Viable Vietnam was a very fun Unit we got to go on so many field trips. Getting to go on the field trips was a fun way to learn and have fun. I think my favorite was catching fish. It was so fun i caught 7 of them. We watch some documentaries and ms Sylvester told us we were going to make our own. Me and my group chose sugarcane juice. We had this thing called the film festival and it was the day were our documentaries were on the big screen. Overall I think it was very very fun.

Last week we made cookies. Not just normal cookies but no bake cookie. We had to use fractions to make them For example I need 1/2 a cup of flour now I take 1/2 and x 2  so I actually need 2/2 a cup. and when we are done with all the ingredients we need to write how to make it. My favorite part was eating t      Them I think this was very fun. Normally I think fractions are boring but getting a prizes like the ingredients for making cookies are awesome. Overall it was very Fun.  This project help me a lot because I want to eat the cookies.







So we did book partnerships. Book partnership Is when  you read a book out loud to the teacher then she partners you with some one in the same level. Then you read your book and plan it with your partner. Then we do reading response with your partner.

In literacy we learned about punctuation and compound sentences. Now I can wright really good and wont have problems.

Here is a photo of what I learned

On Friday ,December.8 Grade 4 had our unit 2 celebration. First we did our service expo. My group idea was to make a music show to raise and donate money for kids with hearts that don't work well. Next was drama I had a lot of fun in drama. In the play I was the smartest guy in the world well I was not smart. In the play I got the backpack instead of a parachute. Next was music. In music I played


my wacky instrument it was so fun. Last was art in art my mom taught me how to draw flowers with water color. overall this was awesome.

4MS finished math unit 2 we ended it with a math test. On my pre test I got 9 percent. On my post one I got 66 percent. I think I got better but I am not satisfied with a 66 percent I am 100 percent sure I can get better. We start with the ice cream challenge I was not good at multiplication but it was a chance to get better I had a lot of problems memorizing.

I was mad at my self waisting time and tried to practice my 7,8 and 9 but I couldn't memorize. Then we did multiplication drills there was 100 questions and I had to solve them in 10 mins. But i was to slow but got 77 i was still happy with how i solve 77 questions in 10 mins. I learned so many things.

all the things i learned

I researched about Merriwether Lewis and William Clark. Something interesting I learned that they brought a dog and lewis was super strict. I enjoyed the living wax museum because I got to see what other people got to do and I like how they memorized. My explorer had a positive impact. He discovered north west America so everyone can go there. I used to think lewis was nice but he was not but know I know he is strict. I found talking difficult in this project be because i was shy and they sometimes made me laugh