In social studies, we had a project and we were supposed to make Canaan or Egypt. Since we learned about both Canaan and Egypt, we could choose Canaan or Egypt and I chose Egypt.

I learned a lot through this unit. I learned that the geography in Egypt was awesome. They have a Nile river, and that is the LONGEST river in the world, and they have the desert ,which some other countries don't have, and they also had the mediterranean sea. I think those are the main 3 geographies in Ancient Egypt. Did you know the geographical features influenced human settlement since they could use the features as many different things.

I am really proud of my project because I think I made my world, which is Egypt, really well. I think I put all the main and important features and explained how those features influenced human settlement in my video. I am also really proud since I think my whole video came out really well. I think I really like it.

If I did this project again, what I would do something differently is that, I think I should film it during day time because I screen casted it when it was night time so next time I think I will film it when it is day time. Also trying Canaan won't be bad but I just thought Egypt would be more fun to do by making the Nile river.

I really enjoyed this project. We had a short time but it was really fun and AMAZING!

This was a really really really really hard piece of writing. It took a lot of weeks for us to finish this piece. It had a lot of steps which made us work on it really hard and memoirs were different to just writing such as fiction and non-fiction, so we had to learn about what is a memoir and what we need in the memoir to make it a good memoir. I worked really hard on the writing but I also worked really hard on the layout and the format. Hope my memoir came out well. This is the link to my memoir.^^

My Memoir


Nervously holding my script, I read out my line.

"Phew, I said it correctly," I think to my self. It felt like something in my stomach was running around in a circle. I looked at the judges but they were too scary to look at. The judges stare at me, so I look back at my script nervously. Our group is The Wall and our projects were to have sliding walls do that we can have more learning spaces.

"Are you guys ready for questions?" the judges ask us.

"Yes,"we all answer but in our minds,"You think we are ready? NO NO NO. I am so nervous that I want to go home right now so please give us easy questions, ok?"

"Ok, the first question is........" the judges ask.

"What a tuff question!" I think to my self, "I never knew that they would ask this question! What should I say?" I think to my self. We planned everything of making the sliding walls, but we forgot taking the premanent walls away. We did not know how to answer, so we said we didn't think about that and we don't know how long it takes to take the walls away.

My hands were shaking so hard that I could barely hold on to my paper. My head was like a blank sheet of paper with just weird lines on it. But the judges said ok, so we went back to our seat and everyone clapped for us.

Even when I was back at my seat, I was still a bit nervous because I really wanted to know who got the green lights. In my head, I hoped that we could get a green light.

The next day was the day to find out who got the green lights.

"There are 7 teams that got a green light," Ms.Johnson called out.

"The first team is...." Ms. Ross continued.

There were 2 teams from our class that got chosen, It was the Hut of Learning and the plastic bottle garden. And at the end, I realized that my team wasn't chosen. I thought that our team would get chosen but that was just our thought. I was crying in the inside but also happy that I actually didn't have to do it in front of the 4th graders and in front of Dr.Keller, Ms.Katie etc.

Even though I didn't get a green light, I knew that I worked really hard on this so I still think that it wasn't wasting time.




WE ARE FINALLY BACK!!!!!!!Do you have any questions for me about Cat Tien? I will answer it for u ^^


On the bus heading to Cat tien

It was an AMAZING and FANTASTIC trip! Some people were home sick but I wasn't. When we went there I learned what people in Cat tien does to save our environment and what are some sustainable solutions to save our world. The primate centre and the moon bear centre helps to save the endangered animals to protect them from getting killed.

On the boat crossing the river

The activity that I liked the most on the first day was Night Sensory Hike? ?.We walked through the street without flashlights and we listened to the animals/insects singing?.The stars ⭐️also looked really pretty and it was interesting to walk in the dark with only our night visions (No flashlights were allowed).


Also every night we were at the bonfire? and on the first day the teachers performed and on the second day the students performed. We played some games?, talked about ghost? stories and we did a lot of different activities. When I was performing with (Anna, Jessi, Halia, Soo Bin, Isobel, Saki...), we told people ghost stories and Thuy Linh, who was a volunteer, was really scared? that she was screaming the whole time (she ruined our play a bit but it wasn't that bad). After the plays we ate marshmallows (We roasted them our selves) and we went back to our cabin?.



The activity that I liked the most on the second day was the Night Safari?. We went on a truck? and we watched out for cool animals. We saw 3 female deer, 8 baby deer, 4 male deer, a moose, a rabbit?, a squirrel and a porcupine. We missed some of them because the truck was going really fast. When we were going back the wind? was really strong so I thought I was freezing, but I still think that this activity was really exciting.

My best thing about this trip was all the fun activities! All the activities we did there was really exciting and fun. I liked the Night Safari, Night Sensory Hike, Bonfire and I also did yoga.

My worst thing about this trip was that there were so many bugs and we had to sit on the grass a lot so I got a lot of bug bites. P.S: You HAVE TO bring bug repellant.

