Day 2 RIP


On day 2 of our eco-dome project sadly the cricket didn’t make it that far, through my observation the food have molded and glass has risen its temperature it was very hot when we touch it. Probably the jar itself has absorbed in sunlight which is then converted into thermal energy which entered into the jar causing the temperature to rise. And because of that, it could be the reason why the water started to form on top of the jar since when the thermal energy increase the temperature will rise and when the jar is closed it is preventing the molecules from escaping outside to evaporate. Instead, it traps the molecules inside which then will change its state of matter and turned into a gas form because of the rising temperature, and will form the drops of water that are located above the jar. But the trees and plants are completely fine it is green and so far it is good and healthy, I think that the reason on why it did survive was because it was provided with enough water maybe by the evaporated water and sunlight and for carbon dioxide which in this case is provided by the crickets. So since the plants are provided with the right amount of reactants that it need it was able to survive. The water that we’ve provided for the cricket is still left, the dirt though is moist I’ve also noticed that some of the molds started to form on the edges of our wooden fence to prevent the cricket from invading into the plant section as well as towards the lid of the jar. The smell was horrible it smells like rotten food and it was very humid on the inside of the jar. Mostly everything went well the plants survive only the food is molded and our crickets have died.

Here’s an image of our observations:


Why Did The Cricket Die?

To me personally, I think that because we’ve placed it in direct sunlight and after me and Gia Ky have looked up the facts about crickets online again and it stated that crickets prefer to be in the shade more than out in the sun so I guess that could probably be the reason on why it didn’t make it. And when we hold the jar up to observe the inside of it, it was boiling hot since the material that the jar was made out of is glass and because it was placed in direct sunlight it could’ve heated up the glass jar because through what I have known is that glass is a material that can get heated up really easily.



Our next step could be to not place the jar in direct sunlight and also to sprinkle in a bit of salt on the food to prevent it from molding. And I also think that if we can recreate the fence to make it higher and steadier so that the cricket can’t pass through it then it would be better. Earlier through what I’ve observed and from the picture above you can see clearly that one of them fell down the fence and died next to the jar lid which I think that it might get stuck or it crawled around and at first attempting to explore but then, unfortunately, it fell down the fence that we made and couldn’t find it’s way out and got stuck and died there. The section where the cricket fell didn’t contain any food or water supplies for it so maybe its death could be related to starvation. Although I’m not 100% sure but I guess that is what has happened. So one thing that should be changed is the fence. In conclusion the 3 things that I’ve mentioned earlier that I think should be change is first the food, second the fence and third but most importantly the placement of the jar (DO NOT PUT IT IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT!!!!!).

Individual Reflection

1st Individual Reflection:

What did you do today? How?

  • Today I  started molding the chairs and also started to sculpt out the bar table using wet clay. The molding part with the chairs is the hardest since it requires a lot of detailed and all of the details or sculpture is miniature. And because the clay that we use to mold the tiny furniture are dry clay so it dries out very fast which makes it hard to assemble.  To make the chairs I used wires and mold clay on top it of it so that it is easier and not as fragile as if the clay is used alone. I could only make 3 chairs since the other broke because it was too fragile and then I skipped to molding the bar table with the real clay.

How do you think your group members went?

  • Our group worked really well everybody stays on task and did their part Bean make the trees and the tables, Melody plaster the top of the bar, Cindy molded the bar stools and I worked on the chairs and the bar.

What do you think of your progress so far? Why?

  • It was great! Because everyone in our group worked really hard and they all stay on task to help finish the cafe gallery model. And we all have fun!

What is your group plan for next 5 classes?

  • Our group plan is to finish molding and sculpting to move on with the painting and the decorations inside of the cafe gallery.


2nd Reflection:

What did you personally achieve today? Describe how/what techniques?

