When I first heard about the we are making documentary, I was so excited. And I think that when we are doing the documentary with are group, I thought it will be good in are team work, but it turn out bad we have a lot of shouting and you have to do this and that. That what happen to are team.

Before we make are documentary we went on some field trip. The first day we went on the water puppet show and interview some person, and take photo. The second day we went to the áo dài museum, the third day we went to Bình Dương to plant an catch fish. After the field we have a lot of idea we made are documentary. First we choose  about banh trang tron, But then we have a lot of problem when we are making are documentary. But at last we made it we had completed are documentary ! These are the problems we have no time for doing it, I have classes, my mom does not let me. Down on the bottom is are banh trang tron Imovie. I h ope you guys like are documentary

After I finished my documentary we did film festival. That event we show all are documentary. And I feel proud of my self.

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Viable Vietnam launch.

Yesterday, I went down to the auditorium to do are unit launch. There was a lot of activities, but we have to fill out the paper. Like sketching the steps, and write your favorite thing that you learn in that group, then you do the activities. Some activities let you eat food, watch video, make non la and let you to play Vietnam game. We are doing this launch for are unit.

In this launch I learned that áo dài was made out of Stilkworm. They worms have to eat every 2 hours at the morning, at night every 3 hours they need to eat. Now I know that áo dài is very hard to make because every morning you have to feat them about 2 hours, at night you only can sleep like 3 hours then wake up, sleep another 3 hours then you have to wake up!

I have fun in the games group and the eating group and the áo dài group.



Heart of exploring reflection.

Today we are showing are parents about what did we explore in special and class. So we are going to show are parent what we explore in music, art, class, Drama. 


So first we went to music and we show what we explore music. When I come in, my friend and me have to play are instrument that we made up. Are instrument is call boinger. After that we have to teach are mom how to play are instrument, and teach them are patterns that we made with. 









After that we went to art class to show are things that we explore. When I walk in there is a lot of activity. So we will go in one activity and teach are parents. I choose painting so I teach my parents how to paint, my mom paint a mouse I paint a Roblox logo.  






When the time is over for art, we went up and teach what we explore in class. So are project is about teach kid playing basketball and donating the money that we teach to the poor kids. The title of are project is teach for fun.  And some people  are involved not just us, there is: Long, Keming, Minh D, Dale, SSIS coaches, some basketball players, like Viet Arnold in the team Saigon Heat. 







After the class we come down to Drama class to percent are Joke plays. Are Joke title is Genie. So are joke is about like there is three people that is stuck in a Island. And they saw a old lamp, and they touch it. So three of them have on wish.  Then the first people said that he want to eat very good food. The second people he said that he want me a famous accter in Holly Wood. The third people said  want to be with my friend then all of his friend got back to the island. 



  • My Ib buddy name is Soomi. She don’t want to be a artist but she like. She feel most off the things she draw is normal. She like to explore art drawings. When I meat her she show what she explore. So she told me that she draw amen with pen. Here  is the picture.

John Cabot

I was researched about John Cabot, and I like him. Something that very interesting I learned was that more then 1000 people like him when he only did one trip. That was the record.

I in joy my living museum because it was very fun to listen to other people work and pressing the bottom to be in life again, and that very fun. I found I very difficult to memorized my work.

I used to think that John Cabot just a explorer that just explore a lot places, and no one like him, but when I keep reading more then 1000 people like him.

I think I didn’t memorized my speech very well

Here is my video about John Cabot.




I like this drawing because the left leg is very hard to draw because that leg is bend, but I made it! I draw the leg very good that is why I like this drawing. I think I have to work on my boss line because sometimes my boss line is too long so the leg would be ugly, so I have to make the line smaller.



I was very nervous when I first got on stage to make our speech, even though we did have the time to practice. In the beginning I was scared that I could not memorize my script, luckily there was was a screen showing the script, so if I could not remember some part I could just looked at it. It was really helpful and made me less scared, and I think I did well on my presentation.

I think we should keep the G4 talk. because kids could increase the memorizing skill and learning in a fun way! 



When I was doing my G4 talk I felt very nerves and very scare that something will happen in the middle of the play. Then when I got to the middle of are scripted I was not nerves anymore and  I felt more better when I reach to the middle. When I feel better I don’t need to look down to the screen a lot of time. But I think i have to improve my hand gestures because in the talk I did not use a lot of hand gestures I only did like 4 hand gestures in that play, and I have improve on my speaking clearly so people can  hear us. I learned that going on stage standing on front if people taking to them and make a mistake is ok, but not a lot.