Substandard Housing in Vietnam

In this project on Human Rights, we focused on improving/learning about substandard housing in Vietnam. This is an important skill because there are millions of people in Vietnam that are homeless or have poor quality shelters. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to cooperate with teammates. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

At first, our teammates didn’t get along. We all had different perspectives, ideas, and opinions, so it was hard to make or get something that we were satisfied with. However, as time passed by, that became an advantage to us and made something creative out of it. In the end, we were able to create something that we were all happy with.

Because of my service-learning, now I am more aware of ‘lack of shelter’ or ‘substandard housing’ in Vietnam. Millions of people in Vietnam suffer from being homeless or having a poor shelter. Also, this project inspired me think more about donating or helping others in need in the future.

While doing this project, I felt really passionate and excited about designing the house. Once we were done, I felt really accomplished. If I could, I want to try to study more about interior designing or just designing in general iIMG_20160527_095224731_HDRn the future.

How did Ethnocentrism affect Imperialism in Europe?

In social studies class, we focused on improving/learning about the European Imperialism. This is an important skill because it is one of the events that happened in history that has effected Europe a lot. One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to write efficiently. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I have accomplished.

European Imperialism is possibly one of the most effective times in history that has impacted Europe. Economics, Technology, Politics, and much more were not the same after Imperialism. The European Imperialism started around the 19th century and ended in the early 20th century. During the Imperialism, the European nations like the British, the Germans, the Spanish and much more, conquered African lands and took Africa’s natural resources. The primary driving force behind the European imperialism was ethnocentrism. Some may say that it was the economical benefits the European countries were able to make. However, although this argument sounds convincing at first, the European countries were already very wealthy, so it could not have been the primary driving force.

European countries were competing with each other, which made them desperately desire and need more power. European countries continually tried to gain more power than the others by constantly trying to conquer more African lands. By 1884, only eight countries in Europe were conquering the second biggest continent in the world (Document A). But, Imperialism was not just about conquering Africa. While conquering Africa, there were competitions between European countries wanting to be more superior than the other. This is most likely the reason why the European countries were able to take over Africa in only such a short period of time, which you could also say was the primary driving force.

Some historians may argue that the primary driving force behind European Imperialism was the economical benefits the Europeans were able to make while conquering Africa. As you can see in Document E, it shows the profit the European countries were able to make. If you look closely at the data, you can see that they were making millions and millions of pounds just by taking over Africa and by using their natural resources. Even though this claim might sound logical at first, Europeans were already financially stable and would not have put in so much effort just to make more money. So, it couldn’t have been the primary driving force for the Imperialism in Europe.Looking at Document F, the British were already making assumptions that they were more superior than the African countries and it also talks about how the British should help the Africans. However, there is no reason for the British to help the Africans because it would only cost time and money so it is logical to conclude that they were only just trying to prove and show that they were in a higher rank in society than most of the countries. The true motivation behind the European imperialism was ethnocentrism.

To conclude, it is clear that the primary driving force for the Imperialism in Europe was ethnocentrism and not the economical benefits the Europeans were making. After reading my essay, you can clearly see how ethnocentrism stands out the most out of all the reasons. Ethnocentrism was the principal for the European Imperialism. Without the Imperialism, European countries wouldn’t have developed as much as it is today. But was using another nation to thrive necessary?

I had trouble figuring out what evidences to use and how to connect the evidences to my claim. We also only had to use the evidences given on the packet, so it was pretty challenging to figure out the perfect evidence.

Bonjour Matin

Bonjour Matin means good morning in French and it is also the name our dish that we’ve created during Health class. In Health Class, we were put in to groups of 4 or 5 and we had to create a healthy dish. Our group had 4 different types of salad with chicken, fried rice with carrots and bean, and we had apples and bananas for dessert.


Shoot the Ball!