I was sad when we had to leave Cat tien but I think I will remember all the fun activities and all the exiting things that we did at Cat tien!

My reflection after I came back from Cat tien was that I think that this trip was AWESOME! But I got really tired because we had to wake up early in the morning to hear the gibbons? singing? and see the sunrise? so it was really tiring(The next day I slept for more than 11 hours, that was how sleepy, tired and how lazy we were there). Still we got to interact with the nature including the insects?( there were soooo many bugs?/insects in our room!Eg. spiders, ants?, lizards, centipedes, and one of the other room had a scorpion and a snakes)and we learned a lot about animals by going to the primate and moon bear centre. We also learned what are some sustainable solutions that the government does to help the animals and the nature (Making it GREEN?). After going to this trip, the word sustainable/sustainability came closer to us because when we interact with the nature and insects? we were eco-freindly so I think the word sustain/sustainability cam closer to us (That is only my thought). Even though we had a lot of insects in our room, I think this trip was FANTASTIC so if you wanna go to Cat tien, wait until fifth grade comes!



This is my Element Rubric for my information report. I think I did well because I got an E. E is a good mark and I honestly tried my best in this report so I think I really did well. I think it made a huge difference from my first try till my final check.

Click here to go to my information report

Next time I do this again I will get a video that will show up in Ebooks, because I actually uploaded a video in ebooks but in my preview it didn't show up. I would like to change it next time.




My goal is to read more non-fiction books and read for more that 35 minutes.


Time my self with a timer or make a schedule to see how long I read to keep track.


Wednesday: I read a non-fiction book but I only read 30 minutes so I need to read longer.?

Thursday: I read a non-fiction book but I read 35 minutes so I think I need to read a little longer.?

Monday: I read a fiction book and read only for 25 minutes. Need to read longer.?

Tuesday: I read a non-fiction book and read for 30 minutes. I think I can read a little longer.?

Wednesday: I read a non-fiction book and read for 33 minutes. I think I might be able to read a little longer.?

Thursday: I read a non-fiction(Title of the book:Did you know?) book but read for 25 minutes. Need to read more.?

Friday: I read a non-fiction book and read for 30 minutes.

Monday:I read a non-fiction book and read for 30 minutes.Getting closer!?

Tuesday:I read a non-fiction book and read for 30 minutes.GO!!!?

Wednesday: I read a non-fiction book and read for 35 minutes.Close to my goal!?

Thursday: I read a fiction book but I read for 40 minutes!!!!?

My goal went really well because at first I thought I didn't do well but after a few days, I started getting closer to achieve my goal! I think I keep on doing this goal even if I don't have to log every single time. Next time when I have another goal, I think I will be way better than this time but I think I did really well this time!??

For Super Unit, we had to make our own experiment. We could do it in partners or on your own but I did it with Jessica. When we did this experiment, we had to write a proposal that talks about" Our RESEARCH QUESTION, HYPOTHESIS, MATERIALS, PROCEDURE".

This link is to me and Jessica's proposal.

Click Here

Then we had to bring all the equipments to school and we had to do the experiment. When we were done with our experiment, we had to make a google slide to talk about our experiment. (We had to make our own slide.)

I learned that when Coke and Mentos is put together and when they fizz, It's not a chemical reaction. It's called a physical reaction. ?

For me the best part of the experiment was when I was shaking but then everything spilled. It was funny.?

If we did this experiment again, I think we can make this experiment better by getting ready everything completely.

I really enjoyed making our own experiment because it was fun to do the experiment. I hope that we can do more experiments. I think it was a great unit!?

Yesterday we had our grade 4 and 5 music? concert!?

I was really nervous because we I needed to do the MC and play the flute. It took a long time to prepare the show. But there was another problem that was going on in our class. Our class couldn't remember our classes part for the Henry Martin!?

I was sooooooooo worried about it.? When we started to sing our song and it was our classes turn we all got nervous and everyone was shaking.? When we started to sing our part, our voices were a little quieter then the other classes but we till managed to do it! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! ??

After our part was done and it was the other classes part, our class was all smiling and we were laughing because we were so proud and happy that we made it!?

Now back to my MC and the flute. I think I did really great on doing the MC and the flute. I didn't make any mistake! I think my best part during the concert was playing the flute. I really enjoyed it and the reason I thin I enjoyed it is because I didn't make any mistake. ?Great job!✨

I really enjoyed the music? concert last night!?

Todays reflection is going to be about literacy!

For my writing, I'm on to my paraphrasing part so I think I'm going pretty well with this. I don't think I'm late and I don't think I'm fast either! Though, I need to find one more answer to my Inquiry Questions so I think I am busy with this.

I have one problem with my writing. I'm trying to follow my schedule but sometimes I lost track so I think I really need to follow my schedule.

Something else in literacy is that we have been doing quick write. What we do is Mr. Edwards will give us a second to think about what we should write about and then when that time is over he will give us about 10-15 minutes to write about that small moment in a google doc. I really enjoy?doing quick write.

I think this week was great in Literacy!?