  • Today we started to paint the bar as well as the rest of the whole entire interior. Also, we decorated in the inside of the cafe gallery model with various materials that we think would look good in it, and would fit the theme as well as meet the expectations to be the as close as possible to Hundertwasser’s  architectures. We also painted the walls again so that it looks good.  And we also put in frames for our windows. I personally decorate, paint the bar and decorate it by painting spirals and hidden faces, and make the frames.  For the frames, we used air dry clay to form the frame and also after that we used a hot glue gun to glue it in place. My group also did the same thing although they focus more on painting the rest of the interior except for the bar stool and did the same thing that I did.

How did the rest of the group do? Did they all have jobs and assist with the progress of your sculpture? Explain

  • The group did great all of the members participate Melody painted the interior which is the background for the walls and also she decorated the inside as well as work on the frames. Bean decorate the interior and Cindy did the same thing except she helped Melody of the frames.

What challenges did you face today?

  • The only challenge was with molding the clay because it dried out fast and then when you hot glue it, it doesn’t really work. That’s the only thing.

What are your last steps or plans to complete this task?

  • The last plan is to glue in the clear plastic to finish the window and also a bench next to the window to look at the view of the outside.

Art Project Reflection

Introduction: We’ve been learning a lot about Hundertwasser for the past semester and our project was based on his drawing styles. We were suppose to choose a given place and transform it into something Hundertwasser would do. Tam, Bean, Cindy and I decided to make the interior of a cafe gallery in Hundertwasser ways. Although there were some arguments and struggles on the way, we still managed to create a great product in the end. As much as we love our products because of how pretty it is, we are not graded base on that. Our grades are based on, effort, reflections, and evidence of our work.


Process: Our group have developed a lot of progress to make our cafe gallery. We started with a pretty clear idea of what we’re going to do but as time passed, our idea shifted to adapt different needs. We had disagreements, rearrangements and all of that stuff but we still made it through in the end. We sometimes have disagreements mostly about how we should position things or what to add, because of our different minds and ideas. But in the end, one of us always stopped and agreed with the others to stop the war.  ( For more info about our process go to link )


Evaluation: This cafe gallery got its inspiration from Hundertwasser styles and paintings. Because of how much he loved nature, we made the cafe partily about nature. We used variety of bright color schemes to create the happy excited feeling in the cafe. Most of the things in our cafe are not straight or perfectly made, and that became a good thing. Hundertwasser have always have a thing for curvy lines and have always hated straight. That’s why most of his buildings or painting are never perfectly made in a sense of reality.  I think we did a pretty good job on connecting it to Hundertwasser and had our own touch in it. I don’t think we should change anything if we’ve done it again, everything was just almost perfect.




  • Cindy: Overall, I think that this project help us learned a lot from Hundertwasser’s eye of painting and sculpting. We got to try out different techniques that were used by Hundertwasser and created this beautiful project that we’re really proud of. We also applied lots of different techniques by Hundertwasser on our paintings and it turned out to be so beautiful and look a lot like his style, One example is the paintings and the spirals that were painted on our gallery like the tables or the wall. Finally, this was a great experience for me and I also learned a lot from this project, our team had created a wonderful piece of art that we’re really proud.  


  • Melody: This was a very different and unique project. We got to see the world through Hundertwasser’s eyes and learn/use his skills on our paintings and sculpture. One example is we learned the art of spirals trees.


  • Tam: These past weeks it was very different from the rest of the projects because we made tiny, fragile pieces to add to the entire building.  The challenging part was building and sculpting the structures and little pieces. Since everything have to be detailed and tiny it was very hard to mold. The clay dry out a lot and so the time was limited on sculpting the structural parts. I focused on molding the bar table, chairs and the design for the building I also came up with different ideas that we can insert to make our 3d model stand out.Overall I believe that this approach for the team project was great. Although it was kind of hard since every team member have their own opinion and thoughts. We did have an argue over what should we put or build inside the building and also throughout the process of making the 3d model. We solved it out pretty easily and overall it was a great experienced. I am looking forward to this kind of teamwork project in the future.


