Comic Analysis

This semester, for my graphic novel, I’ve decided to use a variety of techniques to enhance my drawing and comic at the same time. Like for example, in one scene where the main character has to part way with his parents, I used blurring to really center the focus on the main character’s feelings. Some of the challenges I’ve faced are the colors, because I couldn’t really find color pencils so I only had crayons to work with. Overall, I think that this project was pretty fun because I never knew there was so much behind comics and that making one was also really fun.


Day 28 – Winter break/4th attempt

This time in our planning, we took back the idea from our 2nd ecodome but instead of corn, we added cabbage, also one of the grasshoppers favorite food. Like for all of our attempts we kept the number of grasshoppers the same, 3. This time we added plants around the ecodome like you can and we also scattered the cabbage around in the ecodome. From the 2nd ecodome, we kept the landscape, the water in the petri dish the same, almost everything is the same as our 2nd ecodome as it was the most succesful but other than that, the only change is the corn into cabbage.

Our 4th attempt ecodome:


Day 28 – 3rd Attempt and Results

For our 3rd attempt, from the results of the 2nd one, we have made a lot of progress, another grasshopper have survived, so we decided to keep our design the same but instead of corn just with more plants and food for the grasshoppers because we ran out of corn.

The picture of our ecodome:



-3/4 of the plants were still alive

-10 Ml of water was left from the start there was 15 ml

-all 3 grasshoppers died


3/4 of the plants were still alive though they were REALLY mossy and moldy

There is particles of dirt in the water

The soil, plants and the walls around the ecodome were wet and moisturized

The walls went through condensation

The plants were bitten on the leaves on almost all of them

My Day 28 Vlog:


NY Collaboration Final Reflection

For my page, I did all of the text, font, alliteration and I aided Gio in most of the coloring, like on the sides of the pool, and the penguins below. I think it ended better that I envisioned to be, I think we really did a good job on the details and the different animals on the page. My favorite part of the whole page was the whole party part, I think it was really well put together and it has really good detail towards it. The Animals of the polar bears that the NY students fit in really well too in with the page because the colors really fit into the page like the green grass skirt really stands out.


What was really challenging for me is drawing the really fancy letter P on the 2nd line because for me it kept ending up tilted or just looked very weird, but in the end, I still managed to make look the way I wanted it to be. For me what was easy was actually just coloring, helping Gio with the colors in the background. The things I have improved on is probably better drawing and better sketches, slowly but surely, my drawings are stating to look like how I wanted to be and I think I’m improving a lot in things like detail and color contrasts.

After the completion of the book, we had a skype call with the people we have been colabarating with, and I honestly think it was overall a really cool and fun project!

For my Publicity Job, I made a video for advertising our book. In that I have just a play of images of all the pages and many more pictures or students working their best on it! My final thoughts on the book and on the shop are honestly really amazing, I really like how we could raise awareness this way, through art, it really is cool. Some ways I guess I can start promoting it is maybe, sharing it with my families and others or posting it on social media!

Here is a screenshot below of our book on sale! Go check it out!



Day 23 – 2nd Attempt Results

Day 23, is the end of our 2nd Attempt, like the last time but with new grasshoppers, the ecodomes were untouched for a week, the final results are shown below.

A picture of our 2nd Ecodome at the beginning of the 2nd attempt:


By the end of the attempt, these were our Quantitative Observations:

-2 out of Grasshoppers were alive, healthy/ 1 found dead

-The volume of the water did not change mostly, 20 ml of the water was added at the beginning, 17 ml was left

-Most of the smaller plants and corn were eaten

Qualitative Observations:

-There were small bite marks on the leaves on the bigger patches of grass to the right of the ecodome

-Small particles of the dirt around the petri-dish got mixed with the water

-The soil, plants and the walls around the ecodome were wet and moisturized

-The side of the walls were foggy and had condensation

-Some of the corn was consumed while some had bite marks on them, they were also scattered across the ecodome

Picture of our 2nd Ecodome at the end of the 2nd attempt:


Before and After Comparison:

Before:                                                                   After:


My Day 23 Vlog:

Day 14 – 2nd Attempt Planning and Final Design

wA picture of our 2nd Ecodome at the beginning of the 2nd attempt:



Planning(Partially Done on Day 7, at the near end of the period)

After the 1st design of our ecodome, we started to acknowledge that what might have seems that there wasn’t enough food in the ecodome.  Two of the Three Grasshoppers had died and there was exactly only one plant left that was still standing in the empty soil. Based on the results of the 1st Attempt, we have added more food into the ecodome as you can see in the image above such as a whole cluster of plants on the right of the ecodome, corn and more smaller plants on the side of the ecodome.


