I researched about Merriwether Lewis and William Clark. Something interesting I learned that they brought a dog and lewis was super strict. I enjoyed the living wax museum because I got to see what other people got to do and I like how they memorized. My explorer had a positive impact. He discovered north west America so everyone can go there. I used to think lewis was nice but he was not but know I know he is strict. I found talking difficult in this project be because i was shy and they sometimes made me laugh

I learned how to figure draw with charcoal.

This is my drawing of mr James this drawing. I really like it is my only complete drawing Im really proud of this master piece .

I want to work on drawing the feet because i make it to big.

For the past few months we had a super duper big math project  let me list them.We did rounding and comparing .We did adding and subtracting   big numbers.And we did different  forms.  Ok so this is my favorite one. we got to  make our own games  not just normal card games but math card games.

heres a tip for rounding its a cool poem the teacher  taught  us. Who's that knocking   on my back door 5 or more raise the score 4 or less let it rest all the numbers to the right turn to a zero in a fright. this poem was very useful. it would help me in math like this problem. Round 24,214,551 to the closest 10,000 what do i do i use the poem of course.

this is how mis Sylevester taught us place value

I am super proud of my rounding skills before I was so so so so bad now I just know it just like magic. I would really like to work on my subtracting skills. Overall this unit was great.

On thursday october 5  grade 4 made history . It was the first g4 sleep over first we went down to the auoditorium to play it was cool playing the tag games.  Then we went to go eat i choose to eat springrolls  it taste super good. Then we took a shower so we wont stink. Then we played games  to make us sleepy i played wink murder. then it was time to sleep heres something funny when we were sleeping we heard a big blurrrrrrffffff someone farted. When we finished we ate breakfast and it was a school day. OIverall it was awesome.

This week  my teacher teach us about yoga and sleeping. We did yoga and learn about sleeping it is very useful the teacher told us about how to sleep better. It was very useful when i went home i took a hot shower then i brush my teeth and then i do body scan it did not work so i put the A.C very cold then i was sleeping.




An important fact I learned was our heart pumps blood to our whole body.

The most interesting activity was the chicken wing when we pull the muscle and the chicken. wing moves

I had a hard time  with this type of liquid that we blow carbon dioxide the liquid should turn yellow but it did not work.

I would still like to learn about our heart it was very interested.

I think it's important for me to learn about body systems because it is very important and i can know whats bad and whats good.