  • Bean: The Art project, came out really great and everyone added their own unique pieces to it. I added, the colorful carpet for one side of the room, to symbolize Hundertwasser’s bright colors that he uses in his painting as well as the tree inside the bar, which combines an element of real trees to Hundertwasser’s love for nature. Overall this project helped me overcome obstacles that came with making such a tiny pieces of furniture as well as teamwork. But in the end, I think that my group did a great job on making the project  

Medieval Europe

Healer is a very dangerous job to other people in the medieval time. Healer is feared by most people. A healer required a person with a skilled ability with herbs and is able to heal a lot of patients. In Medieval times most people believe that when a person got sick or ill it would be a punishment from gods or goddesses. Poor people can’t really afford to be heal by a doctor also because of the amount of doctor is left is very few in those conditions they would usually pray to saints and believe that they would be heal by their prayers. Women in Medieval times would usually have a lot of knowledgeable with herbs and folk remedies.  But whenever a healer become so skilled and have too much knowledge of herbs and folk remedies, then they would be accused of being a witch. People who were accused of being a witch were often being burned to death. Some people were accused for being a witch although they were innocent. If a person that is in a higher class than you they can accuse you for being a witch, and if the lords or priest supports them then you would be accused no matter what. A healer to the peasants/ people were a dangerous job and most people were scared of it. That’s why the percentage of healers were very few in the village.The Witch Hunt goes on for hundreds of years before it stop. No matter what gender you are if you’re skilled with plants, herbs or healing people you can still be accused of being a witch. When a person is accused of being a witch they would have to pass a test to prove their innocence, they were plunged under water if they drowned then they were innocent and if not they would be look as witches and would be burned to death. Finally King Kalman of Hungary reigned from 1095 to 1116 ended it and said that there’s no such thing as witches and he ordered that there were to be no more witch trails or anything that related to hunting witches are allowed in his country.


USA, witch trial, Salem 1692, lithograph. Photo. Britannica ImageQuest, Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. Accessed 15 Feb 2017.

Water Filter Design ?

The Water Filter Design was a challenge which required as  a group to come up with a design that can filter water and especially turning it to a drinkable source. The challenge requirements are

  • Completely remove all our contaminants, including salt, copper and sediment
  • Produce water with an acidity range between 6-8 ph
  • Generate at least 15 ml of water for testing. (ideally, more the better.)
  • Your NGO can provided solar panel system s with limited electricity to families.
  • Use materials that are available to people in rural Vietnamese villages, or within the limited budget

So in my group we decided first to build a model which required a beaker, a hot plate, a rubber band, and a pencil we decided to extract the water that evaporate into the cling wrap. Because when water  evaporate into the cling wrap it will filter out the bacteria, copper, and the turbidity level would be low. But the result didn’t turn out as we wanted because of the amount of water that we were able to get out of the cling wrap it isn’t enough to even test the ph level, turbidity and copper so we fail on the first test. Then we decided to change our prototype to filter and boil and we manage to collect water samples to test but the result isn’t that good the Ph level and the copper didn’t turn out as we expect it. So we change it again into a purifying system and filter system and the result have improved a lot from before but unfortunately, we didn’t get to boil it on the hot plate because it is occupied by another team instead we filtered it many times. In the last class we boiled it and add baking soda to our final result to neutralized the acid and we did it everything is in place the result finally turned out to be what we’ve expected.

My digital poem


Throughout the process of making this video what struggles me the most is uploading the video and the music/sound effects for the music and sound effects it must rise up and down to create the emotions toward the audience. It is very hard to get everything in time and where to insert the sound effect and where to cut it, the sound effect and the music took most of my time. All of the time and effort I put into it is worth it, I’m very proud of myself after finishing editing, cutting, extend and adding the sounds and music it sounded really good in time/beat, awesome. After finishing the video it comes to, the uploading stage it failed a couple of times almost to the point where I thought that I would never get that onto my drive. One of my classmates stepped up and helped me with uploading my video to my drive, everything is solved perfectly. The video helped the express my idea and theme more than my actual poem since with the poem, it’s just a bunch or words, but with the video I get to express my emotions by rising up my tone, music and sound effect to make it clearer to the reader on what I want to express about. I emphasize a lot on my voice and the music since those were the two big major things that can really capture the audience attention and emotions. If I have a chance to change something in my poem it would by the images I wanted to put in more images that the audience would think about after they’ve watched the video something that they could bring out of the video and thought to themselves about what does it means. Overall was pretty good I really enjoyed it. One advice I could give out of this project to the students who would do this assignment in the future is that do not waste your time on other stuff and don’t leave it to the last minute!

