John Cabot

I was researched about John Cabot, and I like him. Something that very interesting I learned was that more then 1000 people like him when he only did one trip. That was the record.

I in joy my living museum because it was very fun to listen to other people work and pressing the bottom to be in life again, and that very fun. I found I very difficult to memorized my work.

I used to think that John Cabot just a explorer that just explore a lot places, and no one like him, but when I keep reading more then 1000 people like him.





I like this drawing because the left leg is very hard to draw because that leg is bend, but I made it! I draw the leg very good that is why I like this drawing. I think I have to work on my boss line because sometimes my boss line is too long so the leg would be ugly, so I have to make the line smaller.



I was very nervous when I first got on stage to make our speech, even though we did have the time to practice. In the beginning I was scared that I could not memorize my script, luckily there was was a screen showing the script, so if I could not remember some part I could just looked at it. It was really helpful and made me less scared, and I think I did well on my presentation.

I think we should keep the G4 talk. because kids could increase the memorizing skill and learning in a fun way! 



When I was doing my G4 talk I felt very nerves and very scare that something will happen in the middle of the play. Then when I got to the middle of are scripted I was not nerves anymore and  I felt more better when I reach to the middle. When I feel better I don’t need to look down to the screen a lot of time. But I think i have to improve my hand gestures because in the talk I did not use a lot of hand gestures I only did like 4 hand gestures in that play, and I have improve on my speaking clearly so people can  hear us. I learned that going on stage standing on front if people taking to them and make a mistake is ok, but not a lot.



Screen time is not good for you and is not good for your eye, not good for your brain too. When you wanted to sleep don’t turn on your Mac Book or Phone or Ipad. So it helps you sleep fast. So when you are sleeping and you turn on your screen when you wake up to go to the bathroom or have a bad dream. So your brain wakeup so the bran will say that you are telling me that you have to work so the brain will work. So when you turn off the mac book it’s hard for you to sleep because your brain is hard to turn off.



Do you know that smoking is bad for you , because your lungs can stop pushing the bad thing out. If you smoke your brain don’t have a lot of oxegan, and you can past away early because your lungs will stop passing the oxegan around your body. And your lungs help you breath to so you smoke you will feel that you can’t breath.

Unit 1-Understanding Ourselves ‘s Post on Friday, December 9, 2016

We have been learning about simple machines and how they make work easier.Just for fun we have built Rube Goldberg machines.
Rube Goldberg machines are the opposite of a simple machine.
They are complicated machines that do simple task. My Rube Goldberg machine is made up of pulley,levers,incline plane. Here is in action.