This year in Physical Education, we covered many units. One of them was soccer. Our class was divided into 3 teams of 6 and inside the teams, we all had different roles. There was a statistician, a fitness trainer, an equipment manager, and lots more. In my team, I was the coach. As a coach, I think I’ve done well in organizing our team and deciding their positions. I faced a lot of challenges throughout being a coach and one of them was keeping the team together during matches. We somehow got scored very early in every game and from then on, it was hard to keep the team together.

1.2 kilometer runs were quite challenging for me. My results mostly depended on whether I was in good condition or not. Sometimes, I would push my limits and run my hardest, but most of the times my legs didn’t work how I wanted them to work. I don’t think I improved in running, because my results did not show any signs of improvement.

In games, I tried my best to play fair. As a result, I didn’t get any yellow or red cards. I also didn’t give any free-kicks to the other team. Talking to my team positively while losing was a challenge. However, I did try my best to talk positively. I also constantly encouraged my teammates.

I think this unit as a whole was fun. But, I think there could be some things that could be fixed. I don’t think the captains/coaches should be given the role, but I think whoever wants to be captain should be captain, because they are willing to work hard as a captain. I would recommend this activity/unit to others.

Publicist Notes


SLC Science

The chemistry unit for me was very challenging. Even though I would study for the quizzes and tests, I would usually get a below-average grade. The basic concepts in chemistry were easy to understand, but as we got more specific it got harder. There were a lot of pictures shown during teaching, so that let me understand things better. But, there were a lot things that had to be memorized, which was very time consuming and hard. I have a lot of areas that I should improve on this unit. I should study longer and more effectively instead of reading through everything and trying to memorize everything.

The ecology unit was the least challenging for me. It was more about understanding than memorizing, which I am really bad at. I was able to study at my own pace and by my own style, so it was easiest out of all the units. The quizzes and tests were less challenging than others because we were able to use our notes. I could improve on this unit by taking better notes and by studying more deeply in to the contents.

The climate change unit just started, but I already think I should study more. I messed up on the first quiz, so I should try my best on the quizzes and tests that are coming up.

SLC Advisory

What activities were most memorable?

My most memorable activity was visiting the first graders and making the reindeers with them for Christmas. It was our 2nd time visiting, so my partner and I were pretty close. My partner was very talkative the whole time so it was fun. Also, our reindeer turned out really well at the end.

Which goals do you feel you have had the most growth or success with so far this school year in advisory?

“building group spirit”

Through team building games in advisory, I learned how to work better as a team.



SLC Language Arts

What are your academic, social, and personal goals for the rest of the year?

For my academics this year, I am aiming to get around an A. In order to do that, I will have to complete and hand in all my homework in time, pay attention to class, and concentrate more when we are given a task. Also, for the rest of this year I will try to be more organized by putting folders and documents in the right place (Google Drive), keeping the handed out sheets neat and tidy, and always carrying around a pencil and a notebook.

I am expecting to spend more time with my family throughout the year. We could spend more time by watching a movie, playing sports together, and etc.

At the end of this year, I am hoping that I get better at playing guitar by being able to read tabs faster and more fluently. Also, I am planning to learn more than 3 challenging pieces of music. I am going to eat more healthy during lunch.

End of Year Language Arts Post

This semester in Language Arts, we focused in writing. We made newspapers, practiced information writing, and we also learned how to improve on our introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The newspaper article was the most successful for me. Even though it took our group a long time to finish it, the newspaper turned out nicely. The articles inside the newspaper (which we wrote) were good, the design of the newspaper was great, and lastly our group had fun making the newspaper.

Writing an informational paper was a challenge for me. It was hard to gather only reliable facts, decide which paragraph is going to go first, and it was hard to write an interesting introduction to hook the readers. However towards the end of the unit, I got a little more confident in informational writing.

Academically, grade eight is sort of a disaster for me. I need to learn how to get more organized and how to manage my time more wisely. But outside of school, I am doing great. I improved on my guitar, my soccer skills, and etc. I hope next semester, I also do well in academics.