Writing Reflection

This is the comic that I have made over the past few classes. I mostly used long shot, and I used some over the shoulder. These are the techniques I used the most, and maybe some close – up shots. I think that the project wasn’t really fun, maybe I have tried something new by trying to draw something (with the computer).

PE Reflection

Properly secure float tube to torso

Communicate with victim

Float Tube tucked up under arm pits

Giant Stride entry into water (keep your head above water)

Swim with tube in front of you

Communicate with the victim (I will give the tube to you)

Extend tube to victim

Communicate to kick and hold tightly

Swim back to pool edge with eyes on the victim at all times

Make sure the victim is safe



Ecodome Reflection Day 29

We didn’t make a huge difference, but this time there is 3 crickets inside which might make a difference. We also put in some oatmeal, and some worms for their food source. We put in 3 plants, and we have estimated that the crickets will survive until the end, and we hope it actually does. We finally put in a wood, we don’t know why, but we thought it will be good for their playing area, and the design so we have added the wood in. movie-on-12-14-16-at-11-48-am  20161214_112505  20161214_112458

Ecodome Reflection Day 16

We haven’t made any changes on our third design because we thought that if we only put enough food, water and plant the plants well that our ecodome will survive for the whole WWW. So we made it and the day we left to WWW the crickets died, and we were thinking what to do next during the whole WWW time.


Ecodome Reflection Day 12

We haven’t made a lot of changes, but one of the different materials we put in is the sponge. Our second design still didn’t last very long. Our second design lasted for a week which was a good information to us and made us want to improve and showed us that we had a chance to keep the crickets alive. The main important part we didn’t do was we didn’t put any food in so they had to starve which was a huge problem. Our ecodome wasn’t as succesful as what we expected, but still has lasted very long.


After they all died the results were that not everything was molded, because our very first one was all covered in mold, so that was pretty disgusting.

Radical Inventions Debate

My Debate Satement : The toilet is a more radical invention than wheels ( team pro )

Pro Team : MinJae & San

Con Team : HanBeom & Hieu

My Roles : Debater, Judge, Peer Evaluation, Team Evaluater, Moderater, Timer

From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain. – I learned that when your counterclaim is strong its hard to defend yourself. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully. I think it was fun and I think I deserved the win with my partner San.What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience? I was surprised that I actually won the debate. What were you most proud of in your own debate? – That i prepared it well, and I think I was good at counterclaiming what they attacked us with. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently? – I would have prepared more carefully.

Self Assesment, Judge Assesment, Peer Assesment


Student Led Conference ELA 8

I think that my biggest success in this quarter is the grade I kept, but I don’t think this is too good. I had several difficulties and the major difficulty is keeping up with my homework, I think this was the same to all other classes, but I think that I improved with my homework than last quarter. I think I should’ve had a homework document to keep track of all my homework, because I kept forgetting the main information of the homework. Next time I will keep track of all my homework, and I think that I can do much more better than this time.

Science Ecodome Reflection Day 1


This picture is the design on our first day, we noticed that it already has some moisture in it. We have put in some oranges, sunflower seed, plants, soil, water, rocks, and 2 cricket. we thought the cricket will like the food, and will survive for a long time, but eventually they all died at the end.

What are the components of your ecodome? Why have you chosen each one?

  • Soil, Cactus ( If Possible To Buy), 1 cricket, ants, 500 ml, fruit, vegetables, rocks

I have chosen soil because soil is the basic material for a living insect to live in, and I wanted a cricket because I thought I knew what they like to eat. I wanted a cactus because cactus is a type of plant that makes water. 500 ml of water is needed to keep the soil moist. Fruit & vegetables are needed for the crickets food. The rocks are just there for design.

Here are some examples of components:

  • Amount of soil, Type of soil, Number of plants, Type of plants, Number of crickets, Other types of animals, Amount of water, Food amount, Etc.

Changes made on design day:

  • this could include any change from your original design based on your experience while building; like adding or subtracting of materials, change in habitat design, etc

Our design changed because we decided to put in 2 crickets, orange peels, sunflower seed, a lot of water, no cactus, live plant. We changed almost everything that probably might help the crickets live.

Science Ecodome Reflection Day 7

We have put in 2 crickets inside our ecodome, and eventually on our last day when we went to check if they are alive or not, we saw 2 dead crickets lying on the floor. We have noticed that even our plants were all dead. On the day we have made the ecodome, I haven’t put the plant in strait into the soil because I put the plant in after putting the crickets inside. The roots weren’t stuck into the soil, and I think I gave to much water to the soil, and I have made almost a pool for them for putting too much water in. Next time I am going to change the order of things I put in. For example, I am going to put the plant in first after putting the soil in and not make a mistake with putting the cricket in first.  img_0950img_0949

This is the photo of what happened on the day we tried opening our ecodome, no living things even the worms died.

Quarter 1 Reflection (ELA)

During ELA ( Exploratory Language Arts ) class we have been making an newspaper, and my article was about the sport population in SSIS. First, we would write one article personally, and then gather up into groups to add up all the articles to make a newspaper. What I think that I did well is nothing, what I think that I haven’t done so good is proof reading, because of that I got a lot of grammar, punctuation, spelling  problems, and didn’t really get a good score.

One of the new things I have learned during this assignment is that I must proof read after writing everything, because only proof reading can deduct a lot of our scores. I have learned more than this, I have learned that cooperating with our group members were very important, because one of the group members said that she will do it, but eventually she didn’t really do it, so we all helped her to connect all the articles together to make a complete newspaper.

My quarter one wasn’t really good as I thought would be, but one thing to make sure is that my grades got just a tiny bit better than the time I didn’t really wanted to study, and only played around everyday. My life got a little bit easier in the last day of quarter one, and when I didn’t study and suddenly just started, I couldn’t focus on what I am doing, because I am not used to studying. I think that my quarter 1 was overall amazing, and I think that I can have a better quarter 2.

MinJae’s Article