Unlike our 1st attempt, this time we got to research more on or ecodome and more about the way grasshoppers live.

The reason why we have added corn this time this time rather than more plants  to solve the problem we had with food is that on our research part we found out that one of the grasshoppers favorite  foods are corn. We started to really consider to add some in as based on our last ecodome, we observed that food was really little and it was what might have caused the death of the  other 2 Grasshoppers.

Another important factor that we kept the same was the slope land-scape from our 1st attempt because it really helped with the water cycle. To recap on our 1st plan, we wanted to make a slope like that in the beggining because when the water fully evaporates and start to drop from the mist, not only does it helps the plants but the landscape will help it go back to where the water originally was, which is in this case, the petri-dish. Based on the water results of the our 1st attempt, we resulted still with a lot of water in the cups around the ecodome which was really good. We also started to realize that we had too much water so we reduced the amount of cups from 2 to 1 and instead of using the plastic cups, we decided to use on of the petri-dishes as it is wide and it wasn’t too deep. Another small change we added was a big leaf half-sticking into the water and the other half on land because the last time we found a grasshopper dead in the waters, so this time if the grasshoppers want a sip, they can still go in the water but can also escape it with the leaf half in the water.


My Day 14 Vlog

Day 7 – 1st Attempt

Day 7, comes the end of our 1st attempt, after storing it on the sides of the classrooms untouched for a week this was the result of our 1st ecodome.

2 Pictures of the start of attempt 1:


By the end of the attempt, these were our Quantitative Observations:

-1 out of 3 Grasshoppers were found alive in the ecodome/1 found dead the cups filled with water/ 1 missing

-30 ml of water in the edge of the ecodome was added but in the end, there was still 5ml in the cup

-30ml of water was added to the cup that was placed in the middle of the ecodome, there was around 2o ml left in the cup

-There was only 1 plant left, all the others were eaten and gone

Our Qualitative Results:

-All of the sides of the wall went through condensation and is wet

-The ecodome has a smelly stench to it

-The water was dirty, small particles of the dirt around was found in the water

-The last Grasshopper  out of the 3 is alive and healthy

-The soil all around the ecodome were mostly very dry

Pictures at the end of Attempt 1:


Before and After Comparison:

Before:                                                                After:



My Day 7 Vlog:

Day 1 Planning & Getting Ready To Build!

A little Introduction to our project, we start building these Ecodomes in science where we could either choose from crickets or grasshoppers and we basically lock it in a container like a small dome with food, water and oxygen. Basically we are building an ecosystem in the container and for the 1st time we’s not allowed to use the internet or any other outside information to aid us.

My partner in the project is Kolton, for our Ecodome the ecosystem we thought about was pretty simple. Based on the design components, the cycle we really thought about was the water cycle so what we did was placed and set the dirt in sort of a ramp to form like an erosion stimulation where when the water evaporates from the top of the container, it drops like rain from the sky, not only will it water the plants around but it will also flow back into the cup(where it was originally placed) because of the slope.

Our Design Components:

  • Clear and clean Water, to drink, for the plants in the eco-dome, is placed on the sides of the eco-dome also to evaporate. Mass to be decided in while constructing
  • Darker Dirt, for the plants to stay in and grass to grow and shaped like a slope back down to the water so that when it is left for the water to cycle, it would be able to get back to its starting point. Mass to be decided in while constructing
  • Smaller Plants like ones with leaves, mostly to provide oxygen for the living organism to use and live, will be placed on the dirt and could be used for food. Mass to be decided in while construction

Picture of our outline:

My Day 1 Vlog:

Tom’s NY Collaboration Blog Post

When I was introduced to this project, I thought it was pretty cool because we got to do work together on a book from students across the world. I also it was also really cool that we got to work on something like Graeme Base’s book, Animalia whom which I thought was really cool and interesting. The reason why I was so exited was because we get to compare each others art work and that we were ALL putting it in a book like in Animalia. My buddy was originally was Jesse but our our buddy was changed due to the classes changing ad then we were paired up with Lessie. Though we could communicate that much because of the time difference, we have been leaving comments on edmodo to share our Ideas. My drawing has been effected because we have to know where what will be, for example the Penguin on like the left side or right side of the final drawing.

When we finally got Graeme Base letter back, I thought he was a really good writer and he was trying to reach out and help us. I think also getting advise and a reply from an Artist like him is incredible. I learned a lot about wording and what to include in my drawing and background of the Page. When I 1st saw his book, I thought it was really nice how it was all hand drawn and what surprised me the most is that was it took him a whole year to draw the L, the lion’s page. The challenges that I experienced is the layering when I was working with Gio for example what to where and why it would be suitable.

Our final layering and the font and text that I was working on:

img_0315 fullsizerender-1