SS Year Review

Throughout the year in social studies, I have learned a lot of topics and have shown what I learn through the effort that I put in my projects. The first topic that I studied is Timeline and Chronological Order. I really like that topic it is fun interesting and just awesome. The project that we have to do on that topic is to make a timeline which shows the remarks in our life. I enjoy it because we get to draw out the scenes and pictures that represent that time period. And I am a pretty artistic person so I really like to draw and to craft stuff. Another topic that I’ve learned in the social study semester is the government topic, that topic was insane it was obviously harder than the timeline. Since you have to remember every single type of government and the definition of it, it is challenging right especially to those who have no idea of what government is I think that is me. Well, I know government but has no idea of the type of government such as dictator, republic, and theocracy. Through that, we had a test on government it went out really good. Another topic that we’ve studied that most people like is the Ancient Egypt because we get to build a model of it in Minecraft. Which is a game where you built stuff out of blocks,  and the two most recent topic is the Sparta and Athens and the Ancient Rome. We learned about their cultures politics and government. It was really interesting and  for those two topics, we did the same project which is to write a long piece that talks about those topics.

The project that I like the most is the timeline as I have said I am an artistic person so I really like something that has to do with arts and crafts. And the topic that I find challenging and also that I didn’t really enjoy is the Government. I found it in my opinion boring. That’s just my opinion on that project.

Poetry Reflection

At first, before starting this poem unit I didn’t know what line breaks is I have no clue about it. And I also thought that there’s only 1 way to write poem, which is rhyme, but now as I started this unit and go deep into it. I realize that my thought was incorrect, poems can be written in many ways I also learned that line breaks are used to separate lines of poetry  to emphasize a certain word or phrase to make that word pop out to the reader. I wouldn’t consider myself as a poet, a poet is a person who really feel poem as their life they write poems no matter where they are they’ll write poems even if they don’t have to. To me I don’t have that ability, poem isn’t what I call my interest. And I don’t think that I’ll continue writing poem after this unit out of class anymore. So that’s why I wouldn’t consider myself a poet. My experience in this unit is positive. It is great to learn how to make poetry appealing to the audience and how can we improve it to make it better. I really have shown improvement throughout the unit at first I have my poem written in one stanza and very minimum figurative language in it. But as I go deeper in the unit I start to improve on my figurative language figurative, stanzas, white space and line breaks. I have used it effectively to enhance my poem. This topic unit of poetry really pushes my writing to another level!

My Characters

alice-in-wonderland molly-moonkatniss

These three characters describe me the most. Why? Well first of we have Alice, in Alice In Wonderland she is a girl that is very curious of her surroundings and one day she bumps into this white talking rabbit and it took her to another world. A world full of adventure and magic. Well, I’m a pretty curious person too! I always wonder about my surroundings and want to find out more about something that I am curious about. The second character is Molly Moon, she is an orphan that is be raised in this terrible orphanage with this awful woman that gave out tons of rules. She loves books and will read all day long, one day she found a book and that is the only book in this world teaches how to hypnotize a person or a group of people to do whatever you told them too. and her first attempt will be the mean old lady in the orphanage. One thing that makes me and Molly Moon similar is that we both love to read, I would literally spend my whole day on a book that I like in one space no matter how long it will take. The last one is Katniss Everdeen, She is a tribute in the Hunger Game, it is a game where people get picked to fight in the arena and there will only be one last survivor in the game that will come out safe and get to life a happy life after that. But Katniss wasn’t being chosen she volunteer as tribute for her sister and risk her life to the deadly battle. I would also risk my life saving the ones that I love.