as the second trial, and parts of it turned brownish and some of the leaves even rotted. This could mean there wasn’t enough water in the soil for the plant, or that there is too much/too little sunlight.

My next plan is to leave it to a place where less sunlight would affect the ecodome, and not directly next to the window. I also plan on not putting any food or water, and just plants instead, since crickets eat almost everything, and, in the past trials, there were always layers of water on the container sides, so water is not an issue.


the dead cricket

ECODOME: Third Trial Building | Day 21


the top view of the ecodome – it includes sponges, soil, plants, and rocks.

On this third ecodome trial before Week Without Walls, not a lot of changes have been made. Through our last trial, we decided that the bowl of water with a sponge in it is too much water, considering the thick layer of mist, so this time we stuck with our original idea of only sponges already soaked in water. This time we also had only one cricket, since last time, I thought that they killed each other.

Everything else we kept the same, including the same plant, rocks, and sponges. The only difference between the first trial and this was the food source. We decided that it was not necessary since crickets eat almost everything, the plant and soil is an enough food source for one cricket.

Radical Inventions: HYDROPOWER vs. NUCLEAR POWER

There have been many great inventions being made since the beginning of time that helps us improve our daily lives. In Social Studies, there were debates happening between 2 radical inventions in history, mine being hydropower against nuclear power.




  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

When trying to convince someone about your view and opinion on a topic, it is important to be straightforward to keep their attention and use lots of evidence to support your idea. It is always expected that the person you’re trying to convince will have lots of opposing question to why your view is wrong, so always having lots of background research and learning how to use them in an argument is important.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

Citing your sources, even though they might not be exactly reliable  ones, during your speech would gain lots of stability as a persuader. It is easy to have good quality information, but without a citation, it may seem unreliable and the chances of the opposing team or audience agreeing with your idea would lower.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

A lot of the information I found that I thought would not help me turned out to support me a lot. It surprised me how quickly I found a piece of evidence to oppose against the team when they were giving out their speech. However, it also made me realize the information I was missing, and how I did not  think far enough during researching of what the other team might say against me.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

The fact that my argument managed to win the judges over quite surprised me. At first, I thought that I would not manage to get all my information and arguments out there, but I managed to use most of it in order to oppose against the other team.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

As I have mentioned before, thinking about what the other team might use as an opposition and finding evidence that goes against it would be more helpful. There was some parts where I had to pause to think about the evidence I could use and realized it was not enough.


ECODOME: Second Trial Results | Day 17

This second trial only lasted 6 days, unlike the first which went on for 8 days. This time, however, both of the crickets was found dead. However, I only found one and a half cricket, and the other half could not be found.

The reasons could be:

  • The high temperature was not fit for the cricket. According to a cricket breeding website,, crickets needs their temperature to be between 75-90 degrees Fahrenheit and is usually kept under a heating lamp. It also states that the hotter the temperature, the shorter the lifespan.
  • One cricket killed the other for food. After some research, I have found that crickets have cannibalistic characters, and that could lead to crickets eating each other when no other food is available to them.
  • There was a lack of space in the container. The first cricket wad found between a rock and the side of the container. Next time, I should make sure that there were no spaces crickets could fall in and not get out.

For my next ecodome, I will only use one cricket, since that would stop the possibility of cannibalism, lack of space, and have more food/resources to themselves.


the dead cricket, the other was not found.

Research Essay: How were Animations created before Professional Technologies and Softwares were Developed?


What was your biggest success?

In this topic that I chose, at first I thought it would be a difficult task to research, but in the end I found all the information that I need and managed to put it together. I also like my variety of sources and I put more effort into my introduction and conclusion more compared to other essays I’ve written so far.

What was your biggest difficulty?

For this paper, I tried something new called ‘notecards’. It is something many essay writer use in order to organize their sources and information together so it’ll be easier to put together later on. I personally extremely dislike this and think that it did not help me. I could see how sometimes it could be helpful, like remembering information, but I much prefer just writing down the information or going back, rather than having to go through the whole process of making notecards and separating information.


What would you have done differently?

I think that I would’ve spent more time on editing and revising. I think that this essay was somehow rushed, even though 5 weeks were given to accomplish it (most of it was spent on making notecard and not much on actually writing). I would also fix the way I word some of my explanation that may be confusing, especially in my 4th paragraph, where I explained how one of the animation equipments worked.

This paper exceeded my personal expectation of how I think I would’ve done. At first I was reluctant and thought I would never manage to write something I would like, but I think I am more happy with this paper than the past one I’ve written.

ECODOME: Second Trial Building | Day 11


Today, we started building our second trial. Compared to my first, there weren’t many changes that I made to the ecodome. Since the plant has grown a lot taller, it took up more space and was harder to fit into the jar. As for the food, I put a lot less food than last time and only a piece of cabbage. For the water system, this time, I filled a giant bottle cap with water, then put a sponge in it, so that the sponge would last for a longer period of time.




Another decision I made was to add 2 crickets. The reason for this was mainly to get more data and see if the ecodome is capable of holding more than just one. However, there is a possibility that they could possibly end up killing each other. As for everything else, I keep the same





ECODOME: First Trial Results | Day 9


this is what the final building of the ecodome looked like – unclosed.

Fortunately, my cricket managed to survive for 9 days in total. By day 9, the ecodome mostly still look the same, but there were minor differences.

  • The plants grew a lot taller and show no signs of dying or wilting.
  • The sponges are now completely dry
  • There was a thick layer of water condensation and evaporated water on all the sides of the ecodome
  • The temperature was much warmer than how I anticipated, and the air felt very humid and damp.
  • The pumpkin seeds stayed the same

For our next ecodome, we are aiming to be able to keep 2 crickets, hopefully without cannibalism happening. Some changes may include:

  • a decrease in food, in order to lower possibilities of mold growing
  • less water, to stop water condensation from happening and less moisture by the container’s side
  • more soil, since the plants have started to grow taller, so I assume the roots don’t have lots of room to grow

this is the cricket that survived, along with the skin that it shredded.

ECODOME: Introduction & Building First Trial | Day 1

Going into the ecology unit, the first project we got into was an ecodome, also known as a biodome or biosphere. In general, our job was to build a closed environment (jar, container, etc.) and someone keep one cricket/grasshopper or more alive for a week.

The first part was my planning. On a piece of paper, I drew and wrote down all the aspect that I would like to include in my ecodome. These things include:img_3721

  • Garden Plants / Grass:  provided as food, become closer to the cricket’s habitat, which is generally fields, meadows, with tall grass and rocks.
  • Plastic Container
  • Soil: for the plants, also adds and keeps moisture.
  • Water: since it is necessary for both plants and the cricket to have a water source. It would be put into a small container (possibly water bottle caps) since too much water could also be bad.
  • ONE cricket: 2 or more, since crickets are cannibalistic.
  • Stones: part of the cricket’s habitat, as well as to keep the plants in place.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: a possible food source for crickets

When it came to the building part itself, it mostly turned out as planned. The biggest difference would be using a sponge as a water source instead since water bottle caps could still have possibilities of drowning.